Happy Endings

Nibs and Twizzler

Nibs and Twizzler whose owner could no longer care for were born 14 Nov 2014. Both have been neutered have now been adopted together  

Smokey and Tillie

Smokey and Tillie were adopted! Smokey and Tillie were living outside. Brought in from the cold. They are Spayed and  neutered and are now available for adoption.

Mischa and Emmie

Mischa and Emmie were an owner surrender whose owner could no longer care for. They have been adopted together!


Annie was adopted! Annie was a stray kitten. Brought to Fixed Fur Life she is now Spayed and ready for adoption. As you can see she has an abnormality with her left eye. It was a malformation of the lens in her eye and it will always look like this. EXTREMELY friendly little girl!

Peaches and Panda

Aug 2015 - Received an update re Peaches and Panda today. They were 2 of the over thirty Marble kitties we rescued. Shown here doing amazingly well,in their new home after many months...


Penny was adopted! Penny came to us as a stray. Ill when she arrived with an upper respiratory infection she was treated and has now evolved into a very happy kitty!


Ophelia was finally adopted after months of waiting. Ophelia was rescued from animal control with her siblings and mom. They have all been adopted and now she has gone on to her new home!

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty was adopted! Miss Kitty's owner could no longer care for. She is 7 years old and Spayed. She would like to be an only child.

We were orphaned

At just days old our mother was hit and killed by a car. We came to Fixed Fur Life to be bottle fed. Shown her as wee babes and then just before we all went off to our new homes.


Roxie was adopted! Roxie came to us as a stay. Very shy at first but quickly came around once she knew we just wanted to help her. She is now Spayed and presently at Global Pet Foods Belleville.

Brandy and Cinnamon

Brandy and Cinnamon are 2 girls from the Marble Point colony. A bonded pair. They were spayed and after many months of waiting they have finally found a home together.


Sophie came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray and badly matted. A complete shave was in order soon after arrival. She was spayed by FFL and has been adopted!


Marley's owner could no longer care for. She has now been adopted!

Sammy and Smurph

We were adopted! Sammy and Smurph were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life as their owner could not care for.They are presently at the Trenton Pet Valu.

Polly and Squeak

Both have been adopted!

Squeak and Polly were 2 of a group that we rescued from Picton. They have been Spayed and are now warm inside. You can meet these two lovely ladies atLittle Stinkers

Sookie and Stewart

We were adopted! Sookie and Stewart's owner could not care for. They have been surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. Presently at the Trenton Pet Valu for adoption.


Beau's owner could no longer care for. He was neutered through Fixed Fur Life and has been adopted!

Little John

I was adopted! Little John came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray kitten. Very outgoing, cuddly boy! Presently at the Trenton Pet Valu for adoption.


Daisy's owner was no longer able to care for her. She has now found a wonderful new home!

Ebony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory were adopted together! Ebony and Ivory are 18 month old bonded Himalayan Spayed sisters surrendered to Fixed Fur Life as the result of a relationship break up. Really sweet girls! MUST be adopted together.