Happy Endings

Update on our Bailee Girl

Update on Bailee ”Bailee picked my husband at Little Stinkers 13 years ago. I believe she was part of a rescue litter. This Oreo cat has been one of the most entertaining cats we've ever had. Her antics make us smile every day♥️”

Update on Archer and Max

Uodate on Archer and Max “Archer & Max (formally Popeye & Magic) Adopted from FFL 2 years ago ❤️ two perfect additions to our family.”

Update on Gary & Harriet

Update on Gary & Harriet ”Our two beautiful babies Gary and Harriet (formerly calypso). Gary was on the streets for Two years and is now partially blind due to an eye infection. Harriet came  with a litter who’s mom had been killed by a predator.... we love them to death and spoil them rotten!!!!“  

Update on Callie

From  Callie’s Owner ”This is Miss Callie. She’s 4 years old now. We adopted her when she was just under a year. She only has one eye as she lost it to infection prior to adoption. She’s got a lot of personality and is always with us. Such a great addition to our fur family.”


Russell’s mom was a pregnant stray that we took in. Russell was the shyest of the litter and the last to be adopted.  He has been adopted and is shown here in his new home.

Update on Max and Peanut

“Brothers, Max and Peanut, were born in May 2019 at FFL. We adopted them in September. They love each other and we love them. They bring so much joy to our lives. Thank you Darlene and all the volunteers at FFL.”


This handsome boy was living outdoors and was neutered by Fixed Fur Life. He was so shy but gradually came around. He has now been adopted.

Update on Hobbes and Blossom

Update on Hobbes and Blossom “FFL Alumni Hobbes (formerly Nacho) born Aug 2017, adopted 11/28/17 as well as Blossom, anither FFL alumni. She was born Oct 2017, adopted 12/7/17. Both are fixed. They are two peas in a pod..lol”

Buttercups Kittens

Buttercup came to us as a pregnant stray. Her kittens have weaned and happy to report all have been adopted!

Update on Ollie and Mika

Update on Ollie and Mika ”Ollie and Mika were adopted in July. They are 7 months old now and enjoy playing, cuddling and exploring ❤️“


Penny came to Fixed Fur Life as an 11 week old kitten. Living outside with her sibling she had a Prolapsed rectum that required surgery x 2. She has a sweet, sweet personality! She has been Spayed bad has been adopted!


Update on Samuel ”Samual😻 is now 3yrs 8mths Adopted August 2016 from Pet Valu Trenton. A barn litter. We put him to bed with our son every night under the covers and they share a pillow!! ❤️

Max and Matilda

Max and Matilda came to Fixed Fur Life as we Babies. Weaned and now adopted!

Update on Harley and Bandit

From Harley and Bandits Owner. A Christmas Update ”Harley and Bandit They went from the Quinte human society to a home. Then they ended up with Fixed Fur Life  and now in our home. I love them very much.”

Sabrina,Ebony, Coal and Pepper

Sabrina, Ebony, Cole and Pepper’s mom Ravyn  came to Fixed Fur Life As a pregnant stray. Shorty after she delivered 6 little mini Panthers. These four have now been adopted.

Molly and Annie

Meet Molly (Grey) and Annie...both FFL kitties. Molly is now 5 years old and her bday is February 14th...very fitting for this gentle loving girl with a “Happy Tail” (always curled up around her back!). Annie is our newest addition and quite frankly unexpected. She was called “Charlotte “ by FFL, I saw her in the pic and just knew she was meant for us...that was a year and a half ago❤️ Molly and Annie have an older brother (also was a rescue) an orange tabby named Sheldon and a 85lb Goldendoodle named Oliver. We can’t imagine our lives without this entourage and enjoy their shenanigans every single day!!!! From our Fur-covered home to yours, A Very Merry Christmas!🎄🐈🐈🐈🐕”

Honey & Wedgie

Honey and Wedgie were two of Sprinkles kittens born via emergency C section. They  were weaned and have now been adopted!


From Dexters Owners ”This is Sebastian, he was an abandoned boy that found us year and half ago💗 and with the wonderful help from all of you at fixed fur life we got Sebastian to the vet and taken care of and brought our new baby home where is lives with his older brother Dexter (tabby) and older sister Marlow (calaco) Thank you so much 💖 Very Merry Christmas to you and the staff 🎅🎁🎄”


Betsy’s   Mom Buttercup came to us as a pregnant stray. Just a baby herself she delivered her babies with great difficulty. Betsy weaned and has now been adopted!


From Ramona’s Owner “This is Ramona. She was abandoned with us after we agreed to cat sit for a week to help out my brother's friend. We were not expecting to have another cat but we couldn't let the poor girl be abandoned again. Fixed Fur Life paid for her spay surgery and we've had this sweet girl ever since.”