Happy Endings

Mr Wiggles

Mr Wiggles came to us a few years back with a severe leg injury that required amputation. He was adopted but just before the holidays his owner passed away. We found him another home. Shown here fitting right in.

Adele, Stanley, Oliver and Eddie

Adele, Stanley, Oliver and Eddie came to Fixed Fur Life as kittens who were tossed outside as they had fleas. Placed in foster care they flourished. All now Spayed and Neutered and have gone onto their new homes!


Another Happy Ending. Speedy was an owner surrender. He was not doing well with the busy household he was in . When he came he was upset, growled and was unapproachable. He would lunge at most that tried to soothe him. Despite all this in quiet moments I could see that he would come forward and make an attempt to run against my hands. Many applied to adopt but we chose a home that we knew would suit him best. Long story short a wonderful couple who had a quiet home and had had Siamese all their lives came to meet him and fell in love. Update this am is that he is doing well and is soaking in the quiet and loving attention.

Maverick, Snoop and Jerry

Maverick, Snoop and Jerry all came to us as stray kittens. All have now been adopted!


Maverick came to Fixed Fur Life as  stray. Neutered by Fixed Fur Life he has now been adopted!


Aggy's owner could no longer care for her. She is a spayed female that was born outside to a pregnant stray. Adopted!

Larry Moe and Freckles

Larry Moe and Freckles came to Fixed Fur Life after being rescued from the cold. All were Spayed and Neutered and all have now been adopted!

Bo Jangles, Annie, Jonah and Marty

Bo Jangles, Annie, Jonah and Annie all came to us as stray kittens. All have now been adopted!


Another Happy Update! Little Lucy who was taken in from the cold by Fixed Fur Life has now been adopted! Shown here in her new home enjoying her new cat tree!


Little Bonnie's life could have ended up so differently. Mom was a pregnant stray that we took in. If left little Bonnie would have been suffering out in this cold weather and having babies of her own instead here she is living the life of comfort in her new home! #saveakitten #saveastray #fixedfurlife

Max and Marty

Max and Marty came to us as wee little ones trying to survive on their own out in the cold. Happy to report they have now been adopted!

Mickey, Salem and Teddy

Mickey, Salem and Teddy  came to Fixed Fur Life with their mom who had been a pregnant stray. They have all been adopted and mom is now Spayed and she will be available soon for adoption.

Jasmine and Jasper

Jasmine and Jasper ( Now Henry and Hazel) are 11 week old Siamese siblings. Owner was no longer able to care for. Extremely sweet, tiny with big Purrrs. As they were strongly bonded we found a home for them together.


Little Munchkin (now Mi Mi) came to us as a wee baby. She spent many weeks over coming parasites and an upper respiratory infection. She has now gone onto her new home.

Little Mouse

Little Mouses Mom came to us as a pregnant stray. Mouse was the runt of the litter and the quieter of the bunch. Recently adopted he took no time at all to settle into his new home!

Linda and Nancy

We rescued Linda and Nancy from a barn population as wee kittens. Look at them now safe and content in their new home!


Gabriella was an outdoor pregnant stray that we rescued. Her babies have now all been adopted. Gabby was Spayed and adopted as well!

Boscoe, Billie,Blossom Sammy and Buffy

Boscoe, Billie,Blossom Sammy and Buffy  were rescued from the outside. They were fighting an upper respiratory infection and an infestation of worms. All resolved we were then able to find them all homes!

Dee Dee

Dee Dee and Ripley were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life as their owner could no longer care for. They were Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and were adopted together!


Mia is a 5 yr old female chihuahua. She was used for breeding and was having a hard time adjusting to life outside of a kennel. She was Spayed and we found a wonderful home for her!