Happy Endings


Chip was taken in from a colony trying to survive outdoors. Suffering from an upper respiratory and Cuterebra that had to be surgically removed. Now neutered and now adopted!

Olivia and Winkie

Happy Update for Olivia and Winkie. Olivia was the dumpster kitty that made the news last summer. Tied into a plastic bag and chucked in a dumpster in scorching hot temperatures. Winkie came to us as a kitten with a facial deformity. Born with no left eye. Now siblings and shown here doing well in their happy Home!


Selina came to Fixed Fur Life as her owner could no longer care for. She is a sweet, affection girl. Loves everyone. Now Spayed SELINA HAS BEEN ADOPTED!


Update on Valarie. One of our Alumni. Mom was a pregnant “We are always running late or barely on time. We were definitely meant to be way too early for the eye doctors that day and had to kill some time. Only reason we went to Pet Valu! She is the perfect playful, goofy but sweet and loves to cuddle with our little people. Her favourite spot to sleep is under my five year old’s chin. Thank you for being the one who keeps these guys safe! ❤️ Sincerely”


Lewis came to us as a young stray. He was trying to fend for himself outside. Going through left out garbage looking for scraps. We neutered him and happy to report he has been adopted!


Maggie came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee kitten that had sustained wounds from a predator to her hind end. On Admission the wound was crawling with maggots. After many weeks of care all is resolved. She has been Adopted!


Cheddar came to Fixed Fur a Life with his siblings. Owner was not able to care for. Their moum has now been Spayed. Cheddar has now been adopted!


Ronny was rescued earlier this year from a hoarding situation where he had spent his life in a cage.  As a result of his confinement he developed an impairment in his walk. He adapted extremely well to his new life since his rescue and is enjoying the freedom of moving around and playing. HE has now been ADOPTED!


Prince came to Fixed Fur Life as an un Neutered Stray. Such a perfect gentleman. He was a joy to take care of. Neutered and now adopted!

Jackson ( Smokey)

This is Jackson (Smokey) adopted from Trenton Pet Value this summer. We just love him and he’s living his best life napping on fuzzy blankets. Thanks for all you do 🐾💕

Miss Marbles

Marbles came to us with her siblings. They were trying to survive outside. Siblings adopted and Marbles has gone onto her new home today!


Marty came to Fixed a Fur Life as a young kitten. On Admission he had to have a Cuterebra removed over his right eye. It took many weeks to heal but eventually did. He has now been adopted and has gone onto his new home!


Henny came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray many months ago. Her kittens were all adopted. She was Spayed and has recently gone onto her new home!


Clementine came to fixed Fur Life with her 3 siblings who had been fending for themselves outdoors. She was Spayed by Fixed Fur Life. She was with us for many months due to her shyness. A great family came in and were able to look past her shy demeanour. She has now been adopted and gone onto her new home.

Nemo and Nacho

Nemo and Nacho were two kittens living outside trying to fend for themselves. Both have now been adopted!


Curtis was rescued from an extreme hoarding situation. He lived crammed into a small cage lying in his feces and urine. He spent months fighting an upper Respiratory infection. He has been neutered and has now been adopted.


Beautiful Bridget came to FFL with her babies that she was trying to protect outdoors. They have all been adopted. She was now Spayed and has now been adopted!


Savannah came to fixed Fur Life with her 3 siblings who had been fending for themselves outdoors. All including Savannah have been Spayed,Neutered and Savannah and Adopted!

Bert and Bernie

Bert and Bernie’s owner could no longer care for. Their parents were not fixed and Voila we were born. Kittens surrendered to FFL and parents have been fixed. Bert and Bernie have now been adopted together.

Teddy and Toby

Teddy and Toby came to Fixed Fur Life with their 7 littermates. Mom was a pregnant stray. On Admission they were suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Resolved after weeks of treatment and adopted together. Shown here doing well in their new home.