Happy Endings

These 2 boys

These 2 boys were chucked out of a car on County Road 1 in Picton. The people who witnessed the car slowing down and letting them out took them in and then brought them to us. Neutered and adopted out together.


Calvin was a young Un Neutered battle scarred boy until a very kind woman took him in. Neutered and vaccinated by FFL he is now enjoying an indorr pampered life!

This sweet little girl

This sweet little girl came to us with an injured tail. Infested with fleas and worms. All were addressed and she was Spayed and adopted out!


Bobbi was a pregnant stray. She delivered her babies just days after we took her in. All were adopted out! All have been Spayed and Neutered.

Bottle fed Alumni 1

Bottle fed Alumni 1. Bottle Fed Alumni. These little ones were left outside during the winter in a box. All were adopted and all have been Spayed and Neutered.

These Girls

These girls are a group of feral cats. What you see here are 3 generations. All were Spayed and vaccinated and remain together being cared for by their caretaker

Hank and Hannah

Hank and Hannah were found in a dumpster on Station Street. Brought to FFL they were bottle fed and adopted out together when they were old enough.

This Handsome Fellow

This handsome fellow sustained a severe fracture after being stepped on by a horse. He was slotted for euthanasia by his owners. FFL stepped in and paid for his surgery and found him a home.


Moe came to FFL with a severe infestation of ear mites which led to the wound you see here. Surgery to debride the wound was done. Once all infestations were addressed he blossomed into a beautiful boy. After 6 weeks of wound care with Darlene he was Neutered and adopted!

Nursing Mom Alumni 2

Nursing Mom Alumni 2. All were adopted and all have been Spayed and Neutered inclusive of mom.


Joseph came to FFL as an abandoned Stray. He also came with a disability that did not slow him down.Due to probable exposure to a virus when he was a kitten he walks like he has had too much to drink. Neutered and adopted out he runs and plays with his new family.


Jack again Jack lounging in his new home. He has decided that he much prefers the pampered indoor living!


Jack as an out door abandoned boy. He used to sleep on the picnic table in a back yard. See Jack in next picture.


Jenna came from a multi cat household. She was born with very disfigured front legs.She was severely traumatized by the other cats in the houeshold. She spent all of her time hiding. Her nails had grown into the pads of her paws. She was surrendered to FFL and it took many months for her to feel safe. She spent the majority of her time under blankets. She was Spayed and vaccinated and after 8 long months we finally found her a home!

Kitten Alumni (White kitten)

Kitten Alumni (White kitten). An abandoned little girl. Adopted!


MAX . - We received a call from a girl who stated "I have a kitten who won't use the litter box "and I need you to come and get it!" Upon arrival it was noted that this little guy was only 5 weeks old and infested with fleas. On examination we stopped counting at 100. He was also loaded with worms. Once his infestations were treated he started using the litter box. He blossomed into the beautiful boy you see here! He was Neutered and adopted out!"

Nursing mother Alumni

Nursing mother Alumni. All adopted and Spayed and Neutered inclusive of mom.


Murray came to FFL with a horrendous facial abcess as a result of a dog attack. It took 8 weeks of healing but finally resolved and he was Neutered and placed into a new home.

This gorgeous girl

This gorgeous girl was rescued from a neglectful and abusive environment. Shorty after she delivered her brood. All were adopted, Spayed and Neutered inclusive of Mom.

These handsome devils

These handsome devils were the product of an Un Spayed female living with an Un Neutered male. Mal nourished and infested with fleas and worms on arrival. As you can see here they blossomed post treatment. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered when of age.