Happy Endings

Malu and Kimichi Update

Malu recently adopted and Kimichi (now Dusty) also a FFL Alumni shown here starting to bond. Both their mothers have been spayed and found homes as well.  

Pip and Squeak

Received a lovely update today for Pip and Squeak who were adopted as young kittens. Shown here doing all grown up and doing well!


Sonic is a year and a half boy we took in as his owner was no longer able to care for. Once neutered we were able to find him a wonderful home!

Emmitt and Eli

Emmit and Eli are  two 8 week old bonded boys whose owner could no longer care for. They are bonded brothers. Happy to share that they have found a home together.

Peter and Pip

Peter(Gray Tabby) and Pip are two little males we took in many months ago. They were living under a local business. Now Approx 6 months old. Peter has a congenital malformed back leg but that does not stop him from getting around! The boys are very bonded and we are so happy to share they have found a home together.

Mia and Marbles Update!

Hi Darlene: We adopted sisters Marbles (tortie) and Mia (black & white) as wee kittens in September 2017. They've just had their 6th birthday and continue to be wonderful company for us and each other. We love them dearly!  Sincere thanks for all you do.  

Mykah Update

I’m happy to report all is well here with Mykah now Betty.  She’s just the absolute sweetest cat and we adore her.  She plays hard, and loves hard.  She”s the best lap cat ever!

Tibby Update

It is so nice to get updates on our alumni. Tibby now Bandit has grown into such a beautiful boy! His mother Rose came to us nursing kittens and was in such rough shape on arrival. It took awhile to get her and her kittens over the hump. Love seeing the fruits of our labour..

Grady update

Grady Update! ‘We adopted Grady in July last year and wanted to send you guys a little update! He is doing amazing. Such a perfect personality! We adopted another kitten a few months ago and they have become best friends. Our family is complete with these 2 🙂 Thanks again. Madison


Fred came to Fixed Fur Life with a urinary blockage. He had developed cystitis ( inflammation of the bladder) and had a severe urinary tract infection. After many weeks we were able to get him back on tract. He has been neutered and we are very happy to share that he has been adopted.

Anna and Arielle

Anna and Arielle are two bonded sisters who were surrendered with their mother and two other cats. Their owner was no longer able to care for. Happy to share that they have found a home together.


Mykah is a 4 year old spayed and declawed cat whose owner could no longer care for. A petit little girl who Loves to sit on laps and cuddle. Happy to share that she has found a home!


Jasper is a year old Polydactyl male whose owner could  no longer care for. He is a very sweet little guy. He was neutered by Fixed Fur Life and has now found an home.

Brock Update

Brock came to Fixed Fur Life with a complete urinary blockage and severe wounds over his face and body. After many months of treatment, he finally healed, and we were able to find him a home shown here settled and happy!

Misty and Sooty Update

Misty and Sooty now Gabby and Teddy are two bonded kittens we adopted out. (yes it is posssible to tell that kittens are bonded even at a young age). Shown here still inseparable in their new home.

Snoopy Update

Snoopy recently adopted has already settled in and loves his new big brother Koda! Snoopy was surrendered with his siblings by his owner. His mother stayed with owner and was spayed by FFL.

Mr Fluffy Pants

Mr Fluffy Pants came to Fixed Fur Life as owner could no longer care for. Happy to share that he has found a home with another FFL Alumni who loves kittens!

Henry,Howard and Hannah

Henry,Howard and Hannah Came to Fixed Fur Life as their owner could no longer care for. Their mom remained with her owner and has been spayed by Fixed Fur Life. Happy to share that Henry,Howard and Hannah have been adopted!

Luke Update

Luke Update! Luke came to us back in May 2023 as owner was no longer able to care for him. We received this update today . "Luke who we adopted in July from Global pet foods Belleville, has been very happy with us and has bonded nicely with his brothers although he still loves food he has managed to shed a few pounds due to regular play time"

Ricky Bobby Update

Update for “Ricky Bobby” Ricky Bobby (now George) came to Fixed Fur Life after he rode into a local mechanic business under the hood of a truck in an effort to keep warm. Shown here in his new home no longer needing to put his life in danger to keep warm. All he has to do now is seek out his new step sibling for cuddles!