Happy Endings

Merle, Willy, Waylon, June and Abraham

Merle, Willy, Waylon, June and Abraham came to fixed Fur Life life as stray kittens rescued from the outdoors. All have been adopted!


Tilly came to Fixed Fur Life as her owner could no longer care for her. She was Spayed by Fixed Fur Life. She has been adopted!

Fawn, Ebony & Mick

Fawn, Ebony and Mick are siblings who were rescued from the outdoors. All have now been adopted!


Little Myah is an 11 year old spayed Chihuahua mix whose owner passed away. We were able to successfully find the perfect home for her.


Belle was living outdoors. As a  young adult female it was just a matter of time before she had her first litter. She was a bit of a hard nut to crack but once she came to realize the comfort of humans and indoor living she became an absolute sweetheart. She has been adopted!

Update on Eddie

"Eddie was adopted last September from Trenton Pet Valu. He’s a playful, affectionate little cat and we just love him."

Update on Charlie

Update on Charlie. Charlie came to us as an un neutered unclaimed stray. Once neutered we found a wonderful home for him. Shown here in his new home settled and very loved! No more street wandering, baby making cold winters for him…

Update on Morris

"Morris ♥️♥️ adopted in January" Morris originally came to use with several wounds  and a urinary tract infection that resolved with treatment. He was adopted and then his owner passed away. Shown here  happy and healthy in his new home with Emilee.  

Eloise and Hazel

Eloise and Hazel came to Fixed Fur Life as wee babies who had been living outdoors. It took us a few week with socialization to get them to trust us. Eventually they did. They have now been adopted together!

Little Albert and Willie

Little Albert and Willie came to us separately. Both were kittens rescued from the outdoors. They have been adopted together.

Update on Larry

Update on Larry adopted years ago enjoying his Animal Planet shows!

Cohen, Healy, Jepps, Arden and Dionne

Cohen, Healy, Jepps, Arden and Dionne are 5 of the 20 kittens and 4 moms we rescued from the outdoors. Weaned. Moms Spayed. These 5 have all been adopted.


Great News we were able to successfully facilitate a home for Mokie!  His senior owner passed away recently and he had no where to go. Now he does…


So glad to report that we were about to facilitate another match. Zoey who had previously lost a back leg to a traumatic event and whose owner could no longer care for has found a home! Thank you to everyone who applied. The home we chose was the best one for her…


Gibbles came to Fixed Fur Life as owner was no longer able to care for. He was adopted today with his new friend Hugo another kitten was was outside fending for himself.


Healey was one of 20 kittens and 4 moms we rescued many weeks ago. He was recently adopted and has settled nicely into his new home. He LOVES his new little human.  


Hugo came to Fixed Fur Life recently. Fending for himself outdoors and loaded with ticks.  In total 26 ticks were removed. Once his infestations were dealt with he flourished. He was recently adopted together with his new friend Gibbles.


Charlotte came to FFL nursing kittens. Once weaned Charlotte was spayed and was recently adopted. Received this lovely update: “Hi Darlene: just a word to let you know how well Charlotte is settling in. She is a wonderful little cat, sociable, curious and funny. Loves to play. Getting along quite well with Gracie, my dog. The hissing has become no more than almost a wispering noise and only once in a while. We really just ignore it. She is well loved and we will take good care of her (like all cats should be). Thank you for letting us adopt her. I will attempt to send a picture that my good friend took a couple of days ago.”

Newman and Mouse

Newman and Mouse’s mom came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. She will be spayed prior to adoption. Newman and Mouse have found a home together. Shown here in their new home settled and


Bear came to us after he was rescued running down Highway 62 with his eyes glued shut with infection. After treatment with medications he morphed into this beautiful little man. Bear has now been adopted!