Happy Endings


Dee Dee and Ripley were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life as their owner could no longer care for. They were Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and adopted together!

Teddy and Tootsie

Teddy and Tootsies mom was a pregnant stray. They came to us and required a bit of socialization. They came alive with lots of love and cuddles. They have now gone on to their new home!


Simon came to us as a teenage stray. He is really affectionate! He was neutered by Fixed Fur Life and has now been adopted!

Slo Mo

Slo Mo came to with a broken jaw. Surgery was done to repair and after 6 weeks of rehabilitation he went on to his new home!


Happy Thanksgiving Darlene. Sawyer(Bogie) is 6 months old and a happy boy. Thanks for all you do.


Missy came to Fixed Fur Life with her kittens. Kittens have been weaned and adopted. Missy was Spayed and has now been adopted!


Sonny  was born in cottage country. His caretakers have gone back to the city so He, his sister Topsy and mom Emma came to Fixed Fur Life. Sonny has now been adopted!


Sheba came to Fixed Fur Life as a Stray. She was Spayed by FFL and has now been Adopted!


Hi Darlene, Just wanted to send an email to let you know how much we are enjoying our new addition to our family. He has won our hearts over and currently working on his older brother Zeus and his sister Ruby. We know they will be the best of friends in no time. Simon now renamed Milo, is enjoying his new home and has a wonderful appetite. In the short two days we've had him he's slept with us on our bed at night and quickly learned out his favourite spots in the house. We are so greatful that he chose us and that we have been given the chance to give him his forever home. We have taken him to the vet and he was given a good check up. We are happy to learn he is healthy and look forward to watching him grow. He has opened up our other two cats and we are enjoying watching them both bring out their inner kitten. We attached a picture of him on with his favourite new toy and a picture of him and his two siblings. Thank you again and have a Happy Thanksgiving! April and Bernardo

Maisie’s Babies

Maisie came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant Stray. She was Spayed once kittens weaned and adopted! All of her babies have also been adopted!


Topsy  was born in cottage country. Her caretakers have gone back to the city so she and her brother Sonny and mom Emma came to Fixed Fur Life.  She has now been adopted!


Lily's owner could no longer care for. She was Spayed and has since been adopted!


Good morning Darlene! I just wanted to let you know that Mortimer (previously known as Mathew) is doing extremely well in his forever home. He’s already the best of friends with his big brother Humphrey and he’s adjusting well to my Irish Wolfhound, Bogart. He’s playful and adventurous, and only stops purring when he’s sleeping. I already love him dearly and I’m so grateful that you allowed me to add him to my family. Thanks a bunch! Kate

Teddy and Tootsie

Teddy and Tootsie's mom was a pregnant stray. Taken in by Fixed Fur Life they were treated for several infestations. They were adopted finally together!

Benny and Bandit

Benny and Bandits mother came to FFL with their mother who was a pregnant stray. Mom was Spayed and has since been adopted. Benny and Bandit were neutered and have now been adopted together!

14 Babies Surrendered

These 14 Babies were surrendered from a barn population. After months of being treated x 3 for a number of infestations they were finally well enough to be adopted! All have now been Spayed and Neutered as well!

Trooper and Hannah

I am not sure how many of you remember the story of Trooper and Hannah. In May of 2013 their pregnant mother was hit by a car. She came to us and hours later she delivered her kittens. All were stillborn but Trooper and Hannah survived. Trooper was born with malformed back legs that he was unable to use. After months of rehab we finally found the perfect home for them.  Sadly their owner  passed way in November. After many weeks of searching we finally found them a home where they will be spoiled rotten. They made it into their new home for the holidays!


This sweet little guy came to us as an owner surrender.. Infested with fleas and sporting many open area's on his legs and underside. After months of rehab he was finally well enough to be neutered and adopted!

Kitty and Harley

I know you like to hear happy endings and we want to thank you for helping us find our fur babies! Plus fixing them ☺️. This is Kitty and Harley both fixed by you! Living in their forever home. Kitty was almost starved to death when we found him and brought him to you and Harley was in need of a new family so we took her in as well a few years later and they are the best of friends❤️. So I just wanted to thank you for having such an amazing program! You guys are awesome.

Jack Jacob and Swayze

Jack Jacob and Swayze all came to Fixed Fir Life as stray kittens. All have been adopted!