Happy Endings

Imagine my surprise

Imagine my surprise when i went to go out the door and found this box on my front step with 6 kittens inside. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered!


Sammy (FFL Alumni) a stray taken in by Fixed Fur Life shown here in her new home.


Penny was beaten with a shovel prior to coming to us. She came to us with a head injury. Shown here in her adoptive home lounging in her cat tree.


Molly was a stray taken in by FFL. Spayed and adopted. Shown here in her new home.


Jeff came to us with an upper Respiratory infection dehydrated and very weak. When he started walking he was limping. It was discovered that his front leg was fractured beyond repair and it had to be amputated. He healed nicely and went on to his forever home.

Missy’s kittens

Missy's kittens when we first discovered them living in a milk can. She much preferred being safe and warm inside with her babies! All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered!

Kitten Alumni

Kitten Alumni Both girls taken in as stray kittens. Both were adopted out and both were spayed at 6 months of age.

This handsome man

This handsome man lost an eye when he was attacked by another animal. Fixed Fur Life took him in and pad for his surgery. He was Neutered as well and adopted out!

This pretty little girl

This pretty little girl was found cowering in a shed in Trenton. She must have been exposed to virus as a kitten as she displayed an unsteady walk. A really adorable little thing. She was Spayed and adopted out.

Fixed Fur Life Alumni

Fixed Fur Life Alumni. Both fixed and adopted together. Shown here in their new home.


Fred was abandoned by his family as they no longer had time for him. He led a lonely existence outside once he surpassed the cute puppy stage. He was examined by a vet and found to be severely underweight. Infested with fleas and worms and nails so long he could hardly walk. Testicles so big they were literally dragging on the ground. (Sorry for the graphic nature of this post just wanted to paint a picture). Despite his neglect he remained desperate for any attention he could get. Once Neutered and treated for his infestations he was adopted to a wonderful family with another Bassett. Shown here in his new home with his new brother.


Trinity was found in the Sommerville Plaza. Tiny and infested with flea's and worms. She was adopted out and now lives a happy existence.

These2 boys

These2 boys were living at a dump in the County. Neutered and vaccinated they were adopted out!

These 3 boys

These 3 boys were taken to vet for Neutering and never picked up abandoned by their owner. FFL paid for the Neutering of all 3 and vaccinations and then found a home for all 3 together.

Kitten Alumni

Kitten Alumni. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered.

These 2 girls

These 2 girls are sisters and were both pregnant living outside . Shown here in foster care nursing their kittens within a week of each other. All were fixed and adopted out.


Nada was surrendered by her owner as she was peeing on things. Spayed and adopted out and peeing resolved post Spaying.

Kitten Alumni

Kitten Alumni. Adopted! Mom was a pregnant Stray. Kittens all adopted and Spayed and Neutered when they were of age.

Slated for Euthanasia

Slated for Euthanasia by a local shelter. Rescued, Neutered and adopted out.

Kitten Alumni

Kitten Alumni. All were adopted out and all were Spayed and Neutered.