Happy Endings


Dora came to Fixed Fur Lice as a pregnant Stray. Her kittens were all adopted. She was then spayed and has gone onto her new home today!


Bonnie was one of 5 kittens  who were living outside. She was a little shy initially but over the weeks we worked with her prior to going to an adoption Center. She has now been adopted. She was Spayed prior to adoption.


Bonnie came to us as a stray. A very sweet, friendly girl. On Admission it was suspected that she was pregnant however she was not. Now a nSpayed and now adopted.

Mr Fluffy Pants

Little Mister Fluffy  Pants “ AKA  Puffy”  was part of a group we took in out of the cold. He came with four older female siblings. Three out of the four were pregnant and are presently awaiting their kittens. Mr Fluffy Pants has now been adopted and is keeping his new family on their toes with all of his sweet antics!

Blossom and Buttercup

Blossom and Buttercup came to Fixed Fur Life as outdoor Strays. Very shy initially we spent many months gaining their trust. We Spayed them and we are happy to report we found them a home together!


Thomas and Jackson were surrendered to Fixed Fur a Life as their owner passed away. Bonded siblings we were able to find them a new home together.


Thomas and Jackson were surrendered to Fixed Fur a Life as their owner passed away. Bonded siblings we were able to find them a new home together.

Update on Kanga now Grace

Beautiful update for Kanga now Grace. Mom Dora was an outdoor pregnant stray who is now spayed and adopted. Kanga now Grace shown here doing really well in her new home and loving her Canine sister Jill!


Lilly came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray kitten, She had to overcome an eye infection. Once resolved she was Spayed. She has now been adopted!


Dakota or as we like to call him “ Mr Personality Pants” came to Fixed Fur Life as his owner could no longer care for. This very silly playful boy has now been adopted!

Update on Zoey and Joey

Zoey and Zoey are already quite settled into their new home. This is why we keep bonded pairs together. You can just see in everything they do the love that they have for each other!

Update on Spike now Marvin

An update on Spike now Marvin. Mom was a pregnant stray. She was spayed and adopted. Spike now Marvin is doing well in his home and loving his new feline sibling!

Lilly Bean

Lilly Bean came to us as an un Spayed Stray She is now Spayed and has has also been Adopted!

Update on Henry and Hazel

Henry and Hazel continue to be pampered by their Humans. Shown here snuggling in their bed which is strategically placed over a heater vent! They are living the dream!

Momma Mia

Mia was a pregnant stray. Her babies have now all been adopted. Mia has been spayed and has now been adopted!  

Tilly and Shena

Tilly and Shena came to us with their siblings who were trying to survive outdoors. All have been Spayed and Neutered.  Tilly and Shena have now been  adopted together!

Joey and Zoey

We are two young adults whose owner could no longer care for. We were surrendered to Fixed a Fur Life. They noted that we were a bonded pair. We have now been adopted together!


Addy came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings who had been living outdoors. All were spayed and adopted and Addy was left by himself.  Happy to report he  has now been adopted !


Pepper is another un neutered stray rescued from the cold. Originally thought to be feral by finders but lo and behold now that he is warm inside we have found him to be quite affectionate. Now neutered and now adopted.

Update on Mischa

An Update on Mischa a little stray kitten that we rescued from the outdoors "My girl Kahleesi (formerly called Mischa), came to my work (Pet Valu In Trenton) at 8 weeks old. I saw her and immediately knew I had to have her. She is now celebrating her 1st birthday today, and she's living a happy, healthy life. I love her to pieces. Thank you so much for all you do & bringing my girl into my life!"