Happy Endings

Update on Olivia the Dumpster kitten

My only girl, Olivia or Livy. She was found 3 years ago on a very hot September day double bagged in a garbage dumpster. She called the "dumpster kitten". I first saw her on FFL page and the she was on the tv news. Feisty little girl guessed to be just 5 weeks old. She has enormous meow and that is my guess what led to her being found. She was a handful!! First kitten I had that climbed curtains scampered up and down like a monkey. She is a diva. Cuddly on her terms. She has a loud and perpetual purr. She will be 3 in a couple of weeks. She gets the zoomies nightly combining zipping around and great leaps. She usually can be found in front of a window or slider when not in a cuddle. She joined brothers Winkie, a FFL alum and Telly a rescue from when I lived in Guelph. Winkie was 5 in May. Not sure how he exactly ended up with FFL but he was a tiny little 5 week old the day he picked me. I went to see another kitten but Wink would have none of it. I put my hand in the cage and he climbed over several other kittens, walked through water and food dishes and plopped his tiny body in my outstretched hand. He was born with a facial deformity, his left cheek is pushed up o to his nose so he has a whisker that grows out of the top of his nose. His mouth is also slightly deformed so he likes his food and treats little and prefers taps and his fountain to bowls of water. Also, he was born with one eye. When he was neutered the eye socket was cleaned out to reveal an eye that hadn't grown with him and the area was sewn closed. He has never know different. He spots the smallest specs and walks along the narrowest of ledges. Sleeping in sinks is one of his things. Loves to play fetch and laser tag. He is never far from me and is the cuddle bug of the family. He took to Olivia right away and was her teacher in many ways.

Update on Bambi and Tilda

“Louise and Thelma (formerly Bambi and Tilda) adopted through fixed fur life after they were rescued from a poor situation. They are the sweetest most loveable girls and always entertaining us 🥰”

Update on Bonnie and Clyde

“Recently adopted Bonnie ( in front ) and Clyde. Brother and sister duo. Met them at Stinkles depot and knew they were the pair for bus and Skooter Apparently they were found on someones back deck and he was protecting her both were terrified. They now run the house alongside Skooter and are loving life as we love them 🥰”🐾❤️“

Freya now Misu

“Misu (formerly Freya) surrendered by her owners. Adopted March 2020. We are both so happy. Love her to bits.❤️“

Update on Molly

Molly (use to be Kat) came to fix furlife as the owners cats had a litter and they couldn’t care for all of them...fixed furlife ended up fixing the parents and adopting out the kittens

Update on Molly and Annie

My Beautiful Girls both born to moms rescued by FFL and adopted into our family as kittens. Molly (Grey) 7yrs ago and Annie 2 years ago. ❤️❤️

Update on Callie and Sookie

Callie (right) came to FFL when she was 2 with a 2 kittens of her own. We adopted her 5 years ago. Sookie (left) came to FFL as a kitten with a brother. We adopted her 3 years ago.

Update on Rowan and Blu

Alex and Andy (Adopted as Rowan and Blu) Mom Willow was taken in as a pregnant stray. Bonded pairs are the best!

Update on Violet & Dash

Violet & Dash (formerly "Bella and Mufassa"), adopted September 2016 at 12 weeks old. I believe they were owner surrenders. We initially intended to adopt one cat but these two were a bonded pair and had to stay together. Best decision we could have made. Can't imagine one without the other!

Update on Kalinda

  Kali(Kalinda) met her at kitten yoga when she hid behind my bag. She was about 3 months and has been clung to me ever since. Wonderful addition with a fabulous personality. .

Update on Chachi Now Charlie

This little one may not have made had we not taken mom in as a pregnant stray. She went into labour and her first three kittens were breech and she had great difficulty delivering them. Without assistance they would have died. Shown here in his new home. What a handsome little boy he has grown into, ”This is Charlie (formally Chachi) one of Buttercups babies. He is so sweet and happy.”

Update on Skooter

“This is our Skooter, aka SoSo. She was born a hermaphrodite and had to undergo extensive surgery as a baby. It was love at first sight when I saw her at Terries Pets Plus 10 years ago and our love just keeps getting stronger for her. ❤️🐾❤️🐾”

Update on Smudge & Ziggy

“We are so lucky to have Smudge and Ziggy!!! We cannot imagine our lives without them.”

Update on Hobbs now Larry

Larry the king of the castle! Aka Hobbs. He was fostered as a kitten from ffl. Our dear maggie had passed after 15 yrs. After waiting for a while for just the right cat to come along  Fixed Fur Life matched us up with Larry aka Hobbs. I believe he was part of a feral colony. We absolutely love him he is the biggest ham ever

Update on our Bailee Girl

Update on Bailee ”Bailee picked my husband at Little Stinkers 13 years ago. I believe she was part of a rescue litter. This Oreo cat has been one of the most entertaining cats we've ever had. Her antics make us smile every day♥️”

Update on Gary & Harriet

Update on Gary & Harriet ”Our two beautiful babies Gary and Harriet (formerly calypso). Gary was on the streets for Two years and is now partially blind due to an eye infection. Harriet came  with a litter who’s mom had been killed by a predator.... we love them to death and spoil them rotten!!!!“  


Russell’s mom was a pregnant stray that we took in. Russell was the shyest of the litter and the last to be adopted.  He has been adopted and is shown here in his new home.


This handsome boy was living outdoors and was neutered by Fixed Fur Life. He was so shy but gradually came around. He has now been adopted.n

Buttercups Kittens

Buttercup came to us as a pregnant stray. Her kittens have weaned and happy to report all have been adopted!


Penny came to Fixed Fur Life as an 11 week old kitten. Living outside with her sibling she had a Prolapsed rectum that required surgery x 2. She has a sweet, sweet personality! She has been Spayed bad has been adopted!