Happy Endings


From Dexters Owners ”This is Sebastian, he was an abandoned boy that found us year and half ago💗 and with the wonderful help from all of you at fixed fur life we got Sebastian to the vet and taken care of and brought our new baby home where is lives with his older brother Dexter (tabby) and older sister Marlow (calaco) Thank you so much 💖 Very Merry Christmas to you and the staff 🎅🎁🎄”


From Ramona’s Owner “This is Ramona. She was abandoned with us after we agreed to cat sit for a week to help out my brother's friend. We were not expecting to have another cat but we couldn't let the poor girl be abandoned again. Fixed Fur Life paid for her spay surgery and we've had this sweet girl ever since.”

Update on Poppy formerly Selena

From Poppy’s Owners ”My beloved Poppy, originally Selena, adopted last year Her kittens were adopted, and after spaying, she was placed at at Little Stinkers., where she was for about a day before I spotted her! Love at first sight, and our love has blossomed ever since. Pictured with my granddaughter a few weeks ago. “

Update on Molly formerly Kat

From Molly’s Owners “This is Molly (formerly Kat)...she is 4....she came to fixed fur life because the owners cat had kittens and they couldn’t care for all of them....fixed fur life took her and her brother and also spayed and neutered the parents...she is a talkative, loving and crazy girl....we r so blessed to have her❤️”


From Milly’s Owners ”Mildred “Milly” mom of the basket of babies ❤️ she’s put on lots of weight since being found starving and heavily pregnant. She’s a temperamental little lady, but we love her 💕“

Update on Hope formerly Rebecca

Hope ❤️❤️❤️ Hope (Rebecca)was part of the “This is Us”kittens. Her mother was left after a family moved and was pregnant and fending for herself outdoors for weeks. She was trapped and had kittens the day after she was safe inside. Hope was 1 in September.

Scamp and Petey

Scamp and Petey came to us with their mother when they were just weeks old. They had both been born with what we refer to as “swimmers syndrome”. This is a condition that causes the back legs to splay out and it inhibits their walk.  They both had a severe case of. After months of rehab we were able to correct the condition. They have grown into beautiful boys and have recently been neutered. Strongly bonded they have been adopted together!

Little Rosie

Little Rosie a stray kitten now Happy in her new home and Tree for Christmas!

Lee Lou

Leelou’s mom was a pregnant stray. She is female and approximately 9 weeks old. She has now been adopted!


An update on Cookie whose owners moved away and left him behind. "Thanks to Fixed fur Life he is now neutered. His poor ears were covered in mites. In two weeks he will be going to his new home!


Love the updates from our Alumni. Received this one today. Beautiful Ginger Adopted 4 years ago living a pampered indoor life!


Lolly's mom was killed by a predator. She came to fixed Fur Life as a wee baby with her siblings. She has now gone onto her new home and Happy Ending!


Update on Mya. Mya ( Long haired Torte) came to Fixed Fur Life with her daughter. Between them they were nursing 11 babies. Mya was Spayed post weaning her kittens and his shown here in her new home with her new housemates Raven and Angus.

Update on Gary and Harriet

Harriet formerly Calypso and Gary both had precarious starts to their lives. Harriet’s mom was killed by a predator and Gary wandered the streets for over a year with eyes so badly infected he was blinded in one of them. Well look at them now. Adopted at separate times into the same family they have clearly bonded. If not rescued Harriet would have been gearing up for her first litter of kittens out in this cold and I am pretty sure Gary would have succumbed to his infection. It truly makes my day to see how well everyone is doing..


Gary and Calypso

Calypso is living her new older brother. Gary also a Fixed Fur Life Alumni has welcomed into her home. Calypso came to us with her sibling as wee kittens after their mom was killed by a predator. Now safe indoors where she will have a wonderful life with no worries.


Aurora came to us with her newborn babies that she had in a tire wheel outside. Her kittens have all been adopted. She was spayed and has now been adopted.

Update on Henry

Henry recently Adopted is enjoying his new home. The little monkey has discovered the Christmas Tree. He is keeping his new family entertained with all of his antics!

Pumpkin and Ruthie

Pumpkin and Ruthie's mom was a pregnant stray. (She is now spayed and waiting for a new home. Pumpkin and Ruthie have been spayed and Neutered and have gone off to their new home together.


A beautiful Picture of Fuzzbert ( Red White) and his new brother Harry. Fuzzbert‘s mom was a pregnant stray. All were brought to FFL and would most likely be a breeding statistic or worse. I love seeing these updates!

Update on Stella

“Stella (the kitty in the picture) says thank you Brad for the amazing photos... you were so kind and gentle, and I am excited for the next round of photos! She also wants to thank Santa at Pet Valu for being so nice and she hopes she gets what’s on her Christmas list! I personally want to thank you, Fixed Furlife, for giving me the chance to adopt this bundle of happiness and energy... she fills everyone’s hearts with her chit chats and cuddles😁❣️”