Happy Endings


Dusty came to Fixed Fur Life many months ago with a badly fractured front leg. Surgery was done to repair. Many weeks of rehabilitation followed. He recovered well and has now been adopted.

Charlie & Cooper

Charlie and Cooper recently adopted shown here in their new home. All settled in and glad they no longer have to try to survive outdoors.

Thalia and Ryker

Thalia and Ryker were both strays adopted from Fixed Fur Life. Shown here in their adoptive home living happily ever after!

Buddy and Samantha

Buddy and Samantha are a senior Father and Daughter duo whose owner could no longer care for. They were very bonded and have been adopted together!


Little Andy was found living outside as a wee kitten. He is now neutered and has been adopted. Shown here relaxed and Happy in his new home!

Murphy and Montague

Lovely update for Murphy and Montague adopted as wee kittens. Shown here doing well many months later in their new home.. ”Thank you Fixed Fur Life for helping us bring these boys home!!! They are such a bright spot in our lives and bring huge smiles to our kids faces!!! ”

Harlan, Tahara and Koalie

Harlan, Tahara and Koalie are a strongly bonded trio. Their owner could no longer care for them and we were contacted. We are ecstatic to report we found a home for them together!


Lilly had  been living outdoors and had had multiple litters. We were able to catch her teenage kittens and find them homes. We were finally able to catch her and lo and behold she was pregnant again. Her kittens when weaned were adopted and she was spayed and adopted. Shown here in her new home and loving her canine sibling.


Molly came to FFL as a stray. She needed a little socialization but did well. She was spayed and adopted. Shown here doing well in her new home.

Update on Mia and Marbles

Mia and Marbles were rescued by Fixed Fur Life from a life outside. They were spayed prior to adoption. They found a home together. Shown here a few years later in their home doing VERY well! Received this beautiful update from their owner ”Happy Birthday to Marbles and Mia. Our sweet girls have turned four. They enjoy looking out the windows and watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and the occasional bunny that comes to our yard.”  


Gabby is a very petite little female who was rescued from the cold outdoors. She  was approximately approximately 6 months old when we took her in.  She is now Spayed and has been adopted.

Buffy,Karlie,Rosie and Simon

Buffy,Karlie,Rosie and Simon Came to Fixed Fur Life  as kittens who have been living outdoors. They have all now been adopted.


Little Louie came to Fixed Fur Life as a scared little teenager. It took many months to socialize him but what a sweetie he turned out to be. Happy to report he has been adopted.

Update on Milo and Jack

Milo and Jack were two strays that we took in months ago. We were not able to handle them initially but after months of socialization they came around. We found a home for them together. They are shown here settled and happy in their new home.


Princess came to  Fixed Fur Life as a stray. She was spayed by FFL. She was quite shy at first but gradually came around and I’m happy to report she has now been adopted.


Little Kai has settled nicely into her new home.  Owner was no longer able to care for her two mom cats and 12 kittens therefore they were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life.


Little Leo has settled nicely into his new home. Another kitten who would have been outside on his own now safe and comfy.

Eddie, Leo and Jorgi

Eddie, Leo and Jorgi 's owner was  not able to care for their mother and 11 siblings.  They came to Fixed Fur Life. They were weaned and their moms spayed. Eddie, Leo and Jorgi have now been adopted.

Benny and Charlie

Benny and Charlie are two bonded siblings. They were extremely shy on admission but after many weeks they came around. We were able to find them a home together.

Lynx and Lenny

Lynx and Lenny came to Fixed Fur Life a few months ago. Found living outdoors. Now neutered. As they were really bonded we found a home for them together.