Happy Endings

Little guy

12 Oct 2013 - Little Guy is a little male who was found as an abandoned kitten. He has been adopted!


Oct 2013 - Princess is a 4 year old female Spayed girl who came to FFL with her 10 other siblings as owner could no longer care for. She has been adopted!


Gabby is an adult female Spayed very friendly girl who was a pregnant stray hit by a car when we first took her in. She has weaned her kittens and is now looking for a home.


21 Nov 2013 - Delilah is a 16 week old cutie pie. She has been adopted!


Savannah 18 Aug 2012 - Surrendered to FFL as owner could no longer care for. Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and has now been adopted!


18 Aug 2012 - Tobias and Trixie Were surrendered to FFL as owner could no longer care for. Spayed and Neutered by Fixed Fur Life and have now both been adopted!


16 Aug 2012 - Leo is a medium haired male Neutered boy who came from a neglectful background. Finally adopted!

Gertie and Garth

16 Aug 2012 - Gertie and Garth were brought to FFL as kittens. Mom had a dislocated hip which had to be addressed.Both have been adopted!

Moe Moe

17 Aug 2012 - Moe Moe is an elderly gentleman whose owner was moving and could not take him with her. Adopted today!


Fendi, Maddie and Gucci's mom came to FFL as a pregnant stray. All 3 have now been adopted! Thanks Trenton Pet Valu for allowing us to have an adoption outlet there! All 3 have been Spayed/Neutered.


28 July 2012 - Nessie was brought to FFL by landlord who stated she was left behind by their owner. Spayed by FFL and now adopted to a new home.


31 July 2012 - Maddie's mom came to FFL as a pregnant stray. Maddie was adopted today. Has been Spayed.


28 July 2012 - Bear 12 weeks old rescued from a barn population..Was adopted today! Has been Neutered.


26 July 2012 - Elsa One of 6 kittens taken into foster care. Mother was a pregnant stray. Elsa has been adopted as well as all of her siblings but 1. Mom has been Spayed and adopted.


26 July 2012- Georgia and her brother Archie were dropped at West Zwicks the am of the Strut. They have now both been adopted!


24 July 2012 - Munich's mother was taken in as a pregnant Stray. She and her brother were Spayed and Neutered and have been. adopted..

This little fellow

24 July 2012 - This little fellow was trying desperately to get into someones home. Hungry and a little thin. Very affectionate! Now Adopted. Thanks Kevin and Susan for giving him an awesome home!

Daisy, Delilah and Dee Dee

Daisy and Delilah and Dee Dee-3 abandoned kittens were finally adopted!! All have been Spayed.


19 July 2012 - Bart one of 6 kittens taken into foster care. Mother taken in as a pregnant stray. Adopted today...

Snoopy and Hannah

16 July 2012 - Snoopy and Hannah were abandoned at 2 weeks of age. Their owners simply moved away and left them behind to fend for themselves. Bottle fed they grew and transformed into the beautiful duo you see her. Were adopted together.