Happy Endings

Beatrice and Gertrude

Beatrice and Gertrude are two middle aged girls whose owner could no longer care for. It has taken a few months but we were finally able to find them a home  together! Received an update this Am "The girls are doing very well.  They are cautious but curious.  They found the litter box & the food & water bowl just fine, didn't freak out when I vacuumed & they both love treats.  I am starting to feel like a mom again.  thanks so much, Janet"

Rose,KiKi,Jada and Meg

Rose,KiKi,Jada and Meg  were born in foster care. Their mom was rescued from a cat hoarding situation. These sisters have all been adopted. Mom will be spayed soon and adopted as well.

Bluebell and Billie

Blue Bell and Billie came to Fixed Fur Life as owner could no longer care for.  After many weeks of looking they have finally been adopted.


We were asked by Goldie’s owner to help find her a home as she was in an environment that did not suit her. She needed to be in a quiet home with no other pets or children. That home was found and she has now been adopted.

Murphy,Domino,Wilbur and Pepita

Murphy,Domino,Wilbur and Pepita were results of pregnant Strays that we took  took into our care. Moms have been spayed and adopted and these boys have been adopted as well!

Update on Willow

I just live getting updates. Willows owner could no longer care for. We ere able to find him an amazing home. Shown here Quite settled and happy!


All of our rescues are special but this little girl was extra special in our hearts. We were notified that a little one was found and was going to be taken to a barn environment. Thankfully we were contacted before this happened as she would not have survived. Little Ridge was just 5-6 weeks old and the picture speaks volumes. She was emaciated and as you can see had many obstacles to overcome. We we’re told at one point she should be euthanized as she was so tiny and the odds were against her. We advocated for her and as you can see she managed to beat all the odds. Our little sweetie had to have one eye removed and retains sight in the other. Here she is today fully recovered and on her way to her new home. Yes folks Ridge has been adopted. This is why you give And support this organization. Her journey is just one of so many. Thank you to all who contributed along the way. Here is the end result. Again THANK YOU!


From the Pet Sitter of this beautiful Boy! Lovely boy “Rhubarb” was an uneutered stray that Fixed Furlife Quinsey saved and found the perfect home for.. now he has a wonderful big brother to cuddle and life is good with his loving mom and dad... please support Fixed Fur Life in their ongoing effort to help all the “Rhubarbs “ find their forever homes ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Tiggers owner was no longer able to care for. him. He  Has now been neutered  and adopted.


Rosie’s owner was no longer able to care for. She Has now been spayed and adopted!

Big Potatoe

This really Large handsome fellow came to us as a stray.  After searching and searching for an owner he remained un claimed. Neutered and has now gone onto his new home.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill were two siblings trying to fend for themselves outside. Strongly bonded we spent a few months trying to find them a home together. Today they have gone onto that home. It was well worth the wait!


Sam’s owner could no longer care for her due to her declining health. After screening many applications we were able to find her the purrrfect new home!

Felix and Lillie

These Happy Updates enforce why we work so hard to keep bonded pairs and triplets together. Shown here are Felix and Lillie. Mom was a pregnant stray. She has since been spayed and adopted and these two monkeys are shown here in their new home.


Lucy is a 12 week old Beagle Lab mix we rescued from “ A FREE to a good home” ad on KiJiJi.  Once she was assessed and vet checked we were able to place her into a wonderful new home. Her new family adore her and will give her an amazing life.

Update on Teddy and Toby

Teddy and Toby came to us last summer as they were found on a boat that was being transported to Belleville from Peterborough. At the time they were hissy spotty little monkeys and it took us a few months to socialize. We recently received this update from their family letting us know how well they are doing.

Update on Molly, Opal and Nellie

A wonderful update on our three little bonded kitten sisters Molly, Opal and Nellie. Strongly bonded. We were able to find a home for them together. Shown here in their new home. They have adjusted beautifully!

Branch and Poppy

Branch and Poppy mom was a pregnant stray. They have now been adopted together and mom has been spayed.


Rosebud came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. She was unfortunately unable to nurse her kittens and  gave  the honour to another nursing mom. She is now Spayed and has been adopted.

Zeke and Munchkin

Zeke and Munchkin’s mom was a pregnant stray. They have now been adopted and mom has been spayed.