Happy Endings


Norman came to us suffering from an eye infection and a severe Entropian of his right eye. He was treated for the eye infection and has had eye correction surgery for the Entropian. He is also now neutered. A very sweet and playful boy. Happy to share that he has been adopted!

Mr Magee, Mr Magoo and Molly

Mr Magee, Mr Magoo and Molly‘s mother was a pregnant stray. She will be spayed prior to adoption. Happy to share that  her children Mr Magee, Mr Magoo and Molly have all found a home.

Rea and Poppy

Poppy and her mom Rhea, sent their holiday wish to 🎅🏻Santa….a loving home for the holidays. 🥰 Both spayed. Happy to share that their wish has been granted and they have found a home together.  

Lucy and Georgia Update

Lucy and Georgia now Cleopatra and Nefertiti recently adopted are a mother and daughter duo who are very bonded. Little Georgia was very shy and very bonded with her mom so we stipulated that they must be adopted together. Shown here very settled in their new home. Received the below update last night. “Lucy is now Cleopatra and Georgia is now Nefertiti, Cleo and Titi for short. Both have settled right in making themselves comfortable. It took about a week or so for Titi to trust us enough to approach us but now she wants pets on her own accord. Both are not comfortable being picked up or to sit in our laps, but they are coming along. They LOVE their wet food in the morning, making sure we don't forget to feed them haha. Both have filled out beautifully and Titi is growing into Cleo's doppelganger. She still finds comfort from suckling, but its on Cleo's terms. Thank you for all that you do! “

Little Dill now Oliver Update

Little Dill (now Oliver) was adopted as a kitten. We received this lovely update as he just turned a year old and continues to do well in his adoptive home! As you can see he is no longer “Little Dill”!

Rowen now Owen Update!

“Owen", formally "Rowan" ❣️ Pictured here with his brothers Oliver (who was adopted 3 years ago from FFL) and Oscar.


Paisley recently adopted shown here happy and settled in her new home.

Pete, Onyx, Topaz and Jada

Pete, Onyx, Jada and Topaz have been adopted! Their mother Sabrina is now spayed and has also found a home! Sabrina initially came to FFL as a pregnant stray.


Missy is a 2 year old spayed and declawed girl whose owner could no longer care for her. Very happy to share that we have found a home for her!

Bruno and Ollie

Bruno and Ollie’s mom came to FFL as a stray who had been living outdoors with her 4 babies. Their mom was spayed and has been adopted. Very happy to share that Bruno and Ollie have found a home together!

Marabelle and Nacho

Marabelle and Nacho are a bonded mom and son. Marabelle had been a pregnant stray living outdoors. Very happy to share that they have found a home together.

Bella, Rose and Johnny

Bella, Rose and Johnny were all stray kittens trying to survive outdoors. Very happy to share that all 3 have been adopted. Bella and Rose together.

Fred and Ginger

Very Happy to share that Fred and Ginger have found a home together! Meet Freddy and Ginger These adorable kittens had a rough start in life, as they were born outdoors and initially had a flight-or-fight mindset. They were understandably scared and hissy when they were first admitted, but with each passing day, they've shown remarkable improvement. They are currently in the loving care of a foster family who has had the privilege of witnessing their unique personalities slowly emerge. Ginger is the lighter of the two, adores being brushed and patted. She's the braver of the pair and loves to engage in conversations with her human companions, responding with a joyful chirp at the sound of their voices. On the other hand, Freddy has been gradually coming out of his shell more and more with each passing day. He's an absolute cuddle bug, readily curling up on your lap for hours and emitting sweet little meows to express his contentment. At just approximately 6 weeks old, both kittens already demonstrate superb litter box skills, making them wonderful additions to any home. These siblings find comfort in each other's company, cuddling together at night and sharing delightful playtime during the day. Their bond is unmistakable, and they must remain together to ensure their continued happiness. Ginger and Freddy are in search of a forever home where they'll be understood and given the time they need to feel safe and secure once again. If you're ready to open your heart and home to this charming duo, you're sure to be rewarded with their love and affection.

Surrey now Lavendar Update

Surrey now Lavender recently adopted is doing amazingly well in her new home!

Lucy and Georgia

Lucy and Georgia are a bonded mother and Daughter duo. Lucy was a pregnant owner surrender as her owner could no longer care for. She delivered her babies safely in our care. Her other kittens weaned and have been adopted. Georgia is very attached to her mom. Very happy to share that we have found a home for them together.


Lilah has found a home!
Lilah's story began when she was rescued as a stray, bravely surviving outdoors while caring for her kittens. This incredible feat speaks volumes about her strength and determination. Unfortunately, it also left her initially very shy and wary of humans. Lilah had learned to be cautious and, at times, afraid of people due to her past experiences.
Despite her initial shyness, Lilah is a true gem waiting to shine. Once she trusts you, she transforms into a lovable and affectionate companion. You'll witness her transition from a reserved demeanor to a heartwarming "mush pit,"
Lilah would thrive in a quiet home, with patient and understanding humans who can provide her with the time and space she needs to adjust at her own pace. Your love and care can help Lilah bloom into the loving and affectionate cat she longs to be.
She is Approx 3-4 years old and is available for adoption at Global Pet Foods BELLEVILLE.


Little Chevy  came to Fixed Fur Life recently after hitching a ride in someone’s truck. He was approximately 7 weeks old at the time and very traumatized. Happy to share he has been adopted!

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has been adopted! Meet Sweet Pea, a delightful cat who found her way to us from cottage country, where she was once a stray. She arrived with a heavy burden, pregnant and suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately, her kittens didn't make it, but Sweet Pea's heart remained full of love. What Sweet Pea truly adores is human contact. She's a true cuddle enthusiast, always ready to share a hug and snuggle up with her favourite people. She thrives on love and attention, and her purrs are a testament to her gratitude. Sweet Pea's loving nature extends to her feline companions as well. She would be more than happy to share her space with other cats, making her a wonderful addition to a multi-cat household. If you're looking for a loving and resilient companion who will always be ready to share a hug and a heartwarming snuggle, Sweet Pea is the perfect match for you She has been spayed and is now available at the Belleville Pet Valu!  


Our wee little courageous and resilient boy Diego is shown here in his new home. His mother came to us pregnant and I was there to facilitate the delivery. When he was born I felt so saddened for him as he was missing half of his right front leg. From the get go this amazing little guy just carried on with life as though nothing was wrong running no playing with the others. Recently adopted into a home with another 3 legged boy. He is happy and very content…

Violet now Sushi update

Violet now Sushi recently adopted shown here happy and settled in her new home. She has hugely bonded with her new canine sibling!