Happy Endings


Gibbles came to Fixed Fur Life as owner was no longer able to care for. He was adopted today with his new friend Hugo another kitten was was outside fending for himself.


Healey was one of 20 kittens and 4 moms we rescued many weeks ago. He was recently adopted and has settled nicely into his new home. He LOVES his new little human.  


Hugo came to Fixed Fur Life recently. Fending for himself outdoors and loaded with ticks.  In total 26 ticks were removed. Once his infestations were dealt with he flourished. He was recently adopted together with his new friend Gibbles.


Charlotte came to FFL nursing kittens. Once weaned Charlotte was spayed and was recently adopted. Received this lovely update: “Hi Darlene: just a word to let you know how well Charlotte is settling in. She is a wonderful little cat, sociable, curious and funny. Loves to play. Getting along quite well with Gracie, my dog. The hissing has become no more than almost a wispering noise and only once in a while. We really just ignore it. She is well loved and we will take good care of her (like all cats should be). Thank you for letting us adopt her. I will attempt to send a picture that my good friend took a couple of days ago.”

Newman and Mouse

Newman and Mouse’s mom came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. She will be spayed prior to adoption. Newman and Mouse have found a home together. Shown here in their new home settled and


Bear came to us after he was rescued running down Highway 62 with his eyes glued shut with infection. After treatment with medications he morphed into this beautiful little man. Bear has now been adopted!


Millie a senior girl came to us after her owner could no longer care for. She has now been adopted and gone on to her new home.


Sassy did not had the easiest life. She was a stray on the streets of Stirling where she became pregnant and then needed help delivering her babies. If it wasn’t for the help of a wonderful, caring person, she and her babies would not be here today.  Her babies have been weaned and adopted. She was spayed. Sassy needed a quiet and patient home and today she found that home!


Very happy to report that our beautiful Noir has found the perfect home for her! Noir is one of those cats that will be overlooked. Why because when you first meet her she will appear nervous and hunker down in her furry bed. If you pass her by you and don’t take the time to meet her you will be passing up the opportunity to witness what a beautiful, gentle, sweet and yes cuddly personality that she has. She came to us pregnant and was the most amazing mother to her kittens. She is now spayed and waiting for a home at the Trenton Pet Valu. She is very sensitive and would love a quiet home that matches her personality.

Molly and Gus

Little Molly has settled nicely into her new home and has bonded with her new little friend Gus!

Zeus & Zoey

Update on Zeus and Zoey a bonded pair who we found a home for together. Shown here many months later happy and together!

Wolfe, Sidle, Shuri and Becker

Wolfie, Sidle, Shuri and Becker are litter number 2 of 20 kittens born to 4 moms we took in many weeks ago. They have been adopted!


Charlie came to FFL as an un neutered stray. He was a little shy initially but quickly came around one he knew we just wanted to help him.  He was neutered by FFL and has now been adopted.


Whiskeys owner reached out to us as she was no longer able to care for her.  A perfect home for her was found.


Marbles came to Fixed Fur Life nursing 7 kittens. Her owner could no longer care for her. Her kittens were eventually weaned and adopted. She was spayed and is shown here in her new home  happy and settled.


Mocha came to Fixed Fur Life as an un neutered stray with a severe eye infection. He was adopted post treatment and neutering. Shown here happy and content in his new home.


Lovely update for Princess now Rosemary. “When we first brought Rosie home she was quite shy but has since made herself at home. She is the sweetest girl and we are so grateful she chose us to be her forever family. She loves snuggling and playing with her brothers and chasing feet under the covers!”

Update on Bear

Lovely update for Bear and his new sister Freya. They absolutely love each other!

Solo now Gracie

Solo now Graycie is one of 20 kittens and their 4 moms we took in many weeks ago. She has been adopted. Shown here happy and bonded with her new sister Cola in her new home.


Ginger came to us as her owner could no longer care for. She was spayed by Fixed Fur Life and has been adopted!