Happy Endings

Juliet, Ace, Lucy and Bella

Juliet, Ace, Lucy Andy Bella were kittens who were rescued from the outdoors. All 4 have now been adopted!

Duck and Moo

Duck and Moo came to Fixed Fur Life as wee babies who had been living outdoors. They were with us for many weeks and eventually we were able to find them a home together.


Little Snoopy (Black White) came to Fixed Fur Life with her mom and siblings who had been living outdoors. She has been adopted and shown here in her new home adjusting beautifully and being at one with her new siblings.


Buddy came to Fixed Fur Life as an un neutered boy living out doors. Now neutered and has found a home that will love him and keep him safe.

Kitchi & Manitou

Freddy (now Kitchi) came to us as wee kitten. He was eventually adopted and is shown here in his new home settled and bonded with his new big sister Manitou!


8 year old Dusty’s senior owners could no longer care for him. So Happy to report that we found an AMAZING new home for him!

Update on Shuri & Sidle

Update on Shuri & Sidle two bonded friends shown here settled in their new home.

Update on Daphne

Miss Daphne’s mother came to us pregnant. It would have been around this time that she would have been having her own babies. She has been adopted and is Shown here very happy in her new home! From her new owner ”Thanks so much for allowing me to adopt her. ❤️❤️ ”

Update on Mi Mi

Mi Mi our 11 year old senior whose owner could no longer care for was recently adopted. It’s only been a few days but she is already comfy and settled into her new home!

Pete and Howie

Pete and Howie recently adopted together shown here happy and settled in their new home..

Update on Sahara

“Just wanted to let you know that Hazel (aka Sahara) is adjusting well and has stolen our hearts fully in 3 short weeks. It was so hard losing our cat of 13 years, but adopting Hazel has been such a blessing. She makes us laugh, she loves us up and she is such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you for choosing us. “


Little Sadie was approximately 7 weeks old and came to us after showing up at someone’s barn. She was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and needed to have a Cuterebra removed. She was EXTREMELY sweet! After many weeks of getting her on track and healthy she was finally adopted.

Cookie, Sahara, Buttercup and Toffee

      Cookie, Sahara, Buttercup and Toffee‘ s mom was a pregnant stray. She has been spayed. They were weaned and have now each found a home!

Mi Mi

Mi Mi is one of our senior girls surrendered when her owner could no longer care for her. She has finally been adopted!

Update on Archie and Dexter

Nice update for Archie and Dexter. First pic is on admission. Tiny and needing to be bottle fed. Obviously a bonded pair we found them a home together. The last pic is them happy in their adoptive home.

Update on Little Blu

Nice update for Little Blu. “Blu is doing great and he and Luna are great together! Blu is very full of energy and gives Luna a run for her money when they’re playing now lol He’s very affectionate and loves his cuddles and kisses at bedtime and in the morning. Luna is much more calm and independent and likes to just kind of do her own thing. They compliment each other really well. I am so in love with them both and cannot express to you enough how grateful I am to you for allowing me to adopt them!

Update on Little Tig

Received a lovely update on Little Tig. Adopted as a kitten and doing well in his new home loving his canine sibling!


Miss Pinky was one of the first kittens we adopted out 16 years ago. Shown here now at 16 years old and still living happily with her wonderful family!


Nellie our little girl who came with a face full of Porcupine quills has been adopted! She also suffered from an upper respiratory infection and needed to be spayed. After many many weeks of treatment and finally a spay she was adopted.

Update on Grady

Grady recently adopted shown here in his new home. Loving the snuggles from his new humans. His mom came to us as a pregnant stray.