Happy Endings


Toby came to FFL at 12 weeks of age after being tossed from a car on a busy highway. He sustained a severe fracture that required extensive surgery. (Picture previous). Shown here in his adoptive home after many months of recovery he was Neutered and adopted!


Toby on admission to Fixed Fur Life. Was thrown from a car and sustained a fracture. Next picture shows him in his adoptive home. See next picture for an up to date picture in his new home.

Wally and Henry

Wally and Henry both adopted from Fixed Fur Life shown here in their new home. Henry (Red) just Neutered this week and loving his big brother Wally!


Eric was taken to the vet and abandoned there. No information. No microchip. He was Neutered by Fixed Fur Life and was adopted!


Junior whose mother was an un Spayed female allowed to go outside was adopted and shown here in his adoptive home just hrs after his Neuter. Mom has since been Spayed as well.

Loki and Ash

Loki and Ash are 2 brothers whose mother was taken in as a pregnant stray. As Ash is visually impaired and relied on his brother they were adopted out together. Their mom was Spayed as well and adopted.

Sudz and Bubbles

Sudz of Sudz and Bubbles update - (2 bottle fed Alumni) found abandoned at 2 weeks of age in a car wash. Shown here in his new home playing with his toy. Great pic Wendy Thanks for sharing and taking such great care of them!!


We adopted "Jack" now known as Rocky a year ago from Fixed Fur Life....He is an incredible addition to our family!"


Angus's owner relocated and could not take him with her. He went off to his wonderful new home today...


Blue whose owners could no longer care for him Shown here in his new home. Thanks Angela and John for giving him a wonderful home!!


Angel taken in with her kittens. Was Spayed via FFL and has found her Forever Home with a Wonderful caring Family.


Jerry This handsome fella was brought to FFL after he was threatened with a shot gun.. A very friendly talkative boy named Jerry. Finally adopted!!

Miss Priss

Miss Priss whose owner could no longer care for her. Was surrendered to Fixed Fur Life and was adopted!

Bigera and Montgomery

Bigera and Montgomery in their new home. Thanks Grace for adopting and spoiling them rotten!! Both have been Neutered.


Jack sleepy jack had him almost 3 years now! so happy I chose to adopt him! — with Fixed FurLife.


Peggy's owner could no longer care for her. She has now been adopted!

Tootsie and Tabitha

Tootsie and Tabitha were born September 2012. The owner of their mother could no longer care for them. Both have now been adopted! Mother has been Spayed.

Baby Casey

Baby Casey Adopted From Fixed FurLife 3 yrs ago..her name was Itsy Bitsy when we adopted her..Thanks Darlene Quinsey..she is our beautiful girl!

Cassandra, Cleopatra and Tasha

Cassandra, Cleopatra and Tasha were born September 2012. The owner of their mother could no longer care for them. They have all been adopted and all have been Spayed.

Maggie, Tony and Tinkerbell

Maggie, Tony and Tinkerbell all rescued from a work yard in Belleville. Very nervous kitties that required socialization. All 3 Spayed and Neutered and have finally gone on to new homes.