Happy Endings


Ringo came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee litten of 3 weeks. He had a severe upper respiratory infection and we spent many weeks getting him back on his feet. He has had a full recovery and has now been adopted!

The Three Amigos

The 3 Amigos adopted together as wee kittens shown here in their new home many months later. Update received that they are doing really well and are as always inseparable! So Glad we adopted all together!


Max's owners could no longer keep him. He was surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. Treated for an infestation of fleas and a chronic skin condition. He was also neutered and vaccinated through Fixed Fur Life. He has been adopted! Shown here in his new home with his new sibling


Goldie was advertised on a "Free to a good home" ad on Kijiji and the new owner was unable to keep. She was rescued by FFL and Spayed through FFL. Shown here in her new home with her new little friend Gertie.!! "


Lilly taken in as a pregnant stray delivered her kittens a few days later on 23 April 2014. She has weaned her kittens who are now available at Paws Active Doggie Daycare & Grooming. She has been Spayed and has now been adopted!


My mom and dad were not fixed and i was born. My owner was unable to look after us so we were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. I was Neutered and adopted. Shown here in my new home!


My owner moved. She packed up her kids, her furniture but not me. She left me to become a stray. She stepped over me in the driveway and drove away. I stayed on the back step for days on end waiting for her to come back. It has been 2 weeks and the neighbours have been feeding me. Fixed Fur Life came to get me. They took me to the vet and had me neutered and vaccinated. I have now been adopted by responsible loving people.

The Gang has been Adopted!

These little ones were born outside. They were all weaned and have now been adopted. Momma was Spayed as well!

Compost Kittens – Eva,Kirk and Peaches

These little ones were born in a compost bin. Brought to FFL they were nursed and have all been weaned and gone on to their new homes. Mom will be Spayed.

Orchid and Tulip and Bean

Orchid,Tulip and Bean were taken in as a young strays. They were Spayed and Neutered by Fixed Fur Life and have now been adopted!

Puff and Silver Fox

After many months of waiting Puff and Silver Fox were adopted together! They came to FFL as un fixed Strays and were both Spayed and Neutered by Fixed Fur Life.


Abigail was a severely disabled senior girl (born with non functioning back legs and x rays revealed trauma to her lower spine) found outside is below zero weather in a blazing snow blizzard. No identification and no one ever came forward to claim her. She was taken to Animal control and Fixed Fur Life rescued her from there the next day. She was severely emaciated, severely dehydrated, full of worms and had the most severe infestation of fleas I had ever seen. She was also suffering from an upper respiratory infection and was severely constipated to mention just a few of her ailments. After weeks and weeks of medical care I am happy to report that she is fully back on track and we found her a wonderful home with a wonderful lady! Shown here in her new home resting on her orthopedic bed. As she has difficulty getting into a normal litter box she has now been trained to use a puppy pad. She will out her golden years with her new mommy and new brothers and sisters!


Pollux and his litter mates were born in foster care. Momma was a stray who has been spayed as well. He has now been adopted!

Candy and Kenzie

Candy and Kenzie's owner is palliative and could no longer care for them. They have now both been adopted!


Bo and her litter mates were born in foster care. Momma was a stray who has been spayed as well. She was adopted with her brother Castor!


Castor and his litter mates were born in foster care. Momma was a stray who has been spayed as well. He was adopted with his sister Bo!

Bubbles and Tubby

Bubbles and Tubby's mother was an un spayed female. Their owner gave them away on Kijiji and the person who took them could not keep them. The girls were inseparable. One would cry when the other was out of the room. They have now been adopted together!


Snoopy 1 of 8 kittens who recently graced our steps has now been adopted! Mom will also be Spayed through Fixed Fur Life to avoid further litters.


Pacey came to Fixed Fur Life many months ago. His brothers and sisters have all been adopted (except Lucky who is still waiting) All have been Spayed and Neutered and Pacey has gone off to his new home!

Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo was a stray kitten that was fixed and vaccinated through FFL. Later when strted to limp x rays revealed a congenital hip problem. Surgery was done and he is now back at home with his new family.