Happy Endings


Ross came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings who were trying to survive out in the cold. All suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection. All have spent many weeks receiving treatment for their URI. Ross has now been adopted. Shown here on Admission and later in his new home.

Bowie and Gracie

Bowie (formerly Gabriel) and Gracie came from different situations. Both were strays that we took in at separate times.  Adopted into the same household they quickly became friends and are living happily in their new home!


Honey came to Fixed Fur Life  with her four siblings. Mom was an outdoor stray.  We Spayed Honey before she went onto her new home.


Poppy came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray with an injured leg. X rays revealed she had sustained a traumatic pull of her arm thus leaving her unable to use.  Overnight she bagged up with milk and we then realized she was a nursing mother. Back out we went and over a period of a few days we located her 5 babies with her help in an old abandoned car off of Hwy 2.  After months of rehab Poppy has regained a small amount of mobility in her right front arm. Poppy was then Spayed and she is shown here in her new home with her new best friend Morgan also a FFL Alumni.

Nick and Noel

Update on Nick and Noel. They came to Fixed a Fur Life after they had been found under a shed trying to fend for themselves in an area prevalent with coyotes. Adopted together and shown here very settled in their new home.

Sophie and Garfield

Sophie and Garfield’s Mom was a pregnant Stray. They are now spayed and neutered. They were adopted together and are shown here very settled into their new home.

OC and Pixie

OC and Pixie were rescued with their mom from outside. Mom has been spayed. OC and Pixie are now Spayed and Neutered have also been adopted and have gone onto a new life happily safe indoors.

Winnie and Juliet

Winnie and Juliet’s Mom was a pregnant Stray. Mom is now Spayed. Winnie and Juliet have been adopted.


Topsy came to Fixed Fur Life  with her four siblings. Mom was an outdoor stray.  We Spayed Topsy before she went onto her new home.

Milo and Joey

Milo and Joey’s Mom was a pregnant Stray. She is now Spayed and Milo and Joey have been adopted.

Update on Marty

Hi Darlene
Here are some Photos of Marty(from pet value Trenton) we adopted him October 21. He’s 8lbs, loves to play, even enjoys water ! ... His best friend is a 200lbs St. Bernard/Cane Corso “Dozer” whom he loves to sit and watch the birds and squirrels with.
Marty also has two little kids that love him very much !
Thank you for everything you do Darlene, and for letting us give Marty a loving home and Family!


Mary and her sister Sybil were found running in the woods as kittens.  Mary had sustained. Fractured leg which required surgery to repair. Both now Spayed and recently adopted together!


Sybil and her sister Mary were found running in the woods as kittens. Both now Spayed and recently adopted together!


Isabella was born outside with her mother and 12 others. Fixed Fur life stepped into help by taking them in and Spaying all. Isabellahas now been adopted!

Theodore and Simon

Theodore and Simon were adopted together as wee kittens this past year.  We work very hard to keep bonded siblings together and this is why! Mom was a pregnant stray and I hate to think where they would be now if we had not rescued her. Mom was spayed and adopted. All siblings were adopted as well.


Cathy is a senior girl who is spayed and declawed. Her previous owner put her outside and stated he no longer wanted her. On Admission Cathy was found to have Dental abscesses so severe that she required antibiotics, pain meds and a full mouth extraction. She has now been adopted and is living the pampered indoor life she deserves.


Neville’s owner could no longer care for.  A really sweet girl. Treated for an upper respiratory infection. We had her Spayed and Happy to report that she has been adopted.


Lucy was abandoned on my front step with her bed. It was a cold night and she had fallen asleep in her bed. She was brought inside and it was apparent that she was used to indoor living. Happy to report she has just gone onto her new home!

Nick and Noel

Nick and his sister Noel were found taking refuge under a shed in an area thick with Coyotes. Very friendly and Approximately 12 weeks old. They have been adopted together and will have a home for the holidays!

Moe and Oreo

Moe and Oreo came to Fixed Fur Life separately. Moe has been waiting many months for a home. He recently met Oreo and it was love at first Purr. Happy to report we found a home for them together!