Happy Endings

Update on Finnegan

From Finnegan’s Owner “This is Finnegan...his name was Cheeto when we adopted him a year ago. He’s is 14 months old and not spoiled at all 😇. I’m can’t quite remember how he ended up at Fixed Fur Life but I know he was found with siblings (Nacho, Cheddar and I believe Marty). He really likes to talk and climbing is his *thing*. He likes to lay on top of the kitchen cupboards and watch me cook lol.”

Update on Olivia the Dumpster Kitty

From Olivia’s Owner ”Olivia the "dumpster kitten". Found double bagged in a dumpster on the hottest day of the year in Trenton. She was about 5-6 weeks old. Now a beautiful girl of 2 years”


Dharma. One of the first FFL kittens to be taken in over 20 years ago. She and her brother (Greg) had been dumped in a snowbank in Marmora. She has since passed on but lived many, many years as a loved indoor kitty.

Update on Vincent

From Vincent's owner "Vincent Purrice was found in a barn with his siblings. FFL took them in so they could find homes and wouldn’t become feral (and live short lives) like the many litters before them. Thank you Fixed Fur Life!!

Update on Winkie

From Winkie’s Owner “Winkie  was born with one eye and a malformed face and a super long tail he was about 6 weeks old. Now this handsome love and cuddle bug is 4”

Update on Junior

From Juniors owner "Junior aka Maverick aka McGee. He was a feral who hung around at Mt Pelion, adopted 2017 (?) Initially adopted for my mother at Seasons Dufferin Centre, he joined my tribe when he adolescent energy was too much her. He's both aloof and a snuggler"

Update on Gary

From Garys new Family “This is Gary who one of your ffl friends live trapped. Two terribly infected eyes and was left outside. He is now blind in one eye but so full of love! He is spoiled rotten and is now in his fur ever home loved and cuddled”


Angel and her mother Mya came to us many months ago nursing 11 kittens between them.  Once kittens were weaned Angel was spayed and has now been adopted. FYI her mother and their 11 kittens have all been spayed/neutered.

Update On Molly

From Molly's Owner "This is Molly, formerly Sophia. We adopted her at 15-17 as a senior. She’s now 20-22 and while she’s slowing a bit she’s still a doll. She’s deaf now and has no teeth but this is her happy purr face. 😉"

Update on Maverick

From Mavericks owner "This is Maverick (formally Caesar) adopted from Fixed Fur Life in August of 2016 with his brother Charlie now named Goose. (Get it lol) He is the sweetest most loving buddy we could have ever asked for.

Update on Jake and MiMi

From Jake and MiMi's owner "Jake age 3, Mimi age 4. Both FFL. I dont know Mimi beginnings but Jake was found by a jogger on a path along with 2 siblings at about 3 days old. They are both awesome! :)"

Thank You Fixed Fur Life

“Just one of the over 100 kittens of feral mothers Fixed Fur Life has helped me rehome in the last 4 years as a foster home ❤️. Forever grateful for this amazing organization❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐈🐈🐈❤️❤️

Stuart Little

Stuart Little was found when he was just 4-5 weeks old crying up in a tree. From the get go we noticed he had a wobbly walk and a head tilt. Formally diagnosed as a Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He will always have this disability. Tiny for his age but the sweetest little personality. He has now been adopted and we received the following update from his new family. "His new name is Chandler. He is sooooooo cuddly. He slept on my daughters chest all night. He eats well and drinks well. Loves his toys. Princess Sophie had accepted him completely. I thinks she thinks she is his mother. Thank you for entrusting him to our family!"

Update on Goose

From Goose's Owners "This is Goose (formally Charlie) adopted with his brother in August of 2016. He is very vocal and has to be in my lap or my husbands from after dinner until bed. In fact he will demand it until you sit down and give in."


Arianna's mom was a pregnant stray. All kittens have weaned and mom was spayed. Arianna has also been spayed and adopted.

Update on Tasha

From Tasha's Owner. 8 years later and doing well! Izzy (formerly Tasha) adopted from pet value as a kitten in 2012

Billy and Bob

Billy and Bob came to Fixed Fur Life as stray kittens. A bonded pair. Neutered by Fixed Fur Life. They have now found a home together.


Hazel came to Fixed Fur Life with her siblings who had been born outdoors and were trying to survive. She was Spayed by FFL and has now been adopted!

Update on Eral and LuLu

From Earl and Lu Lu's Owner Earl & lulu, two feral kittens I fostered with help for spay/neuter from FFL. Both adopted out together, now 5 yrs old

Update on Princess

From Princess's owner. Doing well so many years later! Princess adopted from Belleville pet value at 4 years old, she’s now 10