Happy Endings

Doodles and Truffles

Doodles and Truffles were 2 of 11 kittens between a mother and her daughter. Rescued with mom’s when they were just newborns.  They have now been adopted.


Tootsie was one of 11 kittens between a mother and her daughter. Rescued with mom’s when they were just newborns. She has now been adopted.

Jack and Bobby

Jack and Bobby were rescued from a barn environment as wee babies.They have now been adopted!

Branch and Poppy

Branch and Poppy’s mom came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. Branch and Poppy were adopted after our Kitten Corral event this past weekend. Their new family just love them and say they have been already bossing the dog around. 😂🐾💕


Sophia’s owner could no longer care for. We were able to find her the perfect home! Update received that she is settled and content!

Midnight, Moonlight and Six

Midnight, Moonlight and Six were three FFL Alumni. Two  of which were Cookies kittens. Cookie was taken in as a pregnant stray. She is now Spayed. Midnight, Moonlight and Six were all adopted together. Shown here Happy  and settled in their new home.

Winnie, Oscar and Otto

Winnie, Oscar and Otto are “ triplets” adopted together. Received a wonderful update and are so pleased to see how well they are doing!


It seems like just yesterday that we took this litter in. Mom May and her daughter had 11 kittens between them and owner could not care for. We took in both moms and the 11 kittens. Moms are still with us and are now spayed. Simba now Tod shown here Adopted and doing really well in his new home!


Millie came to Fixed Fur Life with a horrendous neck wound. After many months of treatment we were able to heal her wound. She was spayed and has now been adopted!


Mickey came to us as he had been put outside on a rainy night as owner was “fed up” with his “smell” due to his not being neutered. As one can imagine this poor boy was really frightened as he had never been outdoors or on his own. Mickey was neutered by Fixed Fur Life. We are Happy to report he has been adopted!

Cookie and Calypso

Cookie and Calypso’s owner could no longer care for. Strongly bonded we knew they must be adopted together. Finally they have gone on to their new home together!

Miss Daphne

Miss Daphne came to us quite some time ago as a stray. Initially treated for an upper respiratory infection. Eventually spayed. A really sweet girl but not a fan of other cats which made it a bit more challenging to find her a home. Her dream came true today when she was adopted by an older couple with no others animals who will spoil her, love and put her on the pedestal that she has always dreamed about..

Jody and Holly

Jody and Holly two sisters we believe came to Fixed Fur Life many months ago. Shy at first and certainly scared but slowly we came to recognize their sweet cuddly demeanours! Spayed and so happy to announce the6 have now been adopted together!


Gary came to Fixed Fur Life many months ago. It had been reported that he had been roaming the streets for over a year. On admission we noted that he had severe ulcers in both eyes. The left had been rendered blind. After many weeks of treatment we managed to heal the ulcer in his right eye and he has retained sight in that eye. He was then neutered and vaccinated and we are so happy to report he has now been adopted.


We were asked to assist in finding Cedar a home. She is a year and a half old female Shihtzu whose owner could no longer care for. She was living in a very busy household with three active children and other dogs. She was not coping well with the environment. Fixed Fur Life had her Spayed and from there she went into foster care to be assessed. Happy to report that she has been adopted by a retired couple with a quiet environment and she has settled in nicely.


Lilly is a 7 month old Spayed female whose owner could no longer care for. She has been adopted and has gone  onto her new home.

Percy, Panda and Peaches

Another wonderful update. Percy,Panda and Peaches were three cats from the Marble Point colony. Just to jog everyone’s memory a few years back there was a colony of cats living in an old boat on a property when a fire displaced them. We were able to round up 48 of them. We had them all Spayed and Neutered and managed to find them all homes. These three were adopted into the same home and bonded with their new sibling Pumpkin. Shown here living the dream of an indoor pampered life!

Libby and Lucy

Finally these two lovely ladies have been adopted and together. Libby and Lucy have been with us for many months and are now on their way to their new home!

Update on Chevy and Zola

Update Chevy and Zola have fit right into their new home. They love their new family and are so happy to have been kept together! Chevy and Zola are two seniors whose owner could no longer care for. Chevy is 14 and deaf making it challenging to rehome him. Great News not only did we find him a home but we found one that took the two together!


Peanut has finally recovered and has been adopted!  For those of you who don’t remember him he came to us as an owner surrender. He had a mouth full of rotten teeth and abscesses. As a result he required a full mouth extraction. As if that wasn’t bad enough he also had a fractured jaw. After many months of care and treatment he finally recovered and morphed into the beautiful boy you see here today.