Happy Endings

Update on Finnegan

Little Finnigan is fitting in pretty good now... Nemo is an awesome cat-dad! Thank you Brad and Kim for giving hi. Such a wonderful home!


Barnaby was rescued from a barn environment. He was suffering from a horrendous upper respiratory infection. After many weeks of treatment he overcame his illness. He has been neutered and now adopted!


Spikes mom was a pregnant Stray. She will be spayed prior to adoption. Spike has weaned and has now been adopted!


Groot came to Fixed Fur Life as a tiny little kitten alone out in the cold. At just 5 weeks old he was scared and alone. He has blossomed. Groot has now been adopted!


Poohs mom Dora was an outdoor Stray. She safely had her babies indoors in foster care. She weaned and will be spayed prior to adoption. Pooh has now been adopted!


KiKi came to us as her owner could no longer care for. We spayed her and she has now been adopted!

Update on Selina now Poppy

Hi Darlene..just a quick update: Poppy (Selina) has fit into our home like a glove. I love her so much, and she has offered such incredible love in return. She has become my constant companion, along with Roman, and the two of them are fast becoming buddies. Roman is happier and more playful since she arrived, he loves me with all his little cat heart, but is used to a "cat companion" as well. Thank you so much, once again. Lindsay

Update on Lewis

Update on little Lewis shown here doing well with his new sibling Lewis came to us as a young stray. He was trying to fend for himself outside. Going through left out garbage looking for scraps. We neutered him and happy to report he has been adopted!


Kanga’s mom Dora came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant Stray.  She has weaned and has now gone onto her new home!

Willie and Nelson

Willie and Nelson shown here happy, secure and loved in their new home!


Eeyore’s  mom Dora came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant Stray.  He was weaned and has now gone onto his new home.

Maxximus and Lily

Love the updates. Adopted as kittens 5 years ago”
“I'd like to share a few pictures of my fur babies, rescued by you, FFL  & adopted by me : )
Maxximus (formerly Chumleigh)(on the right in all the pics).   My super loving boy.  Loves to purr.  I adopted him about 5 years ago from Little Stinkers.
Then there is Lily (formerly Pumpkin)  I adopted her just over a year ago from Pet Value Belleville.  As you can see her and Maxx love to snuggle!  She is just adorable...always making cute little noises.”
Thank you again.

Oliver and Olivia

Oliver  and Olivia were abandoned at a barn. The woman who called us was concerned as they had just shown up and were in danger of being prey to the local coyotes. Very friendly and strongly bonded.  We had them Spayed and Neutered and they have now been adopted together.

Mr Beans

Beans came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings. His owner did not spay or neuter her cats and could no longer care for the kittens. Parents are now fixed and Beans is now Neutered and has been adopted. Shown here quite content in his new home!

Update on Walter

Update on Walter shown here in his new home looking soooo content. Walter was taken in from the cold suffering from an upper respiratory infection.  Now safe and loved.


Emma  and Her sister Munchkin were rescued from the outdoors. Both are now spayed and have now gone on to their new home together.


Munchkin and Emma were rescued from the outdoors.  Finder not able to care for. They have now been spayed and gone onto their new home together.


Luna came to fix Fur a Life from a group of 12 we stepped into rescue from the outdoors. She was  Spayed and has now been adopted.


Happy Ending for Walter! Living outdoors with an upper Respiratory infection. Vaccinated, to be neutered tomorrow and then off to his new indoor home.

Huey,Dewey and Louey

Huey,Dewey and Louey came to Fixed Fur Life as Stray babies trying to fend for themselves outside. They have now been adopted.