Happy Endings

Update on Titus

“Our little stinker Titus (formally Willie), born Feb 16 2016, adopted in April 2016. “


Buddy came to Fixed Fur Life as his owner could no longer care for. He had been thrown outside and his owner decided she no longer wanted him. He has now found a new home that will take very good care of him!

Update on Cheddar

“This is Cheddar! He’s a year and a few months old. I adopted him last year and he’s been my little sidekick ever since ♥️ More dog than cat, his favourite thing is car rides and going on walks (safe on a leash or in his backpack) with me on the trails near our place. ”

Update on Hobbs

“Larry aka Hobbs king of his castle. We just love him. Mr. Personality galore!”

Update on Lucy

“Lucy - age: 7ish, brought to Fixed Furlife as a stray. Adopted and living a life of love (and luxury!) since 2015 ❤


Another Happy update. Lilly had been living outdoors having multiple litters. We were able to get her last litter and find them homes. She was a little harder to catch but Lo and behold we finally did. Although her previous kittens all found homes we discovered on admission that she was pregnant. She delivered, nursed and weaned her babies. She was then spayed. She has been adopted. Shown here in her new home with her new canine friend bird watching...


Little Leo came to Fixed Fur Life with his mom, her sister two moms and 12 siblings. He has been adopted and is shown here in his new home waiting patiently for Santa!


Little Dusty could have been another sad statistic. However because we took in his two moms and 12 siblings he and they are now all living safe indoor lives. Dusty shown here in his new home waiting for Santa Paws!

Barney, Bugsy and Pete

Barney,Pete and Bugsy 3 of our residents who have been with us forever it seems have now been adopted! All 3 required months of socialization to reach this momentous occasion. You may remember Barney the wee one we rescued from dumpster diving at Canadian tire in Trenton. Merry Christmas boys!


“Gracie Joy (formerly Peaches) was adopted from FFL last December. She just loves the Christmas tree to our chagrin lol🌲🐱💖”

Finn Wilbur and Hope

“My angels Finn, Wilber and Hope. The second two are adopted from Fixed Fur Life. Both had feral mothers who were fixed after kittens and the litters were made friendly and adopted ❤️. “


Violet came to Fixed Fur Life as her owner could no longer care for. A really sweet personality. She was spayed by Fixed  Fur Life and has now gone onto er new home!

Update on Samuel

“This is Samual!😻 We adopted him in August 2016, days after we lost our other big orange boy. We were destroyed and Samual saved all of us! He’s 4 years old and from a barn litter. He loves heating pads and going on his harness. We are very grateful for Samual 🙏🏻”


Harry is a sweet little 5 month old Stray who had been living outdoors with his mom and younger siblings. He was neutered by Fixed Fur Life and has now been adopted.

Dottie and Scout

Dottie and Scout came to Fixed Fur Life with their many siblings who had been living outdoors.  They were spayed and neutered and have now been adopted.

Update on Marvin

“Marvin (previously Tidbit) adopted 10 years ago from  Fixed Fur Life through Terri’s pets - he was found in a dumpster at 3 days old with his brother Casino.”

Update on Sarge

“Our beautiful boy Sarge, adopted at the end of 2014 from Fixed Fur Life through Global Pet foods Belleville , now living life on vancouver island with us! We dont know when he was born but we think he's about 8 with the heart of a kitten.”

Update on Norman

Norman! Our 9 year old boy who we adopted in 2012 from Fixed Fur Life! 💕 He has a stump for a tail and has a sweet and loving disposition 💕

Jasmine now Bluebell

Jasmine now Bluebell in her new home in time for the Holidays. “Hi darlene- here is BLUEBELL she is doing really well -eating -using litter -sleeping good she is a sweetheart she is finding her way around the apartment --- I have a beautiful view of the river she will soon see the ducks and the geese and the squirrels haaah cant wait to see that reaction...”

Update on Jorja

“This is Jorja Rain. We adopted her from FFL in May of this year when she was 8 weeks old. She’s our Covid cat and has brightened our home and has given us so many laughs. Her name was Raindrop when we adopted her, her mom was Rain so we decided to keep her second name in honour of those who took such good care of her, her siblings and mamma. Thank you for everything you do. ”