Happy Endings


Peaches was rescued from outdoors, malnourished, starving and very pregnant. Shown here with her babies. She and her babies were all adopted out and Spayed and Neutered when of age.


This pretty girl was taken in as a pregnant stray. Shown here with her girls they were all Spayed and adopted together into the same home.

Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger - This fellow wandered into Giant Tiger like he owned the world. He then ran out into traffic after leaving the store. He hung around downtown for several days until someone brought him to us. No one ever claimed him. FFL neutered him and adopted him out.

Bottle Alumni

Bottle fed Alumni.

Sweet little monkey

Really sweet little boy(pic with stuffed animal) - This sweet little monkey was found howling in a back yard at just 3 weeks old. Seen here sleeping with his snuggly bear. Was Neutered and adopted!


Boodles came with 3 other siblings. All were dumped on a property locally. All were suffering from eye infections. The owner of the property threatened to harm them should they return. They were rescued by us. They have all been Spayed and Neutered and treated for all of their ailments. This fellow has found a home along with his siblings. All are doing well. All were adopted!

Really sweet boy

Really sweet boy - This really sweet boy was abandoned by his owner. He no longer wanted him so he merely put him outside and would not let him back in. He was Neutered by us and Adopted out.


Rescued from downtown Belleville. Was living underneath a furniture store. Neutered and adopted out!


Tabbi - Nursing mother Alumni. All were adopted, Spayed and Neutered when of age.

White Kitty

This fella came to FFL with an extremely abcessed foot. Was treated, Neutered and Adopted out!

White Momma

White Momma - Nursing mother Alumni. All were adopted, Spayed and Neutered when of age.

Walmart Kittens

These sweet little babies were left in a cart at Wal Mart. All were adopted out and to date have been Spayed and Neutered.


Peaches - Peaches was part of a feral cat colony. She was socialized, Spayed and adopted out.

This handsome fella

This handsome fella was stranded on the locks in Trenton. Emaciated and dehydrated. He was Neutered by FFL and adopted out!

Kitten Alumni 2

Kitten Alumni 2 - Kitten Alumni. Left in a carrier in my driveway. Bottle fed and adopted out when weaned. All were Spayed and Neutered.


This handsome boy was surrendered by his owner as they could no longer care for. Neutered and re homed.


Chelsea - Chelsea was surrendered at 13 years of age as her owner could no longer care for her. She eventually found a home with someone as senior as she. They are both now living out their golden years together!

Pretty Girl

This pretty girl was abandoned at the old A and P store in Trenton. She was left tied outside with a note stating her owner could no longer care for her. Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and adopted out.

Lucy’s babies

Lucy’s babies – Two of Lucy's babies adopted together in their new home!


Pickles was left behind outside in sub zero temperatures very pregnant. She came to FFL and delivered her kittens next day. All were adopted out and Pickles was Spayed and rehomed.