Happy Endings

Blackie and Petey

Blackie and Petey are Mary’s kittens. She was a pregnant stray who lost all of her kittens with the exception of these two boys. This adventurous duo have found a home together!

Rusty and Willow

I am going to go out on a limb here and say I think Rusty and Willow have settled nicely into their new home...

Miss Gabby

So happy to report that Miss Gabby has been adopted. Her owner was no longer able to care for her and surrendered her to Fixed Fur Life. She was very nervous and shy at first but gradually came to see that we were just trying to help her. She has now been adopted into the perfect home for her.

Kiki now Mia

KiKi now Mia has fallen in love with her new owner.....So Happy to see!


This is Dancer (we didn't change her name). My son and I adopted her in November 2018. She's almost 2. When i picked her up the day we adopted her through Fixed Furlife, I was told that she was rescued by Darlene at the Farmer's market as someone had Dancer and her sister Oreo in a cardboard box with a sign saying "free". Dancer has NEVER hissed, she loves my older cat Daliah and her meow still sounds like a really young kitten. Thank you Fixed Furlife for all that you do and for allowing us to adopt this sweetheart. She's a great fit for my home.

Gracie and Frankie

Gracie and Frankie are two year old bonded sisters whose owner could no longer care for. Both Spayed. We were able to find them a home together. They have settled into that new home nicely!


One of your first rescues! Dharma and her brother Greg were found as 8 week old kittens in a snowbank in Tweed. Dharma lived a long and happy life and passed at the age of 20. 💕


Mugsy’s owner could no longer care for. He and his mother and siblings came to Fixed Fur Life. He was neutered by us and has now successfully found a home!

Update on Milo

This is Milo ❤ I adopted him through Fixed Fur Life when he was just 5 months old.. He actually chose me first.. I couldn't resist his charm.. He's a little stud ☺ He's "the cat that acts like a dog".. Loves belly rubs, play time and he loves to fight my husband for a spot in our bed.. lol.. He just turned 8 yrs old and he's still just as glorious ❤


Hawks owner could no longer care for. He came to Fixed Fur Life where is was finally neutered. He has been adopted and has gone off to his new home!

Update on Zizabon

Zizabon was found as a stray with a head/jaw injury. Her rescuer brought her to Fixed Fur Life who in turn covered her care and vet bills. She is now good as new and enjoys life with Queenie and Vincent Purrice. 💞


Charlie came to us with his mom and 3 siblings. They had been living outdoors in this cold. Rescued and brought to Fixed Fur Life. He has now been adopted. He has been adopted and has gone onto his new home.

Update on Rusty

This is Rusty (formerly Chester) doing 2 of his favourite things...being adorable, and cuddling with his 16+ year old sister Ivy ! We were lucky enough to adopt him from Fixed Fur Life via Trenton Pet Valu this January. He has settled in with our 4 other cats, 2 dogs, and 2 bunnies perfectly and we are so grateful to have him with us. Thank you Fixed Furlife Quinsey 😻


Little Skooter came to us with his mom and 3 siblings. They had been living outdoors in this cold. Rescued and brought to Fixed Fur Life. He has now been adopted. Shown here settled and Happy in his new home!

Update on Dutches

  About 3 years ago, Duchess came into my life from FFL. You named her correctly as she reminds me daily she is a Royal :) We are blessed that you find and take in these cats and kittens and direct them to their forever homes


Lilah came to Fixed Fur Life as a teenager nursing kittens. Her babies have all weaned and been adopted. Lilah is now Spayed and has been adopted!

Update on Queenie

Thank you for rescuing Queenie (Mouse). She had been left in an apartment after her owners moved out. Neighbours heard her cries for help (after who knows how long!) and FFL stepped in to save her.

Patches and Lady

Patches and Lady are two sisters nursing their kittens together. Rescued from a home that was over run with pets. Both weaned their kittens and were both spayed. They have both been adopted.

Update on Miss River

Miss River was found in a ditch by a river, pregnant, blind and near death. Today she is feisty , happy and loved. Forever grateful to FFL and everyone involved in her rescue.


Matilda came to Fixed Fur Life as a kitten who was attempting to live outdoors in this cold.  Very shy initially but in time she turned into a very happy social girl. She has now gone onto her new home!