Happy Endings


Louies Owner was no longer able to care for as he was not good with small children. It was a hard decision for her but she reached out to FFL and through us the perfect home for him was found!

Baby Phil

Little Phil came to us as a stray 8-9 week old kitten with a severely fractured leg. The only option was an amputation. He recovered beautifully and has gone onto his new home.


An update on Cookie whose owners moved away and left him behind. "Thanks to Fixed fur Life he is now neutered. His poor ears were covered in mites. In two weeks he will be going to his new home!

Bartholomew “Bart”

Little Bart came to us when he was 6 weeks old. Found crying up inside someone’s car. A very social little one who just loves to cuddle. He has now been adopted!

Update on Minke

Minke’s owner sent an updated pic. Adopted 4 years ago. Born outside and now lives a happy indoor life!

Barry and Remi

Barry and Reni -   FFL helped us save these two. Remi first, then Barry 5 months down the road. Both hit it off right away. Now they are insanely bonded! Such a Happy Ending!


Love the updates from our Alumni. Received this one today. Beautiful Ginger Adopted 4 years ago living a pampered indoor life!

Henry and Margo

So happy for our little Henry! He and his new little step sister Margot are head over heels for each other already. Henry came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee baby of just a week old. Bottle fed he grew into a handsome little man. Shown here in his new home cuddling the new love of his life.

Update on Dot and Jo Jo

An updated pic of Dot and JoJo loving life and each other!


Jaguar is a 12 year old spayed and declawed girl whose owner could no longer care for. The family reached out to us to help find her a home. Happy to report that she is now living in a nice quiet senior home and doing very well!


Lolly's mom was killed by a predator. She came to fixed Fur Life as a wee baby with her siblings. She has now gone onto her new home and Happy Ending!

Mia and her babies

Mia came to us as a pregnant stray. Shortly after arriving she delivered 5 little babies. Her babies were eventually weaned and adopted. Mia was ten Spayed and she has now been adopted!


Had to share this cute update. Wee Henry went to his new home this morning. His new family  just sent me a message saying “WE LOVE HIM! Little imp is just so lovable!


Update on Mya. Mya ( Long haired Torte) came to Fixed Fur Life with her daughter. Between them they were nursing 11 babies. Mya was Spayed post weaning her kittens and his shown here in her new home with her new housemates Raven and Angus.



Shadow and Smudge

Shadow and Smudge came to us  as wee babies living outdoors.  They required bottle feeding as they were so young. Look at them now. Happy to report they have now found a home together!

Update on Hidey formerly Panda

So nice to see updates on our Alumni ”Hidey was Panda at adoption.. 1.5 years ago. Look how handsome he has become!

Update on Gary and Harriet

Harriet formerly Calypso and Gary both had precarious starts to their lives. Harriet’s mom was killed by a predator and Gary wandered the streets for over a year with eyes so badly infected he was blinded in one of them. Well look at them now. Adopted at separate times into the same family they have clearly bonded. If not rescued Harriet would have been gearing up for her first litter of kittens out in this cold and I am pretty sure Gary would have succumbed to his infection. It truly makes my day to see how well everyone is doing..


Update on Sophie formerly Henny

Henny came to us as a pregnant stray. Spayed and adopted a few years ago. Received this update ”This is Sophie who used to be Henny She came to Fixed Furlife as a pregnant stray about 7-8 years old. Sweet and loving.”

Update on Annie

From Annie’s Owner “Bacon the Beautiful and Grumpy, Spoiled Ruler of her domain. Will tolerate you if you give her treats. Here’s my son trying to say goodbye to her before heading back to University. She didn’t seem to care. 😂😂 We love her to bits even though she thinks we’re her subjects. 😭🤣😭 Formerly “Annie”