Happy Endings


A year ago today I was surprise with a late family Valentine gift. This shy little cat formerly named Louis. His owner from my understanding was a disabled lady loved him dearly but had to go into a home which would not allowed her to bring her dear pet. Being an older cat he was not scooped up. But our family feel in love with him and adopted him through "Fixed Fur Life". We gave him the name "Miles" which suited him fine because he puts on a lot of miles in our house. In one year Miles has become less of a scaredy cat and more of a curious cat. He sleeps every night with my husband and I in the bed and taunts the dog. He sleeps on my lap when I am up and my chest for early morning snuggles. He love to show affection and to receive love and affection from us. My youngest chases him around the house and Miles chases him in return. He truly has become a wonderful part of our family. We couldn't be more blessed then we are to have him in our lives. Happy Birthday Miles....1 year in our house and 3 years of age. We all love you!


I was part of a large household of cats and our parents were not fixed. They are now and my siblings and I have now all been adopted.


Just love getting updates from our Alumni. We rescued Pinky and her litter mates who had been born outside in an old abandoned stove. All had to be bottle fed all all did really well and were eventually adopted. I remember the night she was picked up from my home for adoption. This picture is 11 years later taken this past Dec. Thank you Jane for the update!


I was part of a large household of cats and our parents were not fixed. They are now and my siblings and I have now all been adopted.


Lexi's owner could no longer care for. She has now been adopted and Spayed. She is loving her new brother Jack also an FFL Alumni.

Kitten Alumni

Our mother was a stray who had us outside. She was rescued along with all of us. Momma was Spayed and adopted and now we have all been adopted!


My girl Kahleesi (formerly called Mischa), came to Pet Valu In Trenton at 8 weeks old for adoption from Fixed Fur Life. I saw her and immediately knew I had to have her. She is now celebrating her 1st birthday today, and she's living a happy, healthy life. I love her to pieces. Thank you so much for all you do & bringing my girl into my life!


Esse was the product of an un spayed female living with an un fixed male. She was spayed and is shown here in her new home.

Caramel and Toffee

This is a purrfect example of why we strive to keep bonded pairs together. Admitted with 7 other siblings Caramel and Toffee had an obvious love for each other. We turned down application after application until we found the perfect fit for them. Shown here all grown up and so happy! This is why I will always remain diligent to finding the best homes possible for everyone we have within our care....

Montgomery and Bigera

Montgomery and Bigera are 2 kitties that were strays taken in as kittens. They were neutered and adopted and are now living together.


Wheezy came to us many months ago un spayed and suffering from an upper respiratory infection. She was Spayed and has now finally been adopted.


Little Jinx's owner had a terminal illness and could no longer care for. She tearfully asked Fixed Fur Life to help re home him. We found him a wonderful home and he is now running and playing happily with his 2 new canine sisters! He adjusted beautifully in his new home!


Autumn was one of many cats who were thrown outside into the cold winter after their owner passed away. They were rounded up by Fixed Fur Life, Spayed and Neutered and have all now been adopted! Autumn has now been adopted!


Jack came to us as a wee stray kitten. He was treated for an upper respiratory infection, worms, fleas and ear mites. He has now been adopted!


Nosey was surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. She was often over looked because of the deformity to the bridge of her nose. (I personally thought it made her look adorable!) She has been Spayed and now adopted!


Blossom is just one of many kittens who come our way. Shown here modeling her Christmas antlers just prior to being adopted!

Puff and Silver Fox

Puff and Silver Fox were 2 stray cats that found their way to FFL. They were Spayed and Neutered and as they were a bonded pair they were adopted together. Shown here in their new home!

Update on Sudz and Bubbles

So many beautiful updates came our way over Christmas Sudz and Bubbles came to us a few years ago after being found in the Car wash at Canadian Tire. Just 3 weeks old they needed bottle feeding. We received a present day update and it made my day! 


Couldn't resist posting these of Oreo. Shown here in his many relaxing stances while being photographed. It was shortly after these were taken that he and Echo were adopted together!

Bennie and Jet

Bennie and Jet are a mother and son duo. They were living outside and momma had her baby outside in the cold. They came to Fixed Fur Life, were Spayed/Neutered and have since been adopted!