Happy Endings


Oliver was a young male we rescued from a colony down on South Front st. Now neutered and now adopted. A sweet little guy who is now living a pampered indoor life.

Seth and Sawyer

Sawyer and Seth came to Fixed Fur Life as owner could no longer care for. Owners female cat had kittens and she was unable to keep the kittens so surrendered to Fixed Fur Life with the understanding that we would assist in spaying their mother.  Both had “swimmers syndrome” when born. Condition resolved. Seth still has a slight impairment in his back legs but that does not stop him from running and playing! Seth and Sawyer are  a bonded pair and we are happy to share they have been adopted together.

Rocky and Rubble

Rocky and Rubble came to Fixed Fur Life at different points in time as wee kittens alone outside in the cold. They quickly bonded to each other. When they were of age they were neutered. So happy to share that they have found a home together! Shown here in their new home.

Piper and Co Co

"Just giving you both an update on our little treasures.  They are both doing great and are very comfortable with their home here.  Piper/Daisy is so trusting that she will hang upside down while our son rubs her tummy and still rolls her eyes in enjoyment.  I really have to get you a picture of that.  Lol.  The two of them have developed quite the bond between them.   We are so in love with these little girls and are spoiling them like our grandkids are.  So happy we found your place, and so proud to tell people where they came from and of all you do for the lost souls you find and help.  Take care and will talk to you again. Cathie

Update on Abby

Great update for Abby. Remember she was the little girl who was emaciated, had an upper respiratory infection and was approaching people outside of a convenience store. Many ignored her and a few kicked her away. After months with us she was spayed and found an amazing home! Shown here with her new friend Dexter in her new home. Dexter who normally does not do well with other cats has fallen in love! He  loves her. He was probably smitten with her heart ❤️ nose….

Dorian, Dharma, Duchess and Sabrina

Dorian, Dharma, Duchess 's mother came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. She has since been spayed and adopted. Sabrina came by herself. She was a stray. All 4 were spayed and Neutered and all have found homes.

Angel and Hazel

Angel and Hazels owner was no longer able to care for them. Obviously bonded we looked for a home for them together. They have been successfully adopted together!


Little Ollie came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee baby. Shown here settled and Happy in his new home!


We were recently contacted by Danny’s family as his owner had passed away.  He was 12 a year old  Shorkie and used to living in a quiet environment. We were asked to help find him a home. Very happy to share that we were able to find that perfect home for him with a retired couple.

Luc and Frodo

Luc and Frodos senior owners could no longer care for. They are Strongly bonded.  We are ecstatic to share that they have found a home together.

Declan and Shamus

Declan and Shamus came to Fixed Fur Life with their mother Scarlet and sister Shawnee. They have been born outside. Declan were recently neutered and we were able to find them a home together. Shown here settled in their new home.

Oreo and Sasha

Oreo and Sasha are a bonded mom and Daughter duo. Oreo 's owner surrendered her days after she had her kittens as she could no longer care for. They have been adopted together.  

Buffy and Buttercup

Buffy and Buttercup were two little girls who had been born outside and would have been well on their way to getting pregnant. Happy to report that they have been adopted and will live a happy safe indoor life.

Mr Butters

Mr Butters came to us as a stray that was limping. Treated for an abcesss and neutered. Happy to share that he has now been adopted!


We received a nice update yesterday re Chandler. This very large and very sweet boy came to us many many months ago with a severe neck wound. It was very slow healing and required many different treatments. Finally it did and we were able to find him a home. Shown here settled and happy!


Little Juliet recently adopted has settled nicely into her new home!


Tigerrr is an approximately year old male Tabby. Now neutered. This gorgeous little guy had been living in someone’s garage prior to coming to us. He had spent a very cold winter outdoors. He was very unsure of us when he came but quickly adapted and so badly wants someone to love. Happy to share he has been adopted!

Update on Dusty and Lucy now Tico and Alley

Lovely update on Dusty and Lucy now Tico and Alley These kittens have been such a delight! Alley loves to watch TV and Tico loves to eat...and they both like to help me work! They are both very affectionate kitties. Even Finn likes them!


Clarabelle came to us as a pregnant stray. She  delivered 5 beautiful babies the very next day.  Her kittens have been weaned and adopted and she is now spayed.

Update on Molly

Molly who came to us as an outdoor pregnant stray. Kittens weaned and adopted. She is shown here in her new home Happy and settled already.