Happy Endings


Eddie one of the many kittens who come our way shown here happily settled into his new home.

Abraham, Clifford, Pastel, Mushu and JiJi

Shown here are Abraham, Clifford,Pastel,Mushu and JiJi.  Their moms came to Fixed Fur Life as pregnant strays. Once weaned these beautiful babies were adopted. Moms will be spayed prior to adoption.

Abraham and Clifford

Abraham and Clifford obviously bonded were adopted together.


Josie came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray. She was Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and happy to say she has now been adopted.


Little Abra  came to us with a fractured jaw and contused left side. She spent 6 weeks with her jaw wired and needing help to eat. She healed nicely, wire was removed and she was then Spayed. She has now been adopted!

Milo now Leo

Milo’s mom came to FFL as a pregnant stray. Once weaned and vaccinated he was adopted. Shown here doing well in his new home and clearly loves his new owners.


Happy days! Dash has been adopted! He came to us as a stray with 3 other pregnant girls. They are all presently nursing kittens and he has been neutered. No more carousing for him!


Gabriella came to FFL with her mother and siblings who had been living outdoors. All have been adopted. Gabriella shown here in her new home happy and content.


Benson now Benny recently adopted is shown here in his new home with his new brother Archie who was adopted from FFL 9 years ago..


Bear came to Fixed Fur Life as his breeder did not want him due to being born with a congenital eye issue. Surgery was done to repair and post operative oh he healed beautifully. He has now found a home and is shown here in his new home with his new sister Freya.

Wisp and Little Boy Blue

Wisp and Little Boy Blue’s came to FFL as owners could no longer care for. Happy to report they have now found homes.

Bao and Kimichi

Bao and Kimichis mom came to us as a pregnant stray.  She will be spayed prior to adoption. Bao and Kimichi have found a home together.

Mr Boots

Mr Boots is a 15 year old gentleman whose owners moved and could not take him with them. We found him the perfect quiet home to live out his golden years. Shown here happily settled.

Tobias and Hazel

Tobias and Hazel came to us as stray kittens living outdoors. Now happily settled into their new homes.


Little Simba one of our bottle fed babies has now been adopted and is shown here in his new home.

Sloan and Ellis

Sloan and Ellis. These two beautiful girls whose owner could no longer care for have been adopted together. They were spayed prior to adoption and now will be living a great life with their new momma.


Little Emily is the sweet little girl that had been living under a pallet at a grocery store up north. Infested with fleas and ticks and malnourished. All her issues have been resolved. She has been Spayed and adopted! Shown here in her new home.

Harlow, Reese, Coal and Miss Lilly

Harlow, Reese, Coal and Miss Lilly came to FFL as abandoned kittens. They have now been adopted!

Update on Willow

Lovely update for Little Willow now Luna... shown here in her new home many months later...


Another Happy Tail! Cali one of the seniors we posted whose owner was ill and could no longer care for has been adopted. Shown here already settled in her new home. Thank you Jan for opening up your home for her to live out her golden years!