Happy Endings

Update on Olive

From Olives owner Olive - she rules the roost!!! Honestly she is the BEST cat ever!!!!

Update on Mazi

From Mazi’s Owner. She is certainly happy to be an indoor Kitty! Mazi is always snuggling! Love her to bits!


From Sams Owner This is my beautiful boy Sam. I rescued him as a feral from my property. FFL helped me to get him neutered. Now he is king of the house! Thanks for the good work you do FFL!

Update on Joey and Zoey

From Zoey and Zoeys Owner ”Joey and Zoey are siblings who were surrendered when they were about 8 weeks old. We adopted them in Feburary this year. Joey loves all things soft and is big and loud and loves to be carried like a baby. Zoey loves playing fetch and is small and quiet and prefers her feet stay on the ground. They snuggle and fight like all siblings but we can't imagine life without them! We can't thank you enough Fixed Fur Life! 💗”

Update on Cheddar

From Cheddars Owner ”Cheddar’s mom was found as a stray with a few other cats and rescued by Fixed Fur Life, he was born while in their care. Now a happy, healthy kitty that’s full of personality. He loves his cuddles and exploring the outdoors with me (under supervision and on a leash). Super grateful ❤️🐱”

Update on Monty and Keely

  From Monty and Keely’s Owners Monty (orange) was adopted from you in Belleville when just 8 wks...now 14 yrs old! Keely (tort) adopted at Pet Valu Trenton at 8 months...now 9 yrs old!

Update on a Marbles and Mia

From  Marbles and Mia’s owner Thank you for rescuing Marbles' and Mia's mother, Abbie Rose. She was a pregnant stray who had four babies in foster care, so thanks also to the foster parents for providing a home.  Abbie Rose was adopted. Her sons Charlie and Caesar were adopted together, and we adopted Marbles and Mia, the remaining two of the family, in Sept. 2017.  They were 5 mths. old.  As well as being sisters, they are best friends and love to play and cuddle together.  Marbles, the tortie, fetches, which is lots of fun.  Mia replies when I talk to her, as if she understands every word.  These two sweet lap kitties are wonderful company for us and each other, and bring us joy every day.

Update on Gizmo, Lilo and Stitch

From Gizmo,Lilo and Stitch’s owner Gizmo❤️LILO❤️Stitch❤️All 3 adopted through Fixed Furlife last summer💕truly amazing bond💞

update on Oliver and Olivia

Update from Oliver and Olivia’s owner this is Oliver and Olivia ❤️ we adopted them from fixed fur life almost a year ago, after they were found together in a barn. They are the best of friends with the most hilarious personalities. Olivia loves to play in water and sleep in the sink, while Oliver plays fetch with his favorite mouse. thank you for giving us our best friends, and thank you for all the work you do for other babies! ❤️❤️❤️💕

Update on Hank

From Hanks owner ”This is Hank. His Mom was one of many pregnant cats rescued almost 3 years ago. The owner of the farm had plans to drown all pregnant cats when fixed for life stepped in. Hank was adopted from Pet Value Trenton and has a wild streak but I love him to the moon and back”

Update on Toff

From Toffs mom “This is Toff. Im not sure where FFL found him 3 and a half years ago.. but he is certainly one of a kind! He enjoys a midnight snack and isn't afraid to get it himself.

Update on River

From Rivers Mom ”River was found pregnant,blind and near death. She is now feisty,happy and healthy at 6 yrs. Thanks to everyone who helped save this beautiful soul!”

Update on Axl and Rosie

Axl and Rosie (formerly Cyrus and Fraya) are two of Holly’s kittens that we adopted from FFL in June 2016. Axl runs our household and Rosie is happy to go along for the ride. They give us so much joy. Thank you on behalf of the precious kittens and cats you save with a chance for a life full of love, comfort and pampering. 💕

Update on Louise and Ruth

We adopted Louise and Ruth (formerly Magoo and Nugget) in September 2018 at 14 weeks old. They were rescued by Fixed Furlife when their mother was found giving birth in a ditch. These two babies were the last of their litter when we saw them at Pet Valu in Trenton. We only meant to adopt one kitten but we could leave either of them behind! And we are so glad we took them both. They are so affectionate and crazy in their own ways and we just couldn’t imagine our lives without them! We are so thankful for your organization for bringing them into our lives 💕

Update on Queenie

From Queenies owners "Queenie had been left behind in an apartment after the owners moved out. She was under weight and leery of other animals. FFL stepped in and she was adopted out a couple of months later."

Update On Wally and Henry

From Wally and Henry's Owners "This is Wally on the left and Henry on the right. In Feb 2012, we adopted "Walmart Wally", who had been abandoned and left in a box behind Walmart. In Nov 2012, we got a lil brother for him called Henry, from FFL, but we refer to him as Lil Guy....they have been great additions to our family."

Update on Donald and Gordan

From Donald and Gordan's Owner "This is a Donald (formerly Mistah) and Gordon from FFL two amazing cats that were left outside over the winter by their former master."

Update on Gizmo

From Gizmo's Owner "This is Gizmo he is now 2, he was 6 weeks when I adopted him from pet valu belleville..he is such a lovable, playful and still chatty not so little guy anymore!!"


From Oz's Owners "Oz is an approx. 9 year old beagle hound who was abandoned in the woods by hunters with 40+ others. A man in Eldorado, ON went and captured them all, and found each one a home. We found each other on December 10, 2010. 🌨 I dont think he knows hes a senior, everyone mistakes him for a puppy! He loves being outside and hitting the trails, whether it's a mountain, rock boulders, or a dirt path. Thanks to Fixed Fur Life, he was neutered and vaccinated at a low cost! 🤗"

Update on McGregor

From MacGregor's Owners "MacGregor, adopted July 5, 2013 at 4 months old, one of 3 grey kittens rescued by your wonderful organization. He makes me smile every day, such a character."