Happy Endings


Little Cyrus recently adopted has adapted well already to his new home!

Update on Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou who was found crying as a wee babe in a wheel well shown here in her adoptive home. Loves her canine sibling!

Buttercup and Trixie

Buttercup and Trixie's mom came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. Their mom was spayed and adopted. These girls have now been adopted together.


Cinders owner was no longer able to care for. We were able to find him a wonderful home!  

Chloe now Judy

Chloe now “Judy” has settled nicely into her new home.  She and her siblings were rescued with mom who had been living outdoors.  Siblings have been adopted and mom spayed. Mom Scarlet is awaiting a home.  Chloe now Judy is slowly winning over her new Big brother Doug...

Lilly and Lenny

Lilly (in box) and Lenny a mother and son duo we found a home for together. Lilly was rescued as a pregnant stray. All of her kittens were weaned and adopted. She was spayed. She was quite bonded with her little one Lenny. Shown here in their  new home bonding nicely with their new canine siblings.

Silver Paws

Silver Paws came to Fixed Fur Life recently with his 5 older siblings. They had been living outdoors. He has now gone onto his new home! Received a lovely update from his new owners: ”Little Silver/ Sidney we will be calling him, is doing very well . He is eating, wet food last night and during the night.  Grain free Ultra Performatrin kitten dried he nibbled on a bit on also.   Used the litter box just fine, pee and poo.   He discovered the bottom draws of one of the chest of draws in the bedroom; made a comfy sleeping spot.  He cuddled under my chin for part of the ride home yesterday afternoon ( with purrs, but I know that was to calm himself)  and retreated to the well padded cat carrier; it is also in the room for him.   This morning he is talking up a storm to us and lots of rolling ball toys and a cat wand with feathers brought him out to play, running under the bed and out, rolling on his back, climbing over the chair rungs, etc.  He has discovered the cat towers and the one with  barrels stacked on top of each other with holes he has been scratching on and exploring.   We must say, he is a very handsome fellow.   We have not introduced him to Sophie or Samuel yet, we will judge when best to do that, right now we feel he still needs more time before that happens.  We will keep you posted...

Walter & Oliver

Walter and Oliver are two bonded siblings whose owner could no longer care for. Happy to report that we have found them a home together.


Morris's owner moved away and left him behind. Neutered by Fixed Fur Life he has now gone onto his new indoor home where he will be loved and cared for.


This big handsome boy came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray. He turned out to be a big ball of cuddly fur.  Now neutered he has found his furever home where he will be spoiled rotten! No more cold nights hunting for food for this boy!

Daisy now Lola

Daisy now Lola rescued from the cold outdoors and recently adopted shown here safe, warm and VERY happy in her new home. From her new owner ”Oh, Darlene, she is wonderful! So sweet and cuddly! Our other cat, Charlee, is not a snuggly girl and so Lola is a true gift! The two get along well, playing and entertaining each other.”  


Little Dusty could have been another sad statistic. However because we took in his two moms and 12 siblings he and they are now all living safe indoor lives. Dusty shown here in his new home waiting for Santa Paws!

Oscar and Wally

Oscar and Wally (formally Charlie) came to Fixed Fur Life with their 12 siblings. Moms were outdoor strays. Moms are now Spayed and waiting for homes. Oscar and Charlie recently adopted shown here in their new home.

Fluffy McDuffy and Little Louey

Fluffy McDuffy and Little Louey came  to Fixed Fur Life with their mother Lucy and 3 siblings. Rescued from a farm they spent weeks being treated for an infestation of parasites. Once resolved they flourished quickly. Adopted together and shown here post adoption in her new home.


Truffles canes to Fixed Fur Life with her mother Lucy and 4 siblings. Rescued from a farm they spent weeks being treated for an infestation of parasites. Once resolved they flourished quickly. Truffles shown here post adoption in her new home.


Nice update for little Janie recently adopted. Her mom is Meisha who we rescued from a construction area. She had had several litters. Meisha is spayed and still with us. Janie is shown here in her new home. If mom had not been rescued they all would have been still outdoors trying to survive and well on their way to having more litters.

Mara and Jinni

Another heartwarming story. Jinni and Mara were dropped by their owner stating she could no longer care for them. They are a mom and daughter duo. We quickly  realized how attached Jinni was to her mom. She would cry non stop when she wasn’t with her. We eventually found them a home together. Shown here in their new home. The pictures speak for themselves re their strong bond. An update below

“Good evening Darlene, 

I want to start out by saying thank you for allowing my partner Gerard (and I) to adopt Mara and Jinni. They have been so amazing thus far and have been an amazing addition to his family. I have attached a few  photos to give you a quick glimpse into their new life! They are spoiled! “

Update on Max and Peanut

“This is Max and Peanut who were adopted from FFL in September 2019. They are brothers from Miss May's litter. They bring us so much joy ❤❤❤”

Update on Turbo formerly Stanley

Turbo came to Fixed Fur life with his mother, her sister and 12 siblings. All have been adopted. Moms spayed and awaiting homes. Update received from Turbos new family “Turbo has fit right into the center of our family! He brings us so many laughs everyday and is our son Wyatt's "best friend". So thankful for this little furball!!”

Update on Russell

“Russell, adopted this past July. Rescued and fostered by a lovely lady before settling in with me. My covid kitty.❤”