Happy Endings

Walter and Sara

Walter  and Sara Are two seniors who came to us after their senior owner could no longer care for. We found them a home together. Shown here settled and happy in their new home.

Update on Princess

“Princess my senior rescue from you guys is maybe the best choice I ever made, congrats to these 2 and their new family!” 

Update on Champ

Hi! I recently adopted Champ from Trenton Pet Value! 

Champ is now going by Rembrandt (and all the many nicknames that come along with it, Remmy, Remster, REM, Remmyboy etc)! 

He has settled right in to his new home. He’s been a very good boy, spending most of his days rolling around on my bed and playing with his new toys. We love him, thanks for everything! 


Pete is  another handsome boy we took in from the cold.  He was Full of fleas, mites and not neutered. Once Infestations resolved he was neutered. VERY sweet boy. He was so happy when served his meals he would begin to purr. He has been adopted!


Little Fawn now Starfire shown here happy and settled in her new home..


Abby was rescued from the cold. She had been begging for attention at a Convenience store in Tweed. She was emaciated, dehydrated, full of fleas, worms, very dirty, abcessed tail, ear mites and had an upper Respiratory infection. Many ignored her and some tried to kick her away.  After many many weeks with us she has morphed into this beautiful girl. Now Spayed and full of beans. LOVES to cuddle. So happy to report she has now been adopted! Shown here in her new home. Her new owners said she just walked in and made herself at home!

Dusty and Lucy

Dusty and Lucy have been adopted together.  They came to us as a litter of 8. Owner agreed to surrender the kittens to us and in return we financed the spaying of their mother. Shown here loving their new mommas…


Our handsome Champ was rescued from the cold.  He had had a hard go outside. Not neutered, full of fleas, ticks, worms, a frostbitten ear and several  scratch wounds. All infestations treated and scratches healed. He is now neutered and we are happy to let everyone know that he has been adopted and will be living a very comfy life indoors.

Dorito and Garfield

Shown here are Dorito and Garfield.  Their mother had been a pregnant stray.  They are a bonded pair that we found a home for together. Doing well in their new home.

Jerry and Jasper

Jerry and Jasper came to FFL with their mother who was a pregnant stray. They are two bonded brothers and were recently adopted together. Shown here  in their new home settled and happy.

Mr Hefner

Mr Hefner is a male neutered very sweet boy whose owner could  no longer care for. Originally rescued from the outdoors and neutered by Fixed Fur Life.  It took us awhile to find the perfect home for him but we did and he is now officially adopted.


Penny’s senior owner was no longer able to care for her.  She came to us and once spayed was adopted. Shown here in her new home. She walked right in and made herself at home!


Update on Purdy ”We adopted Purdy (calico tabby) from you at the end of June, as a companion to our little Missy. Purdy is a perfect match for Missy - they have a ball chasing each other around the house during play times. Purdy also loves springs, and bouncing a ping pong ball: yes, she actually bounces it! Lol! She is loved very much!!!” Catherine

Dorito & Garfield

Dorito and Garfield recently adopted together shown here in their new home. They especially love their new canine brother!


Great news Miss Minnie who came to us with an extensive mastitis many weeks ago.  Treatment with meds and a spay resolved the mastitis. She has now found a home in time for Christmas.

Bonnie,Clyde and Skooter

Bonnie,Clyde and Skooter  3 Fixed Fur Life Alumni adopted into the same home  wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Update on Carmel and Toffee

An update on Carmel and Toffee now Marshall and Hamilton shown here doing really well in their adoptive home. As you can see they are strongly bonded. This is why we work so hard keeping pairs together…

Penelope,Patrick and Phillip

Penelope,Patrick and Phillip came to Fixed Fur Life as kittens who had been living outdoors. All 3 were spayed and neutered and have now been adopted.


Barney’s mom came to Fixed Fur Life many weeks  ago as a pregnant stray. His mother Molly delivered within days of arriving.  Barney  is shown here from birth to present day.  He has been adopted.


Lola came to Fixed Fur Life after having her kittens outdoors. Only one kitten had survived. Lola was Spayed and she has now been adopted.