Happy Endings

Update on Lola

It makes our day here getting these Happy Ending pictures! Shown here is Lola happy in her new home starting her day with a good stretch!

Reese now Poppy

Reese's mom came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. Her siblings were all adopted and her mom spayed and adopted. Reese shown here happy, healthy and safe in her new home. She is also spayed herself!  

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill came to us as a bonded brother and sister duo who had been living outside. Shown here adopted and happy in their new home.

The 20 kitten Gang!

Well this case was a challenge! 20 kittens and their 4 moms dropped at a farm all came to Fixed Fur Life many months ago. Today I am happy to report that all 20 kittens have been adopted and all 4 moms have been spayed!


Henry came to us with a severe abscess to his front leg. Surgery was done to drain and place a drain.  After weeks of antibiotics he  healed. Neutered by Fixed Fur Life and Adopted!

Update on Ebony

Ebony was rescued as  a kitten living outdoors. She would have been having her first litter right about now. She is shown here in her new home happy and safe. Enjoying the sunshine on a supervised leash.

Update on Lilly and Sophie

Lily and Sophie a bonded pair we adopted out as kittens in 2012 shown here 9 years later doing well and still cuddling!

Update on Calvin and Hobbes

"Calvin (left) and Hobbes, adopted as a bonded pair from PetValu in January 2020. Hobbes is the most affectionate cat, right from the start. Calvin purrs if you just look at him and it’s a very loud purr. They’re such a joy to be around. Thanks FFL."

Update on Misu

Update on Misu (Formerly Freya) "Misu, adopted March 2020 from Little Stinkers. She is such a little munchkin, a total joy. Can’t imagine life without her.❤️"

Update on Mac, Chili and Simba

Mac and Chili..brothers adopted in November 2018, along with their newest family member Simba! ❤️❤️❤️

Update on Max and Peanut

“Here is a n update for Max and Peanut. Adopted September 2019. We couldn't love them more!

Update on Frank and Grace

“Frank and Grace living the dream ~ we adopted them when they were just over 2 and we've had them almost 2 years now. 🐱🧡”

Update on Garfield and Benny

"Garfield and Benny, the two Ginger brothers adopted about 9 years ago. Pictured here with their step brother  Floyd💙💙💙"

Lola, Hazel and Willow

Nice update for Lola, Hazel and Willow. All FFL Alumni. Hazel and Willow initially came to us a wee kittens with a severe eye and upper Respiratory infections. Willow joined their ranks a few weeks ago. Looks they have all settled in well with each other.

Ebony and Sparrow

Emily and Sparrow are FFL Alumni adopted at different times. Doing well and bonding in their new home.

Merle, Willy, Waylon, June and Abraham

Merle, Willy, Waylon, June and Abraham came to fixed Fur Life life as stray kittens rescued from the outdoors. All have been adopted!


Tilly came to Fixed Fur Life as her owner could no longer care for her. She was Spayed by Fixed Fur Life. She has been adopted!

Fawn, Ebony & Mick

Fawn, Ebony and Mick are siblings who were rescued from the outdoors. All have now been adopted!


Little Myah is an 11 year old spayed Chihuahua mix whose owner passed away. We were able to successfully find the perfect home for her.


Belle was living outdoors. As a  young adult female it was just a matter of time before she had her first litter. She was a bit of a hard nut to crack but once she came to realize the comfort of humans and indoor living she became an absolute sweetheart. She has been adopted!