Happy Endings


Chelsea - Chelsea was surrendered at 13 years of age as her owner could no longer care for her. She eventually found a home with someone as senior as she. They are both now living out their golden years together!

Lucy’s babies

Lucy’s babies – Two of Lucy's babies adopted together in their new home!


Lucy - Nursing mother Alumni. Lucy was an owner surrender. Her owner never had her fixed and then when she became pregnant she could no longer care for her. Look at all those Red Babies! All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered.

Kitten Alumni

Kitten Alumni - More kitten Alumni. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered when of age.

Handsome Little Ones

Handsome little ones - These 2 handsome little ones were thrown into a bag and tossed onto a property. Witnessed by the farmer who owned the property. Brought to FFL. Were adopted out together and Spayed and Neutered when of age.


Cassie - Nursing mother Alumni. Cassie came to FFL as a pregnant stray. All were adopted. Mom and babies all Spayed and Neutered when of age!

Feral White

Feral White - This beautiful girl was part of a feral colony. She was socialized, Spayed and adopted out!

Dumpster Babies

Dumpster Babies - Kittens thrown into a plastic bag as newborns and thrown into a dumpster in - 20 degree weather. Rescued and brought to FFL. I succumbed to the cold weather and the remaining 2 were bottle fed and eventually adopted out together.

Snoozing Kitten

Snoozing Kitten – One of our kitten alumni shown here snoozing with his new canine brother.

Stove Kittens

Stove Kittens - Kitten Alumni. These beautiful babies were found in an abandoned stove outside. All including mom were adopted! All to date were Spayed and Neutered.

Kittens in a box

Kittens in a box – These kittens were found abandoned in a box at just 2 weeks old. Bottle fed and then adopted out. All have been Spayed and Neutered.


Jasmine - Jasmine came to FFL with a severely fractured leg. After surgery to repair the fracture she spent 6 weeks recovering in foster care and then was adopted out.


Missy - Nursing mother Alumni. Missy came to FFL as a very pregnant stray. She gave birth to 3 sets of triplets. Just kidding! All of her babies were identical. All were adopted out and all have been Spayed and Neutered.

Restaurant Babies

Restaurant Babies - These 2 little ones shown her sleeping outside a restaurant with no place to go. Brought to FFL. Spayed and Neutered and adopted out together!


Cookie is our latest case of abandonment. Her owners moved and blatantly left her behind outside alone and Un Spayed. Concerned neighbours asked her owners when they came back to finish clearing out the house if they intended to take her and they declined. They even had the audacity to throw away the bed the neighbours had made for her outside to keep her warm. She was brought to FFL and has been Spayed and vaccinated and adopted!

Nursing mom Alumni

Nursing mother Alumni. All adopted and Spayed and Neutered!

Nursing Alumni

Nursing Mother Alumni. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered.

Nursing Alumni

Nursing mother Alumni. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered!

Noodles and Bailey

Noodles and Bailey came with 2 other siblings. All were dumped on a property locally. All were suffering from eye infections. The owner of the property threatened to harm them should they return. They were rescued by us. They have all been Spayed and Neutered and treated for all of their ailments. This fellow has found a home along with his siblings. All are doing well. All were adopted!


JP is the most affectionate little boy. Found as a stray he came to FFL un Neutered and with a raging urinary tract infection + urinary crystals. All have been resolved and he was adopted!