Happy Endings


Hunters owner was no longer able to care for. Neutered by FFL And now adopted.

Ted and Mr Tuna

Ted and a Mr a Tuna came to us as wee babies after their mother was killed by a predator. They flourished and we are happy to report they found a home together today!

Binou now Niblett

"Hi Darlene. I Just wanted to send a note to thank you so much for choosing us to love this little girl. (Binou, now Niblet) She brings so much laughter and love to our home day-and-night. And her Big Brother is even starting to appreciate her lol. She is such a sweet little cuddler and full of beans. My 9 year old puts her over his shoulder all the time and carries her around like a burping baby and she just hangs out and cleans her paws, so mellow. She is the perfect little sunbeam to fill out our family, and I just wanted to pass that along to you.

John, Paul, George and Libby

Libby one of our Fixed Fur Life Alumni wanted to let us know that she has become quite the music connoisseur. She spends most nights in the music room with her new daddy learning about the music legends.


Katara came to FFL as a newborn with her 5 siblings. Mom had passed away and they needed bottle feeding. They all did well, have been weaned and Katara now Sparrow has been adopted. Shown here in her new home.

Update on Kit Kat

Update on Kit Kat now Gracie.  Received an update on one of our Little ones. Kit Kat now Gracie has settled nicely into her new home and just loves her new brother Oliver.


Sampson came to us as a stray who had been living outdoors. A very affectionate sweet boy.  Now neutered and adopted!

Update on Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde came to us as two bonded strays who showed up one day on someone’s deck. They were so afraid when they first came to us that they literally shook for 3 days. It took us quite awhile to get them to trust us. We were eventually able to find them a home together with two amazing people. Shown here all settled into their home!

Mittens & Kazoo

Mittens and Kazoo’s owner could no longer care for. A Strongly bonded duo. We were able to find a home for them together!


Update on our beautiful “Bear”. This sweet little guy had been suffering for awhile. He presented with an open fracture to his back leg. Open fracture meaning bone was fractured and protruding. This fracture wasn’t recent so he has been out in this cold in I am sure a severe amount of pain. A massive infection had set into the bone and leg beyond repair. His surgery was successful. He was also neutered at the same time. After many weeks of recovery he has now gone onto his new home!

Bailee and Lilly

Bailee and Lilly Came to FFL as their owner could no longer care for. Their mom was a pregnant stray. Strongly bonded we were able to find them a home together!  


Echo’s owner was no longer able to care for. She was spayed after she came to us and has now gone onto her new home!


Buttercup came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray.. She had a very difficult birth.she had a very difficult birth The first three of her kittens were born breech And she needed extensive assistance with the birth.and she needed extensive assistance with the birth If she had been all alone outside she and the kittens probably would not be here right now. She also took on two more orphan kittens She was a wonderful mama.she was a wonderful mama Once all kittens were weaned she was spayed and she has now been adopted.


Morris came to us as a stray. On admission he was suffering from neck wounds and bilateral ear infections.  An extremely sweet boy. Neutered and now adopted!


Spartacus came to FFL as owner could no longer care for. Such a sweet friendly boy. We were able to find the absolute perfect home for him


Little Lolly came to Fixed  Fur Life as a wee baby with her siblings after mom was killed by a predator. She grew into a beautiful young lady. Now a Spayed and adopted!


This wee boy was just 16 weeks old when a Neighbour saw someone open a car door and toss him out. He then disappeared but could be heard crying periodically. He was finally located and brought to Fixed Fur Life.  He has since been adopted!


Tuncie came to Fixed Fur Life with her three siblings. They were living outdoors in the cold and suffering from an upper Respiratory infection. Resolved with treat. Tuncie has been adopted!

Peaches, Prince Harry and Gi Gi

Peaches, Prince Harry and Gi Gi came to FFL as wee kittens. Very shy at first but after a few weeks we were able to socialize them They have now gone onto their new homes.


Baby came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee kitten. Found on her own in someones back yard crying. She spent many weeks with us and bonded with Peaches another little one in our care. We had Baby spayed and she was adopted with her friend Pea he’s.