Happy Endings

Butters,Tanner,Sydnie and Sammy

Butters,Tanner,Sydnie and Sammy Came to Fixed Fur Life as their owner could no longer care for.  Their mom is being spayed and each has now been adopted.


Ruby recently adopted shown here in her new home settled and happy! From her new owner “Hi Darlene,

Just wanted to let you know that Ruby has settled in nicely in our home and stolen our hearts. She’s happy and healthy.

Thanks again for picking us!”


Guinness was born to a mom we trapped at the South front st location. She was pregnant on admission and had 3 beautiful boys. Had we not captured her she and they would be living a harsh life in that end of town. Shown here weaned and adopted! A message from his new mom. "Hi this is GUINESS, adopted on Tuesday,  he is now getting along with his big brother sunny!! GUINESS name has changed to stormy. Thanks for doing a great job!!  


This skinny little guy literally fell from the sky into our care. Dropped by a large bird of some kind. Approx  14 weeks old. He was a little tender on his back end but that eventually resolved. We named him “Tommy”. Happy to share that he has been adopted!


Happy to share that our little senior girl Ginger who is 11 years young has found a home! It has taken us months and months to regulate her Thyroid issues but we finally made it happen. We were able to find the perfect home who will diligently administer her medication. She will now be residing with the family who adopted her mother MiMi who is one year older than her.

Pax and Xena

5 years ago we rescued these girls as puppies. Shown here having an Easter weekend play date and doing well. They often reunite for play dates!


Bobbi named for her very short tail was admitted after being found as a stray. Once spayed this really sweet girl was adopted and is doing well in her new home!


Bandits owner could no longer care for as she had to go into a long term care facility. So happy to share that we were able to find him a perfect new home!


Mezzi came to fixed for life after his owners moved away and left him behind. A Sweet little gentleman. Once we had him neutered we were able to find him a home!

Dorian now Teddy

Lovely update Re Dorian now Teddy. Dorian’s mom and her two sisters came to us many, many months ago as 3 pregnant strays. Dorian is one of the 14 kittens they had between them. All 14 and moms were were spayed, neutered and adopted. Dorian now Teddy shown here settled and happy in his new home!

Angel and Chino

Angel ( Mom) and Chino ( Son)  came to Fixed Fur Life many weeks ago. Mom Angel had had her kittens outdoors. Angel and Chino are very bonded . Very happy to share they have found a home together!

Nina and Bauer

Nina and Bauer came to Fixed Fur Life as 2 week old kittens needing to be bottle fed. They progressed really well and have now been adopted!


Chandler came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray that was not neutered. He was also suffering from a neck wound. After many months his wound fully healed. He was been neutered  by Fixed Fur Life and happy to report he has now been adopted.


Geronimo is a male stray we assisted with. Severely matted and not neutered.  Now neutered and groomed. He is happily settled into his new home. Thank you Nina and Tamalin (Derek) for contacting us re his plight and Nina for giving him a home.


Bromo- This beautiful boy was rescued from the outdoors. Neutered and treated for his infestations. Now adopted. Happy to share photos of how settled he is already in his new home.

Cheddar and Cheeto

Cheddar and Cheeto came to Fixed Fur Life as bonded brothers. They had been living outdoors. Very Happy to share that they have found a home together.


This gentle giant came to us many many months ago. He had been an un neutered stray. Initially he was so afraid he was beside himself and would not let anyone handle him. After months of patience and sift voices and showing him we loved him he turned the corner and decided we were ok. From that point on he just became more and more affectionate. Really happy to share her had been adopted!


Joe was surrendered to Fixed Fur Life after his senior owners could no longer care for. His cute little head tilt and hearing impairment just made us love him all the more. Happy to share that he has found a home!


A lovely update for Tenuki. She was a senior with kidney disease whose owner could no longer care for. Shown here in her adoptive home many months later doing well and enjoying her favourite pastime basking in the sun..

Tessah, Cooper, Chester and Marlee

Tessah, Cooper, Chester and Marlee came to Fixed Fur Life as Stray kittens. Happy to share that they have all now found homes!