Happy Endings

Miss Pugs

Another Happy Update! Miss Pugs has Found her perfect new home. New owners passed the home visit with flying colours! Miss Pugs was a bit of a challenge as she had many issues related to past life style. She was over weight, had joint and Dental issue’s. Her new owners will have the time and commitment to exercise her regularly, provide the correct diet, keep on top of her oral hygiene and give her all the love and attention she needs.

Update on Dot

Here is a photo of Dot.   She is still little but so mighty and very loving.  She has formed a strong bond with Jojo our other tuxedo cat. They are holding hands in this photo 😍😍 Take care.

Aubrey and Maggie

Aubrey and Maggie came to Fixed Fur a Life with their mother and siblings. Mom was an outdoor stray. Mom, Aubrey and Maggie were Spayed. Aubrey and Maggie have been adopted together.


Princess is a senior Persian whose owner could no longer care for. She is looking much better now that her eyes have been cleansed and she is receiving the proper meds for. She has also found a home and will be cohabiting with her new feline brother “Sir Walnut”.


Scamp‘s Mother came to Fixed a Fur Life as a pregnant stray. His mom has now been spayed and Scamp neutered. Now adopted!

Henri and Harlow

Henry and Harlow ‘s mother Mia was a pregnant stray. She will be Spayed prior to adoption. Henry and Harlow  have been weaned and are now adopted.

Update on Maggie and Huey

Received an update for Maggie and Huey. Two more of our kitten Alumni who would have become an outdoor statistic. Shown here Fixed and living a warm and Happy life indoors!

Herman and Harper

Herman and Harpers mother Mia was a pregnant stray. She will be Spayed prior to adoption. Herman and Harper have been weaned and are now adopted.


Joey came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings who were trying to survive out in the cold. All suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection. All have spent many weeks receiving treatment for their URI. Joey has now been adopted. Shown here on Admission and later in his new home.


Batman has spent many weeks up against many challenges. Treated for an upper respiratory infection and then had to endure  surgery for repair of a hernia. A super sweet boy who has been neutered and now adopted!

Update on Millie and Daisy

Hey Darlene, I just wanted to share how Millie and Daisy are doing.. I Millie was found starving May long weekend 2017 starving and very pregnant, Also really scared and semi feral. We have now gained her trust and she gets along with our children, welcomes belly rubs and is pleasantly plump and warm inside ♥️ We also got her kitten Daisy Mae. Thank you for all that you do,


Bowie was rescued from the cold. He had been seen roaming looking for food for many weeks. A really sweet sweet boy. He is now neutered and has been adopted.

Update on Callie and Sookie

Update on Callie and Sookie.  Both were  pregnant Strays who came to us with kittens.  Adopted into the same family at different times. They bonded and are living happily indoors and getting boat loads of Love!

Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear was taken in as a kitten and battled an upper respiratory infection. All resolved he has now been neutered and has gone off to his new home today!


Delilah came to Fixed Fur Life with her son Sampson. They  were living outside. Sampson her son had a large Umbilical hernia that required surgery. Surgery was done to correct. Both are now Spayed and Neutered and have been successfully adopted !

Update on Savannah now Greta

Lovely  update on Savannah now Greta. She and her 3 siblings were taken in as Strays. All spayed and adopted Savannah now Greta shown loving her indoor life in her home.


Sampson came to Fixed Fur Life with his mom Delilah were living outdoors as Strays. On arrival Sampson was suffering from a very large umbilical hernia. Surgery was done to correct as well as a neuter. Happy to report he and his mom have been adopted!


Chandler came to Fixed a Fur Life with his siblings when they were quite young. All had been suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection and trying to survive out in the cold. As you can see he healed and transformed into this beautiful boy. He was neutered and has now been adopted!

Update on Victoria and Beckham

Update on Victoria and Beckham! Victoria and Beckham survived all odds. They came to us many months ago as 5 week old kittens severely dehydrated and sick with an upper respiratory infection. As if that wasn't enough they each had a broken leg. We received an update recently. As they were strongly bonded we found a home for them together. They have grown like weeds and remain bonded, loved and safe in their forever Home! They also LOVE their new canine sibling!


Sam had a rough go. He spent his last couple of years not being wanted. Given up by his owner he had been waiting to meet his human soul mate since then. He was feeling unwanted. Each day he would greet our volunteers with such enthusiasm . Each day when they left he would look  so forlorn. He didnt understand why people couldnt see how special he was. FINALLY happy to report that he has now found a home!