Happy Endings

Tessah, Cooper, Chester and Marlee

Tessah, Cooper, Chester and Marlee came to Fixed Fur Life as Stray kittens. Happy to share that they have all now found homes!

Update on Bobbi

Bobbi came to us as a stray. Once spayed we were able to find her a great home! From her owner "Hi Darlene We have had Bobbi (aka Munchkins) for 2 months now Doing very well Loves the attention And belly rubs She has a lot of the traits and looks of the American bobtail Fitting in nicely and we love her!!!!!!!


Sophie came to us with an eye injury. She needed surgery to have it removed. She was initially shy so needed a quiet home with someone who would be patient with her and allow her time to adjust. She has now found that home!

Update for Harlow & Mia

Received a wonderful update of two cats who had been living outdoors having multiple litters. . Shown here 10 years later, healthy, happy, bonded and safe indoors… ”Had to send you this update of Harlow and Mia. You had  Mia spayed x 10 years ago.  She had had her 5 kittens in a wood pile . Fixed Fur Life had her and her last five kittens fixed. Next came Harlow who Fixed Fur Life also fixed. Now they are inseparable.”

Savannah,Sasha, Dusty and Grady

Savannah,Sasha, Dusty and Grady came to Fixed Fur Life as their owner could no care for. Their mother has now been spayed and they have been adopted.

Angus, Barley and Guinness

Happy to report that Angus, Barley and Guinness, born to Annabelle one of the pregnant South Front st cats we rescued have found homes! Mom Annabelle has been spayed as well and she has also found a home.


Barney came to Fixed Fur Life A while ago. He had been covered from head to toe in motor oil. He was emaciated, full of worms and had an upper respiratory infection. It took us a while but with lots of love good food and treatment for his ailments he turned into such a beautiful boy! Once all was resolved he was neutered. Happy to report that he has been adopted

Elmo and Ernie

Elmo and Ernie came to us as teenagers many months ago. They were found huddled in someone’s garage. Months and months of socialization has led to this moment. Shown here adopted together recently in their new home.


Tulip came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee newborn needing to be bottle fed. She grew into this beautiful little girl and has since been adopted!


Scout recently adopted Sean here and his new home! A note from his new owners

“Thought I would send some updated photos of Scout.
He’s settled in so nicely and we couldn’t possibly love him more :)
We can’t thank you enough for trusting us to be his new family!”


Rusty recently adopted shown here very happy and settled into his new home!


Walter  is another un neutered boy we recently took in. Severely infested with fleas on admission. Treated and now neutered this EXTREMELY sweet boy has now been adopted!


Rykers owner contacted us asking us to find him a home. Ryker had contracted a virus causing him to have major imbalance issues. He was treated and his symptoms gradually resolved. From that point on the other cats in the household continually attacked him. Heartbroken his owner reached out to FFL and we were able to facilitate the adoption into another home where he now resides with his new canine friend and all is well.


Carmela was rescued from the cold outdoors. At the time of rescue she was emaciated and matted. She is senior. Really affectionate. She did really well with lots of love and a steady diet. Happy to report that she has been adopted!

Update on Oreo and Sasha

Received a lovely update on Oreo and Sasha.  A mother and daughter duo recently adopted. Shown here settled nicely into their new home!

Rusty now Weasley

Rusty now Weasley shown here in his new home settled and happy. He came to us with his 7 other housemates who have also found homes.

Archie and Arlo

Archie and Arlo came to Fixed Fur Life after their owner was no longer able to care for. Once neutered we were able to find them a home together!


Teddy came to us with his siblings. His mothers owner could not care for. Teddy and his siblings were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life with the understanding that mom would be spayed. He is shown here in his new home doing well!  

Update on Mr Butters

Mr Butters who had been an un neutered stray recently adopted shown here doing well in his new home!    


Miss Ella is probably one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet. She came to us after her senior owners could no longer care for her. When she first came to us we noted that she had an upper respiratory infection and a head tilt. Vet assessment showed she had a bilateral ear infection. She was treated and all was resolved. Her head tilt remains but we think this just adds to her adorable demeanor! She has now been adopted!