Happy Endings

Bugs,Bunny and Cricket

Bugs,Bunny and Cricket (Cricket was adopted) were found as wee kittens. Thank you to Belleway Veterinary Hospital for contacting Fixed Fur Life when found . They are now approx. Bugs the smallest of the crew was born with a significant Heart Murmur (Grade 6 severe) Shown here with his sister Bunny they both grew into beautiful cats. Both were adopted!


Sandy is another of the 38 cats rescued from the Marble Point Colony. Shown on arrival frightened and unsure. Many weeks later shown in a relaxed state. She has now been adopted and is living comfortably indoors!


Bear was taken in as a stray. He was neutered and has now gone on to his new home!


Amelia is one of the 38 Marble Point colony kitties that were rescued by Fixed Fur Life.. She Spayed and has been adopted!


Hoovers owner  passed away. He and his brother Jonsey came to Fixed Fur Life and were both adopted out.


Jonsey's owner  passed away. He and his brother Hoover came to Fixed Fur Life and were both adopted out.


Jinxy was an outdoor stray populating the world with her kittens. She was taken into foster care, Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and is now happily adopted and living an indoor life of leisure!

Donnatello and Michelangelo

Donnatello and Michelangelo in their new home!

Donnatello and Michelangelo

Michaelangelo and Donatello are 2 boys whose owner could no longer care for. They were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life, neutered and adopted out as a bonded pair!.


Simba's's owner could no longer take care of her. He was surrendered to Fixed Fur Life, neutered and has now been adopted!


Chloe's owner could no longer take care of her. She was Spayed and adopted!

Penny and Percy

Penny and Percy are 2 cats from the Marble point colony. (38 cats that were rescued by FFL0  Both have been fixed and are very sweet. They were adopted together and no longer have to endure the harsh outdoors!


Truffles was rescued from Animal control with her mother and sister. They have now been adopted. She and her sibling and her mother have been adopted. Mom was Spayed and these 2 little ones will be spayed when of age.


Monkey's owner could no longer care for. He was part of a household of 21 cats and was being picked on. He was Neutered along with all of the other cats in the household and all have been adopted!

Peaches and Panda in their new home

Peaches and Panda are 2 more from the Marble Point colony of 38 cats that FFL rescued. Shy at first we were able to evaluate over a few weeks. They were found to be a bonded pair and were adopted together. Shown here in their new home. This is why we make a huge effort to keep bonded families together!

Peaches and Panda

Peaches and Panda are 2 more from the Marble Point colony. Both were very shy when brought in from the colony of 38 cats but after a couple of weeks they turned out to be very friendly. They were Spayed and Neutered and have now been adopted together!


Louey came to us by way of an individual in Foxboro. It was during the extreme temperatures we experienced that he was found crying outside. He had taken to finding warmth by curling up in a recycling bin. As a result the top half of his tail was frost bitten. He was neutered and vaccinated and has now been adopted!

Suzanna and Babies

Suzanna was rescued from outdoors where she was found trying to defend her 5 babies. They went into foster care with Fixed Fur Life . Mom was Spayed and she was adopted. All babies have now been adopted too.


Update on Aidan kitty who came to FFL and spent many weeks with us getting over a severe eye infection. Shown here recovered and we received these new pics of him in his new home.


Sarge lived many winters outside. He sustained a mouth injury which has left him with a mouth defect. He was finally rescued neutered and is shown her in his new home.