Happy Endings

Audrey and Jerry

Update on Audrey and Jerry Re Fixed Fur Life. Fantastic work. Fantastic people. Fred (nee Jerry) and Audrey say thank you too!!! 6 months with us yesterday and they have made our home theirs (as you can see). Fred even purrs, talks and talks and talks, likes pets (sometimes) and doesn't hiss anymore!!!  Thank you for not giving up on them when most others would have. It is this care and love that you provide that makes what you do so amazing.

Mr Wiggles

Mr Wiggles came to FFL  a few years back with a severe fracture to his back leg which resulted in an amputation. His owner passed away recently. We were able to find him another wonderful home. Updates reveal he is doing well in his new home with his new feline brother!

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie are two teenage brothers brought in as strays. Both were neutered and have now been adopted together!

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde came to us with their siblings. All had been born outside and were rescued from a barn. They were socialized and have now been adopted!

Trinity and Jack

Trinity ( One of the puppies we rescued at the Strut this year) and her surrogate brother would like to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas"! Thanks for the update Lexi! Thank you Photography by Brad Denoon for the beautiful photography and donation of your time for this fundraiser and to Kevin and Stacey Pet Valu Trenton for hosting!!!

Uh Oh!

Uh Oh looks like one of our Alumni is on the Naughty list for un decorating the tree Lol!

Larry and Jerry

Larry and Jerry came to Fixed Fur ;Life as two un neutered male strays. Both have been neutered and both have been adopted.

Boodles and Bunny

Boodles's and Bunny's mom was a pregnant stray that came to Fixed Fur Life.  Both have now been adopted! Momma was Spayed and has also been adopted!


This truly beautiful senior girl came to us as a stray. Her microchip revealed she is senior and was originally adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society. When previous owner contacted he stated they moved and gave her away but did not remember to who??  EXTREMELY sweet she has finally been adopted!

Bootsie and Jenny

Bootsie and Jenny  were taken in as strays. Both were  spayed prior to adoption. Extremely friendly! Both have now been adopted!

Pickles, Pumpkin, Geri Potter, Marmalade and Mathew

Pickles, Pumpkin, Geri Potter, Marmalade and Mathew are Marley's kittens. Marley was taken in as a pregnant stray. All have now been adopted!

All nine of us were adopted!

No  you are not seeing things. We are 9 kittens being surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. Once we have been assessed and vaccinated we will be ready for adoption. Our momma's and Poppa's x 4  have been Spayed and Neutered as well.


Frosty came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings and Mom Tabitha. They were living outside and running into traffic. Frosty has now been adopted!

Alice and Aggy

Alice and Aggy were born behind Dapps in Trenton. We were able to trap them along with sister Kitty Perry and mom who is now pregnant with another litter and in foster care. These girls are now Spayed and have been adopted!

Bonnie and her baby Millie

Bonnie came to us with one lone baby.  We named her little girl Millie. Her other kittens had been killed by predators and she managed to bring this little one to someone's back porch. Both have now been adopted together!


Good morning Darlene!  I just wanted to let you know that Mortimer (previously known as Mathew) is doing extremely well in his forever home. He’s already the best of friends with his big brother Humphrey and he’s adjusting well to my Irish Wolfhound, Bogart. He’s playful and adventurous, and only stops purring when he’s sleeping. I already love him dearly and I’m so grateful that you allowed me to add him to my family.  Thanks a bunch!  Kate

Kitty Perry

Kitty Perry (right) born behind Dapps in Trenton. We were  able to trap her along with sister's Alice and Aggy and mom who is now pregnant with another litter and in foster care. These girls are now Spayed have been adopted!


Snickers was surrendered to Animal control. We rescued her from there. A sweet little girl! She was Spayed and adopted!


This sweet little 6 week old girl on 25 Sept 2017 was placed in 2 secured plastic bags and thrown in a dumpster at 375 Sidney St in Trenton.  The temperature outside was 28 degrees. There are no words for this despicable act. Once treated for severe dehydration, fleas and multiple sores on her body she eventually found a wonderful home with another of our Fixed Fur Life Alumni.


Kanga and Roo came to us when they were Approx 16 weeks old.  They had been  dropped  at a farm. Appeared to be a brother and sister duo. We were called because a) they were abandoned and b) the barn cats were beating them up. Extremely social. Sweet little monkeys! They were Spayed and neutered and adopted together.