Happy Endings

Tinker and Kit Kat

Tinker and Kit Kat came to Fixed Fur Life after their owner was no longer able to care for. They were spayed by Fixed Fur Life and we are happy to share that they have been adopted!

Misty and Sooty Update

Misty and Sooty are two bonded kittens we found a home for. Shown here happy and settled  in their  new home…

Sahara Update

Sahara recently adopted is happily settled into her new home!

Feisty Freddy

Little Feisty Freddy came to FFL as wee kitten needing to be bottle fed. From the get go he had a very active and feisty personality. Excited to share that he has found the purrfect home for him!

Goose and Cole

Goose and Cole came to FFL as their owner could no longer care for. Very happy to share that they have found a home together!

Susie, Howard and Tommy

Susie, Howard and Tommy came to FFL with their 6 siblings and two mothers. There were a total of 9 kittens and it was unclear who was mother to who. The sister moms took care of each others kittens. Susie, Howard and Tommy are the last of the litter to be adopted. Moms Princess and Mia will now be spayed and will soon be ready for adoption.

Vegas Update

Lovely Update for Vegas recently adopted! "Good Day, We adopted Vegas on Valentines day from the Pet Valu- Trenton Location. Vegas is an amazing cat so full love. Since the hour we brought him home he has been by our sides. He is also like a dog in that sense, He follows us room to room and waits for us. He loves to be with his humans. He takes turns at night and bed hops from each of the kid’s beds, almost as if he is protecting him. Honestly, Vegas is everything and more we could have ever hoped for. He fits in so well in our home. We are so lucky he chose us to be his adopted family. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Vegas. "

Samantha Update

Samantha (now Sadie) recently adopted shown here in her new home with new sibling Maeve who is another FFL Alumni.

Phil Update

Phil recently adopted shown here settled and content in his new home. His moms Princess will be spayed prior to adoption.

Vegas came to Fixed Fur Life as a an un neutered stray. As evidenced by the wounds and scratches to his face it was clear that he had tried many times to defend himself. He was neutered by Fixed Fur Life. He has been adopted!  


Little Paws came to us back in July as a wee kitten. He has had many hurdles to overcome. He tested positive for lungworm on admission. Once treated he eventually tested negative. We then discovered he also was positive for the feline corona virus which he also was able to over come. He has had many many months of treatment but he finally reached a point where he was ok for adoption. Happy to report that he is happily settled into his new home.

Samantha, Duchess and Sasha

Samantha, Duchess and Sasha came to Fixed Fur Life as their owner. Old no longer care for. Their mom is an owned cat and will be spayed by FFL.

Phil, Stu, Anjelica and Kimichi

Phil, Stu, Anjelica and Kimichi are 4 of 9 kittens who came to Fixed Fur life with their moms Mia and Princess. Happy to share they have been adopted!

Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch are two 8 year old bonded brothers whose owner passed away. Very happy to share that we were able to find them a home together.

Charlotte and Miranda

Charlotte and Miranda came to Fixed Fur Life for bottle feeding as they had been orphaned. They were hungry and dehydrated with multiple Cuterebra. As you can see they did very well. Once spayed we were able to find them a home.


Tiki’s mom came to FFL as a pregnant stray. She was spayed and adopted once Tiki was weaned. Tiki herself has been spayed and we are happy to share that she has found a home!

Kitty Wells

Miss ”Kitty Wells” is a 14 year old senior sweetie Pie. She came to us as a stray. We know her age as she has a microchip which shows she is 14. Her owner registered on microchip  was no where to be found. Happy to share that we found a quiet home for her to live out her golden years.

Hank and Hanna Update

"Thought you would like to know the kids are doing well.  Typical kids...they both want the same toy at the same time. They have settled fairly well.  Came to our laps yesterday.  Sunday we put up a cat tree and they were real excited by that. We have changed their names to Toby and Tilly. Attaching a photo of them from one of their favorite spots.    

Poppy Update

“I  just love seeing all the adopted animals! Here is my Poppy, adopted through Fixed Fur Life 3 years ago - Queen Bee and and livin' the dream “

Clara Update

Clara recently adopted shown here happy and settled in her new home!