Happy Endings


Maggie was an elderly girl that was abandoned in Trenton. Her owner called and left an anonymous message to say where he had abandoned her. She had multiple medical ailments which were addressed and she adopted into a great home!

Little Munchkin

This little munchkin was found outside screaming his little head off. Show here in Foster care being diligently looked after by the resident dog. Was adopted out and eventually Neutered.

Kitten Alumni.

Kitten Alumni. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered.


Hollys owner ran over her with a truck and then did not seek veterinary treatment. She was surrendered to FFL where her leg eventually had to be amputated due to the neglect in her care. Adopted and doing well.

Bottle fed Alumni

Bottle fed Alumni

Kitten Alumni

Kitten Alumni. All were adopted and Spayed and Neutered.


Bella another of our Nursing mother Alumni. All were adopted out and Spayed and Neutered.


Winston was born with a visual disability. Shown here just prior to being adopted he has adapted nicely in his new home.


Sadie came to FFL with severely infected eyes resulting in 1 eye having to be removed and causing blindness. She now lives with her new family who have adapted their home to accommodate her disability.


Betty is a middle aged very large girl who sustained an injury to her front leg. The leg had to be amputated and throughout she remained an absolute sweetheart. Her old owner was no longer able to care for her and she has been re adopted into a wonderful home!


Brandee shown here when she was nursing her kittens. Her babies have all been adopted. She was Spayed and finally adopted out!

Bottle fed Alumni

Bottle Fed Alumni.

Bottle Fed

Bottle Fed Alumni.