Happy Endings


Batman has spent many weeks up against many challenges. Treated for an upper respiratory infection and then had to endure  surgery for repair of a hernia. A super sweet boy who has been neutered and now adopted!


Bowie was rescued from the cold. He had been seen roaming looking for food for many weeks. A really sweet sweet boy. He is now neutered and has been adopted.

Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear was taken in as a kitten and battled an upper respiratory infection. All resolved he has now been neutered and has gone off to his new home today!

Update on Savannah now Greta

Lovely  update on Savannah now Greta. She and her 3 siblings were taken in as Strays. All spayed and adopted Savannah now Greta shown loving her indoor life in her home.


Chandler came to Fixed a Fur Life with his siblings when they were quite young. All had been suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection and trying to survive out in the cold. As you can see he healed and transformed into this beautiful boy. He was neutered and has now been adopted!


Sam had a rough go. He spent his last couple of years not being wanted. Given up by his owner he had been waiting to meet his human soul mate since then. He was feeling unwanted. Each day he would greet our volunteers with such enthusiasm . Each day when they left he would look  so forlorn. He didnt understand why people couldnt see how special he was. FINALLY happy to report that he has now found a home!

Update on Kanga now Grace

Beautiful update for Kanga now Grace. Mom Dora was an outdoor pregnant stray who is now spayed and adopted. Kanga now Grace shown here doing really well in her new home and loving her Canine sister Jill!


Dakota or as we like to call him “ Mr Personality Pants” came to Fixed Fur Life as his owner could no longer care for. This very silly playful boy has now been adopted!

Update on Spike now Marvin

An update on Spike now Marvin. Mom was a pregnant stray. She was spayed and adopted. Spike now Marvin is doing well in his home and loving his new feline sibling!

Update on Henry and Hazel

Henry and Hazel continue to be pampered by their Humans. Shown here snuggling in their bed which is strategically placed over a heater vent! They are living the dream!

Tilly and Shena

Tilly and Shena came to us with their siblings who were trying to survive outdoors. All have been Spayed and Neutered.  Tilly and Shena have now been  adopted together!


Addy came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings who had been living outdoors. All were spayed and adopted and Addy was left by himself.  Happy to report he  has now been adopted !

Update on Mischa

An Update on Mischa a little stray kitten that we rescued from the outdoors "My girl Kahleesi (formerly called Mischa), came to my work (Pet Valu In Trenton) at 8 weeks old. I saw her and immediately knew I had to have her. She is now celebrating her 1st birthday today, and she's living a happy, healthy life. I love her to pieces. Thank you so much for all you do & bringing my girl into my life!"

Update on Willow

Update on Willow the little Chi puppy whose owner could no longer care for. She is doing well, growing like a weed and has fit right in with her new family!


Colby was one of five kittens that we rescued who were living outdoors. We have since neutered him and he has now gone onto his new home.


Shiloh’s owner could no longer care for Shiloh  and his brother Charlie Both have now been adopted.


Charlie’s owner could no longer care for Charlie and his brother Shiloh. Both have now been adopted.

Update for Miss Pugs

Beautiful update for Miss Pugs. She has adapted well to her new home and canine sibling.  She is now receiving the love and attention she deserves!


Ollie came to us as his owner could no longer care for. He had some skin issues due to a flea allergy. After a few weeks of treatments all resolved and he has now been adopted!


Little Miss Emma came from a stressful background where she was bullied buy other felines and terrorized by small children. As a result she lost a significant amount of her Fur. We have finally found her a home in a no other pet quiet environment with a senior couple.