Happy Endings

Sampson Update

We received this lovely update for Sampson ” Sampson is HUGE! He Loves people now after lots and lots of patience as well as treats. Will not hesitate to wake anyone up at any time for pets and it’s all around the funniest biggest goofball of a cat I’ve ever met. He is shown here with his sister Jerry, who is also a Fixed Fur Life Alumni.


Our little Luna girl has been adopted. She is a year old female spayed very affectionate little girl whose owner could no longer care for her. A sweet little soul who has a condition called CH or Cerebellar hypoplasia. Cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological condition in which the cerebellum—the part of the brain that coordinates movement—is smaller than usual or not completely developed. Usually caused by a virus mom may have had while pregnant. As a result she staggers when she walks. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) she is about a  4 or 5. We wish her well in her new home!

Hazel and KiKi

Hazel & Kiki came to Fixed Fur Life as a wee kittens needing to be bottle fed. They did well and grew into these beautiful ladies. Spayed and now adopted together as they were strongly bonded.


Princess came to Fixed Fur Life with her 4 kittens as her owner could no longer care for. She is now spayed.  Happy to share that she has been adopted!


Handsome (White) now Azreale came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray. He had endured harsh winters in the South Front st area. He was very shy on admission but did well with socialization. Shown here in his new home with his new step brother.


Snowy came to Fixed Fur Life after her owner passed away. Understandably she was discombobulated and depressed. Very happy to share that we were able to find another home for her.

Archie and Alf

Happy to share that Archie and Alf have found a home together! They had been living outdoors in a colony as wee kittens. Very shy initially but after many many months they were able to go to their new home together!

Momma Mia

Momma Mia came to Fixed Fur Life with her 5 kittens as her owner could no longer care for. She is now spayed. Happy to share  that Mia has found a home.

Snoopy, Grigio, Bunny and Daisy

Snoopy, Grigio, Bunny and Daisy Came to Fixed Fur Life as owner could no longer care for. Their mom has remained with their previous owner and will be spayed by Fixed Fur Life. Happy to share that all 4 have now been adopted.


Simba is a 7 year old male neutered very friendly boy whose owner could no longer care for. Happy to share that he has found a home!

Bunny Update

Little Bunny recently adopted shown here settled and happy in her new home. She was surrendered with her siblings. Her mom remained with owner. Her mom will be spayed by Fixed Fur Life.

Arlo and Jack Jack update

Beautiful update for Ernie and Elmo now Arlo and Jack Jack. I remember the day we rescued them from an abandoned garage as little kittens who were very dirty and very hissy spitty. It took us quite awhile to be able to handle them but gradually they came around. it has been a year in their new home and w ere so happy to as how well they are doing. ‘Hi there! Just sending a happy update on our kitties. It is one year today that we adopted the bonded brothers. We named them Arlo and Jack-Jack. They are such a wonderful addition to our family and bring us so much joy. Arlo loves being picked up and snuggled and Jack has learned to give high fives and nose kisses for treats. They are so gentle, loving, curious, and independent. Thank you "fixed for life" and everything you do!

Dill now Oliver Update

Mr Dill now Oliver spends his days in his new home bird watching. It is his new found passion!

Luna and Scarlet

Luna and Scarlet came to Fixed Fur Life as owner was no longer able to care for. They are now both Spayed.  They were very bonded. Happy to share  that they have been adopted together!

Buttercup and Bailey update

Buttercup and Bailey update! They are two bonded siblings who were adopted together shown here settled in their new home. "They are amazing. We are so lucky we got them to join our family"


Chuck came to FFL with his mom and 8 siblings. He was the last of his group to be adopted but happy to share he has now found. Home. Shown here settled already!

Katie,Earl and Anastasia

Katie, Earl and Anastasia came to FFL as their owner. Old not care for. Their mom will remain with owner and be spayed by FFL. Happy to share that Katie,Earl and Anastasia have all found a home.


Jasper came to Fixed Fur Life as Ian un neutered stray. Once neutered, we were able to find him home.

Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby  came riding into a local mechanic business under the hood of a truck.  He was then brought to FFL. Very dirty on admission and full of fleas but an extremely affectionate little guy. Happy to share that he has found a home!

Willow Update

Lovely update for Willow.
“She is so fantastic
I’ve never been a cat person it’s my first. I think it was meant to be. She’s not independent at all. She is so attached to me, so cuddly, so playful and so energetic. She is excited and watching the world intently always. She absolutely adores my parents golden retriever (they pet sit for me occasionally) and they LOVE each other they snuggle and play it’s amazing. She has been the biggest blessing it feels like she was meant for me. I could not have gotten more lucky”