Happy Endings

Blossom and Buttercup

Blossom and Buttercup came to Fixed Fur Life as outdoor Strays. Very shy initially we spent many months gaining their trust. We Spayed them and we are happy to report we found them a home together!


Thomas and Jackson were surrendered to Fixed Fur a Life as their owner passed away. Bonded siblings we were able to find them a new home together.


Thomas and Jackson were surrendered to Fixed Fur a Life as their owner passed away. Bonded siblings we were able to find them a new home together.


Lilly came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray kitten, She had to overcome an eye infection. Once resolved she was Spayed. She has now been adopted!

Update on Zoey and Joey

Zoey and Zoey are already quite settled into their new home. This is why we keep bonded pairs together. You can just see in everything they do the love that they have for each other!

Lilly Bean

Lilly Bean came to us as an un Spayed Stray She is now Spayed and has has also been Adopted!

Momma Mia

Mia was a pregnant stray. Her babies have now all been adopted. Mia has been spayed and has now been adopted!  

Joey and Zoey

We are two young adults whose owner could no longer care for. We were surrendered to Fixed a Fur Life. They noted that we were a bonded pair. We have now been adopted together!


Pepper is another un neutered stray rescued from the cold. Originally thought to be feral by finders but lo and behold now that he is warm inside we have found him to be quite affectionate. Now neutered and now adopted.

Update on Miss Pugs

Received a beautiful update on Miss Pugs today. She is doing amazingly well in her new home. She is down 2 lbs due to her homemade balanced diet. Her new family love her to pieces! She has bonded with her new Canine  friend. Shown here sleeping side by side. What a good  feeling to know she is on the receiving end of such great care and love!

Sophie & Selena

Sophie and Selena have been with us since the summer. We have spent months socializing them. Now Spayed. Happy to report they have now been adopted together and will be living in a nice quiet home!

Update on Luna and Molly

A lovely update on Luna and Molly. Luna a stray kitten recently adopted has bonded with Molly who was adopted from Fixed Fur Life 6 years ago.

Update on Molly and Annie

"Hi Darlene!!! I just took these photos tonight of my two girls from you, FFL!!! Molly was actually born 5 years ago TODAY (February 14th) and Annie (aka Charlotte) joined our family this past summer!!! My girls have two older brothers and we couldn’t imagine our life without them!!! Thank you for spending your free time saving the lives of these beautiful souls...I wish I could take more but my heart is full."

Update on Princess

Looks like Love is in the air for our recently adopted Princess! Shown here in her new home with the new love of her life Sir Walnut!


Happy to report Holly who came to Fixed Fur Life as an un spayed stray (now Spayed) has found love in time for Valentines Day! Thank you Brad Photography by Brad Denoon for capturing her beauty!

Earl and Eddie

Earl and Eddie were taken in as wee babies. Neutered when they became old enough.  A bonded duo they have been adopted together!

Lu Lu

Lu Lu came to Fixed Fur Life as an un Spayed Stray. She is now Spayed and has now been adopted!


Buddy has had a tough time this past year as two different owners unable to care for anymore. He has waited patiently for many months to find someone to love her. Shown here doing well in his new home!

Update on Chester

Lovely update on Chester. He came to us as a stray. Once neutered we were able to find him a home this past December. Shown here very content in his new home!

Update on Marlo

What? It’s my birthday?! Happy 1 year birthday to Marlo aka TP Spinner. Many thanks to Fixed Fur Life and Pet Valu Belleville