Happy Endings


Bella is a 3 year old female Spayed and very friendly girl.  Her owners could no longer care for. She was spayed by Fixed Fur Life and has now gone on to her new home.


Hi my name is Pepper. I am 17 years young. My owners no longer wanted me. I was vet checked and deemed to be healthy for my age. I have now been adopted by a very nice lady who will spoil me  rotten in my golden years.


This little fellow is a fighter. Dragged and mauled repeatedly by a predator.  He fought back and freed himself.  He sustained Multiple puncture wounds to his head , abdomen and all four legs. He has had months of healing and multiple surgeries. So Happy to report that he has healed completely and has now been ADOPTED!! He will now live a safe and happy life indoors.


Raven came to Fixed Fur Life with two others who were hanging out together.  Poor little one was missing an ear. Very affectionate. She was Spayed and went on to her new home.

Update on Charlotte

Update on Charlotte recently adopted:

  1. She’s a sweetheart! My golden doodle, Oliver, has taken role of “nanny” and my cats are trying to figure out why and what she is! She is not shy, that is for sure and very curious. Thank you for the opportunity to have her, she will be well loved and care for!❤️
2) This little one was meant to be part of our family! She has made herself at home since she arrived Monday evening. She has mastered the stairs as of today....I try not to take my eyes off her but she is a roadrunner for sure! She is slowly winning the hearts of her fur siblings...she certainly has brought a lot of smiles and laughter with her antics!!!!

Goose and Maverick

Love the Happy updates! Goose and Maverick who came to us as wee babies now full grown and happy. Adopted together this past year.

Libby and Charlie

Libby and Charlie (formerly Pumba and Beans) have a nap in their new forever home 😻 Taken in as stray kittens now safe and loved.

Simon and Lu Lu

Simon and Lu Lu came to us separately. Simon appeared to have suffered an injury to the left side of his face and head. LuLu was a little shy stray. It was love at first sight and after both had been assessed they were placed together. They loved each other immediately and as such we decided they must be adopted together.     They are now adopted and together.


Pip’s mom was a pregnant stray.  She and her siblings have now been adopted. Mom will soon be spayed and rehomed. Pip shown here safe and happy in her new home.

Muffer and Manzer

Muffer and Manzer are two 13 year old bonded brothers that were adopted from Fixed a Fur Life as kittens. Their owner recently passed away. They have now been adopted together and will live out their golden years together.


Benji came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings and mom who was a pregnant stray.All have been adopted. Mom also Spayed and adopted.

Nacho and Blossom

Nacho and Blossom were adopted from Fixed Fur Life as wee kittens. Shown here how content  they are together in their Happy adoptive home.

Grace and Sampson

Grace lived outdoors for a few years behind Dairy Queen in Trenton where she had multiple litters. We were finally able to catch her. Her last litter were all spayed/neutered and adopted. Her remaining son Sampson had a VERY strong bond with his mom so we kept them together. They have now been adopted together. Both Spayed and Neutered.  


Nemo came to fixed Fur Life with his 3 siblings who had been fending for themselves outdoors. He was neutered and has been adopted!


Josie came to Fixed Fur Life this am along with two other kitties who were hanging out together.  Rescued from outdoors.  They were in danger from the area coyotes. Josie is missing half an ear and the other is frostbitten. So happy to be indoors. Spayed and now Adopted!


Ella was rescued from an outdoor cold existence. She was Spayed and has now been adopted and is living happily indoors.

Millie, Willie, Billy and Josie

Millie, Willie, Billy and Josie came to Fixed Fur Life with their mom who was a pregnant stray. Mom was Spayed and adopted. All of her babies have now all been adopted!


Flash was rescued from the cold outdoor life. She was Spayed and has now been adopted!

Jorga and Tigger

Jorga and Tigger came to Fixed Fur Life as wee babies. With their mom Sweet Pea. She was a pregnant stray who delivered 7 babies just hours after arriving to FFL.  Jorga and Tigger are two of her kittens adopted together shown here in their new home.

Kit Kat and Skittles

Kit Kat and Skittles were rescued from the Farmers market where someone was trying to give them away. They were spayed and adopted by Fixed Fur Life.