Happy Endings

Purrcy, Ollie and Lorenzo

Purrcy, Ollie and Lorenzo were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life as owner could not care for. They were all neutered and adopted!

Benny and Bandit

Benny and Bandit were rescued from the outdoors. Once treated and neutered they were adopted!

Callie, Collar, Smudge and Carlie

Momma a pregnant stray who has since been Spayed.  Callie, Collar, Smudge and Carlie were all adopted!

Bonnie and her baby Millie

Bonnie came to us with one lone baby.  We named her little girl Millie. Her other kittens had been killed by predators and she managed to bring this little one to someone's back porch. Both have now been adopted together!


Twinkles was taken in as an un spayed stray. She was Spayed and adopted!  

Dalilah and Peaches

Dalilah and Peaches were born outside. Brought to Fixed Fur Life where they were treated for worms, fleas and an upper respiratory illness. They have been adopted!

TJ and Noire

We were adopted! TJ and Noire's owner left in the middle of the night and left these 2 boys behind. They have now been adopted!


Good morning Darlene!  I just wanted to let you know that Mortimer (previously known as Mathew) is doing extremely well in his forever home. He’s already the best of friends with his big brother Humphrey and he’s adjusting well to my Irish Wolfhound, Bogart. He’s playful and adventurous, and only stops purring when he’s sleeping. I already love him dearly and I’m so grateful that you allowed me to add him to my family.  Thanks a bunch!  Kate

The girls

Mary, Mia, Marcy and Midnight were kittens surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. All were adopted!


Sawyer (a Fixed Fur Life Alumni)spent 100 from his bank acct on food to help his friends at Fixed Furlife. Thanks for all you do. 💕🐱


Catalina was a pregnant stray we took in. Babies were all been adopted. New owners pre paid Spay neuters. Catalina was then Spayed and adopted!

Kitty Perry

Kitty Perry (right) born behind Dapps in Trenton. We were  able to trap her along with sister's Alice and Aggy and mom who is now pregnant with another litter and in foster care. These girls are now Spayed have been adopted!


River came to Fixed Fur Life after being found in a ditch. Cold, emaciated, very pregnant and most astounding of all blind. She came to us and shortly after as a result of her condition delivered stillborn babies. After many months of intensive care she developed into a beautiful well adjusted girl. She was Spayed and Adopted!

Abby, Bert and June

Abby, Bert and June were a group of little ones rescued from the outside. All suffering from parasites and upper respiratory infections.  Once All resolved they were fixed and adopted!


Monty was taken in as a un neutered stray. He was neutered and shortly after adopted!


Snickers was surrendered to Animal control. We rescued her from there. A sweet little girl! She was Spayed and adopted!


Lucy was Spayed and adopted! Lucy came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray who had had her kittens outdoors. She will be Spayed prior to adoption.

Benny and the Jet

Benny and the Jet were two siblings we rescued from the outdoors. Both neutered and now adopted!

Scout and Boots

We were adopted together! Boots and Scout came to Fixed Fur Life as wee babies after their mom was hit and killed by a car. They lived for several weeks outdoors taking care of each other. It took a bit of socializing when they came to us but they eventually blossomed into friendly well adjusted young men!


This sweet little 6 week old girl on 25 Sept 2017 was placed in 2 secured plastic bags and thrown in a dumpster at 375 Sidney St in Trenton.  The temperature outside was 28 degrees. There are no words for this despicable act. Once treated for severe dehydration, fleas and multiple sores on her body she eventually found a wonderful home with another of our Fixed Fur Life Alumni.