Happy Endings

Sawyer and Sebastian

Sawyer and Sebastian have bonded. Sebastian recently adopted is now living with another of our Fixed Fur Life alumni Sawyer. I think it is safe to safe they are now best friends!


Little Bailee has gone to her new home! She came to Fixed Fur Life with her siblings who had been living outdoors. She will now be loved and taken care of!


Buttercup now Luna has been adopted. She has settled into her new home with her new big brother Me Snugglesworth!


Jerry came to us as a wee baby after his mother was killed by a predator. He was bottle fed and as a result became extremely social. When he was of age we had him neutered and now he has gone onto his new home! Shown here settled and happy!

Update on Chester

“I wanted to give you an update on Chester....
First update - we've changed his name to Rusty !
He didn't seem to know his name was Chester and we thought it would be cute since our big orange boy is Clark.
He had his appt. with Dr. Jinny on Thursday for a check-up. rabies vac. and microchip, and he was a very brave boy - they loved him.
We love him too !
He has been very respectful of our other pets, which has helped him fit in really well.
He is the perfect mix of good boy, crazy kitten, and cuddle bug !
He may have taken the long way round to get to us, but I believe that he is exactly where he was meant to be, and we couldn't be happier to have him in our family.”

Sonny and Samson

Sonny and Samson came to Fixed  Fur life as wee babies whose mother had been killed by a predator. Bottle fed they became very social. Both now neutered and have been adopted together!

Rusty and Willow

I am going to go out on a limb here and say I think Rusty and Willow have settled nicely into their new home...

Kiki now Mia

KiKi now Mia has fallen in love with her new owner.....So Happy to see!

Gracie and Frankie

Gracie and Frankie are two year old bonded sisters whose owner could no longer care for. Both Spayed. We were able to find them a home together. They have settled into that new home nicely!


Mugsy’s owner could no longer care for. He and his mother and siblings came to Fixed Fur Life. He was neutered by us and has now successfully found a home!


Hawks owner could no longer care for. He came to Fixed Fur Life where is was finally neutered. He has been adopted and has gone off to his new home!


Charlie came to us with his mom and 3 siblings. They had been living outdoors in this cold. Rescued and brought to Fixed Fur Life. He has now been adopted. He has been adopted and has gone onto his new home.


Little Skooter came to us with his mom and 3 siblings. They had been living outdoors in this cold. Rescued and brought to Fixed Fur Life. He has now been adopted. Shown here settled and Happy in his new home!


Lilah came to Fixed Fur Life as a teenager nursing kittens. Her babies have all weaned and been adopted. Lilah is now Spayed and has been adopted!

Patches and Lady

Patches and Lady are two sisters nursing their kittens together. Rescued from a home that was over run with pets. Both weaned their kittens and were both spayed. They have both been adopted.


Matilda came to Fixed Fur Life as a kitten who was attempting to live outdoors in this cold.  Very shy initially but in time she turned into a very happy social girl. She has now gone onto her new home!

Update on Sonny

Update on little Sonny. He has certainly been welcomed into his new home with his new step siblings! “Photo of Sonny with his Brothers Smokey, Molly(boy) and Sydney. He is a little cuddle bug. Thanks For a wonderful kitten. He heals my broken heart from losing a cat to old age. 🐈”


Flower and her babies were living outdoors. One day She brought her babies to the woman who was feeding her.  That person brought them to us.  Her babies have been adopted. She was Spayed  by Fixed Fur Life and we are happy to report she has now found a home!


Sebastian and his siblings along with his mom were living outdoors. Infested with fleas and worms on arrival. Their infestations were treated. Sebastian was Neutered and adopted!


Desiree’s Owner was no longer able to care for her. She was Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and has been adopted!