Happy Endings

Cinders and Mimi

A lovely update for two of our Alumni. Mimi (Brown/White) came to us a wee kitten. She was eventually adopted out and proved to be quite the handful for her new owners. Very mischievous and full of energy she certainly kept them on their toes. Fast forward to present day and we posted that Cinders whose owner could no longer care for. He has become her side kick and the two of them compliment each other. We worried that she would not accept another cat but lo and behold they have become “besties”.


Poppy came to fixed Fur Life as a stray. She was spayed by us and we are happy to report she has been adopted.


Xena came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee kitten with her siblings. Her mother’s owner could no longer care for them. Mom has now been spayed and Xena is shown here in her new home.

Jack and Milo

Jack and Milo came to us as teenagers. After many months of socialization they finally came around. Today they went off to their new home together.


Miles is one of our bottle fed alumni. He did very well and developed into the beautiful little guy you see here. He has been adopted. Shown here in his new home.

Update on Frisco and Wookie

Frisco and a Wookie another bonded pair adopted together doing well in their adoptive home. Their mom had been a pregnant stray that we took in. She was also spayed and adopted.

Update on Hazel and Angel

A lovely update on Hazel and Angel. They came to us as wee kittens with a severe upper respiratory infection. They responded well and after a few months were healthy enough for adoption. Adopted together and doing really well.


Marlee came to Fixed Fur Life as an unspayed female. Now Spayed and off to her new home!


Meisha came to us as a pregnant stray. She is now safe inside. She delivered her 4 beautiful girls on September 6. She was Soayed and has now gone off to her new home.


Thelma came to Fixed Fur Life as a kitten living outdoors. She is now Spayed and has been adopted.


Maverick is a 10 month old now neutered male.  He and his siblings had been living outdoors. After many months of socialization he  has been adopted with his sister Olivia.


Olivia is a 10 month old spayed female.  She and her siblings had been living outdoors. After many months of socialization she has been adopted with her brother Maverick.

Mia and Marlee

Mia and Marlee now Luna and Hidee are doing well in their  new home!


Sweet little Dahlia has settled nicely into her new home. She came to us with her 10 siblings. Owner was no longer able to care for after her cats had kittens. Moms and the un neutered males in the home will be Spayed/neutered by Fixed Fur Life.


Little Honey whose mom was a pregnant stray we took in is shown here in her new home. She loves her new humans!

Lola & Gigi

Lola and Gi Gi came to us many months ago nursing 14 kittens between them. They were definately bonded. One would nurse while the other would keep watch I assume for predators and then they would switch. Eventually we found homes for all of the kittens. Lola and Gigi were then spayed. Yesterday they were adopted together.


Little Cyrus recently adopted has adapted well already to his new home!

Olivia and Bianca

Olivia and Bianca’s owner could not care for. Her cat had kittens and she asked FFL to find homes for them. Momma was spayed and remained with owner. Olivia and Bianca have been adopted.

Update on Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou who was found crying as a wee babe in a wheel well shown here in her adoptive home. Loves her canine sibling!


Stanley is an extremely sweet little teenager. He was rescued with a group of cats in Trenton who were fending for themselves outdoors. Stanley was treated for an Upper  Respiratory infection on admission.  Stanley is now neutered and has recently been adopted.