Happy Endings


Tony came to Fixed Fur Life after he was rescued from the cold. He was neutered by Fixed Fur Life and his infestations were treated. He has been adopted! Shown here in his new home.


Arabella. me to us recently as her senior owner was no longer able to care for. We are pleased to report that she has been adopted!

Blaze,Blizzard, Rusty and Stella

Blaze,Blizzard, Rusty and Stella came to Fixed Fur Life as 16 week old kittens whose owner could no longer care for. They have now been adopted!

Delphine now Stella

Delphine now Stella recently adopted has quickly fit in with her new humans.

Update on Little Boots

Little Boots recently adopted shown here settled into his new home and bonding with his new sister Phoebe.

Goose,Rose and Duchess

Goose,Rose and Duchess were rescued from the outdoors. It took many weeks to get them to trust us. They were spayed and neutered by Fixed Fur Life. All three have now been adopted!


Lovely Fiona  was the mom to Dusty, Violet, Pansy, Clyde and Clifford .  A very shy but very sweet girl now Spayed and adopted.


Little Mowgli was rescued from a barn environment as a week kitten. He has now been adopted.

Fluffy and Twiggy

Fluffy and Twiggy are two bonded sisters who came to us many weeks ago. Rescued from the outdoors. Very shy initially but grew to trust those around them. Happy to report  they have been adopted together!

Update on Duck and Moo

Duck and Moo were two little bonded brothers rescued from the outdoors. Adopted together and doing well present day in their new home.

Update on Etta now Piper

Lovely update for Little Etta now Piper. Dusty is another of our Alumni adopted previously. “Piper is the perfect addition to our family and our family is now complete. Piper and Dusty are the best of friends and love one another. Thank you for all that you do and for providing such wonderful care and compassion to these beautiful animals. This organization is invaluable to these vulnerable creatures.”


Miss Alice came to us many weeks ago. She had been living outdoors. Her adorable over bite and personality won us over right away. She was spayed and has now found a home!

Update on Pixie and Harlow

Pixie and Harlow were rescued from the cold with their mom and sibling Chino. Very shy on admission and obviously bonded we were able to find them a home together. Shown here in their new home out of hiding and cuddling and happy with their new humans.

Fluffy and Twiggy

Fluffy and Twiggy are two bonded sisters who are came to us after they were rescued from the cold.  On admission they were very shy but after many weeks of working with them it became evident they were just scared. We were able to find them a home together!

Phinn and Mimi now Pearl and Frank

Phinn and Mimi now Pearl and Frank are a bonded pair of kittens recently adopted together. Mom had been a pregnant stray..

Walter and Sara

Walter  and Sara Are two seniors who came to us after their senior owner could no longer care for. We found them a home together. Shown here settled and happy in their new home.

Update on Princess

“Princess my senior rescue from you guys is maybe the best choice I ever made, congrats to these 2 and their new family!” 

Update on Champ

Hi! I recently adopted Champ from Trenton Pet Value! 

Champ is now going by Rembrandt (and all the many nicknames that come along with it, Remmy, Remster, REM, Remmyboy etc)! 

He has settled right in to his new home. He’s been a very good boy, spending most of his days rolling around on my bed and playing with his new toys. We love him, thanks for everything! 


Pete is  another handsome boy we took in from the cold.  He was Full of fleas, mites and not neutered. Once Infestations resolved he was neutered. VERY sweet boy. He was so happy when served his meals he would begin to purr. He has been adopted!


Little Fawn now Starfire shown here happy and settled in her new home..