Happy Endings


Benji came to us with his siblings many months ago after his mother was killed by a predator. As a result of being bottle fed he grew into an extremely affectionate boy. He as neutered when of age and has now been adopted!


Nova is another stray that we rescued. She was treated on admission for an infection in her mouth. Once resolved she was spayed and she’s now going onto her new home.

Sawyer and Sebastian

Sawyer and Sebastian have bonded. Sebastian recently adopted is now living with another of our Fixed Fur Life alumni Sawyer. I think it is safe to safe they are now best friends!


Rain came to fixed for life as a pregnant stray. She was actually in labour when we took her in.  On admission she also had to be treated for a severe mastitis  It resolved with treatment.it resolved with treatment  Kittens have all been weaned and adopted. Rain was then spayed and she also has now been adopted.


Little Bailee has gone to her new home! She came to Fixed Fur Life with her siblings who had been living outdoors. She will now be loved and taken care of!


Sadie’s owner dropped her un spayed at a horse barn as she was moving and could not take her with her. As you can see she also had a horrendous infection in her paw from accessed bites.  Her infection eventually resolved with treatment.. She was spayed by Fixed Fur  life and has now gone onto her new home


Buttercup now Luna has been adopted. She has settled into her new home with her new big brother Me Snugglesworth!


Gizmo originally came to us as a stray. she was spayed by Fixed Fur life and has now been adopted


Jerry came to us as a wee baby after his mother was killed by a predator. He was bottle fed and as a result became extremely social. When he was of age we had him neutered and now he has gone onto his new home! Shown here settled and happy!

Max and midnight

Max and midnight are two more of ravens kittens. Strongly bonded and adopted together!

Update on Chester

“I wanted to give you an update on Chester....
First update - we've changed his name to Rusty !
He didn't seem to know his name was Chester and we thought it would be cute since our big orange boy is Clark.
He had his appt. with Dr. Jinny on Thursday for a check-up. rabies vac. and microchip, and he was a very brave boy - they loved him.
We love him too !
He has been very respectful of our other pets, which has helped him fit in really well.
He is the perfect mix of good boy, crazy kitten, and cuddle bug !
He may have taken the long way round to get to us, but I believe that he is exactly where he was meant to be, and we couldn't be happier to have him in our family.”

Onyx and Jet

Onyx and Jet were two of Ravyn’s  kittens.  They have found a home together.

Sonny and Samson

Sonny and Samson came to Fixed  Fur life as wee babies whose mother had been killed by a predator. Bottle fed they became very social. Both now neutered and have been adopted together!

Blackie and Petey

Blackie and Petey are Mary’s kittens. She was a pregnant stray who lost all of her kittens with the exception of these two boys. This adventurous duo have found a home together!

Rusty and Willow

I am going to go out on a limb here and say I think Rusty and Willow have settled nicely into their new home...

Miss Gabby

So happy to report that Miss Gabby has been adopted. Her owner was no longer able to care for her and surrendered her to Fixed Fur Life. She was very nervous and shy at first but gradually came to see that we were just trying to help her. She has now been adopted into the perfect home for her.

Kiki now Mia

KiKi now Mia has fallen in love with her new owner.....So Happy to see!


This is Dancer (we didn't change her name). My son and I adopted her in November 2018. She's almost 2. When i picked her up the day we adopted her through Fixed Furlife, I was told that she was rescued by Darlene at the Farmer's market as someone had Dancer and her sister Oreo in a cardboard box with a sign saying "free". Dancer has NEVER hissed, she loves my older cat Daliah and her meow still sounds like a really young kitten. Thank you Fixed Furlife for all that you do and for allowing us to adopt this sweetheart. She's a great fit for my home.

Gracie and Frankie

Gracie and Frankie are two year old bonded sisters whose owner could no longer care for. Both Spayed. We were able to find them a home together. They have settled into that new home nicely!


One of your first rescues! Dharma and her brother Greg were found as 8 week old kittens in a snowbank in Tweed. Dharma lived a long and happy life and passed at the age of 20. 💕