Happy Endings

We were all adopted!

These little munchkins were born in a barn. They came to us to find a better life. Happy to report all have been adopted and momma's spayed!

Bee Bee and her Babies

Miss Bee Bee came to us as one of 4 pregnant starys we have taken in over the last couple of weeks. All are safe now in foster care. Bee Bee delivered her babies just days after we took her in. 5 beautiful babies! So happy she came to us in time. It is such a comforting feeling knowing they are safe and warm and weren't born out in the snow and Cold..


Dallas was Adopted! Dallas is a 12 week old Blue Tick Hound mix. Owner can no longer care for and has asked us to help find a home for her. She is good with kids, cats and other dogs.

Hailey, Callie and Reece

Hailey, Callie and Reece's owner passed away. They were adopted once spayed by Fixed Fur Life.

Cleo, Jasmine, Tye, James and Benjamin

Cleo, Jasmine, Tye, James and Benjamin came to Fixed Fur Life as abandoned kittens. All have now been adopted with pre paid Spay Neuter's.


Little Zolo's owner passed away. He came to Fixed Fur Life with all of his siblings and mother and father. All have now been adopted!

Tubby, Hanna and Socks

Tubby, Hanna and Socks's owner passed  away. They were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. Once Spayed and Neutered they all were adopted!

Bunny and Rosie

These pretty little sisters were born outside and we're brought to Fixed Fur Life at 3 months old along with with 2 other sisters. After many months of socializing they were finally adopted together.


Paisley came to FFL as an owner surrender. Approx 8 weeks old. Now adopted!


Duke was adopted! We have been asked to assist with finding Duke a home. Owner can no longer care for. Duke. Approx 4-5 year old lab/husky x

Great with kids, dogs and cats. Loves small dogs!! Very friendly. Great off leash. House broken. High energy. Smart. Can open doors! He is fixed. Does have separation anxiety. Does get anxious with storms. Duke needs a person that is retired or works on their own or in a situation that he can be taken with them for the day. A large farm or lots of land would be ideal.


Sara's owner can no longer care for. Sara is 4. Sara was Spayed and has now been adopted!

Audrey and Jerry

Audrey and Jerry have been adopted together! Audrey and Jerry have been waiting many months for a new home. Misunderstood as they are Both shy on first encounter. Given time and patience they evolve into a loveable pair just wanting to be loved. Please see past their shy facade and give them a chance.

Fuzzy and Rupert

Fuzzy and Rupert are 2 bonded neutered males ages 14 and 16. Owner was moving and not taking them with her. They were turned away from various shelters due to their age. We found them a home together!

Kit Kat

Kit Kat came to FFL as an owner surrender. Approx 8 weeks old. She has had her first set of vaccines. She has now been adopted!


Catsup came to FFL as an owner surrender. Approx 8 weeks old. He has had his first set of vaccines. Now adopted!

Teenie and Weenie

Teenie and weenie were caught in  trap. Living down by the bayshore.  Moms have n=been Spayed and these little ones have now been adopted!rother.

Persia now Mango

Mango (Persia) has settled right in! Loves to play with all of us, completely fearless and climbed onto my lap shortly after this photo last night for a snooze. Waldo, our other cat has been quite the host, showing her all around, to the

Coconut, Blossom, Casper and Quinn

We were adopted! Coconut,Blossom, Casper and Quinn's owner surrendered them to us. Their Un Spayed mother will be spayed through Fixed Fur Life.  


Francesca was adopted! 1 of 5 kittens born outside and now safe indoors with Fixed Fur Life. Momma was spayed and adopted!

Jake, June and Jess

Jake, June and Jess were adopted! Jake June and Jess were found scattered and crying in the woods. Their Mother was nowhere to be found. They went into Foster Care to be bottle fed and they are now ready for adoption.