Happy Endings


Ming is a long haired female Spayed domestic Black. Her owner was no longer able to care for her. 24 August - Ming has been adopted!!


Poppy a stray now Spayed is viewing her reflection to make sure she looks beautiful prior to adoption! Was Spayed and adopted!


Great News! Ginger the 12 year old Neutered declawed boy whose owner could no longer care for has found a home. Thank you Sandra for adopting for giving him a home!


Whitey This fellow was found as a stray in Trenton. Zero chip, zero identification and not Neutered. He was neutered and adopted!

Nursing Mom Alumni

Nursing mom Alumni - Momma had her kittens in a window well. Inside and safe now. Momma has been fixed and adopted> All babies have also been adopted!

Kitten Alumni

Momma and kittens found in a window well today. Into foster care. All have now been adopted!

Shadow and Chance

Shadow and Chance shown in their new home. They, their siblings and mom were taken into foster care after mom was discovered having had her kittens in a window well. Thank you Cheryl for fostering and Thank you Heather for giving them a home together!


Cammie an abandoned stray came to FFL with her kittens. She has now been Spayed and adopted!


Snoopy an abandoned kitten has found his new home!

Three Abandoned Boys

These 3 sweeties were abandoned at a vets office in Trenton. Someone ran in the door dropped them and left. They were then taken to the Trenton Animal Control where they were slated to be "killed". They were rescued and brought to Fixed Fur Life. All 3 have now been adopted. Thank you Bay Regional for all of your help!"


We received an update on Tilly today. This beautiful girl lived in Centennial park for a couple of years and had many litters. She was trapped and brought to us, Spayed and adopted. Shown here in her new home many months later. Doing really well!


Phoebe was taken in as a pregnant stray. Phoebe's kittens have all been adopted. Phoebe herself was Spayed and adopted!


Gizmo was taken in as a pregnant stray. All of her kittens have now been weaned and adopted with Spay Neuters Pre Paid. Gizmo has been Spayed and awaits a new home.

Tank and Bob

Tank and Bob together in their new home.


Bob update - Doing well and has been Neutered


Tank update – Doing well and has been Neutered

Tank and Bob

Tank and Bob have been adopted and are now living in Comox B.C. Their mother came to FFL as a pregnant stray.


Coco was taken in as an un Spayed stray. She was fixed and adopted out!


Bess as a newborn was adopted with her sister Arabella.


Arabella as a newborn was adopted with her sister Bess.