Happy Endings


Cammie an abandoned stray came to FFL with her kittens. She has now been Spayed and adopted!


Snoopy an abandoned kitten has found his new home!


Gizmo was taken in as a pregnant stray. All of her kittens have now been weaned and adopted with Spay Neuters Pre Paid. Gizmo has been Spayed and awaits a new home.

Three Abandoned Boys

These 3 sweeties were abandoned at a vets office in Trenton. Someone ran in the door dropped them and left. They were then taken to the Trenton Animal Control where they were slated to be "killed". They were rescued and brought to Fixed Fur Life. All 3 have now been adopted. Thank you Bay Regional for all of your help!"

Tank and Bob

Tank and Bob together in their new home.


We received an update on Tilly today. This beautiful girl lived in Centennial park for a couple of years and had many litters. She was trapped and brought to us, Spayed and adopted. Shown here in her new home many months later. Doing really well!


Bob update - Doing well and has been Neutered


Phoebe was taken in as a pregnant stray. Phoebe's kittens have all been adopted. Phoebe herself was Spayed and adopted!


Tank update – Doing well and has been Neutered

Tank and Bob

Tank and Bob have been adopted and are now living in Comox B.C. Their mother came to FFL as a pregnant stray.


Coco was taken in as an un Spayed stray. She was fixed and adopted out!


Bess as a newborn was adopted with her sister Arabella.


Arabella as a newborn was adopted with her sister Bess.

Batman and Robyn

Batman and Robyn the 2 boys who were dumped in Point Anne (person drove up in a gray truck, opened the door, tossed out and drove away) were Neutered by Fixed Fur Life and adopted out together last night!

Sam and Sally

2 little ones that came to us at 8 days old and bottle fed were adopted together last night! Thank you Naomi for giving them a home together! I knew I selected the perfect family for them. P.S. I think Sam is shaping up to be a male model he is always posing!




Skooter whose mom was taken in as a pregnant stray was adopted. All of his siblings have been adopted as well!


Norman came to Fixed Fur Life as a very friendly stray missing his tail. Zero identification. He wa Neutered and adopted out a year and a half ago. His owner sent us this pic today and let us know he is doing well!


Paddy was Neutered and adopted shown here in his new home.


Skooter came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray with zero identification or chip. He has been Neutered by FFL and has now gone on to his new home.a (our dog) who wants nothing more then to be BFF with her. lol. But Kasea is gentle & patient & I know it won't be long before they are playfully chasing each other around the house. In the short time we've had Molly, she's given us so many laughs... you were right! She's got a wonderful personality & is hilarious to watch. My husband & I are big "snuggles" with our animals.... and Molly fits right in. Although she's still a playful kitten she'll jump up on our laps and snuggle with us when she's ready to sleep. The last 2 nights she's spent the whole night sleeping on my husbands chest. lol. He LOVES it. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Molly into our home (& hearts). She's fitting in perfectly & we're enjoying her so much."