Happy Endings


Spook was a stray living behind Auto Systems in Belleville. Zero Identification or microchip. Taken in and Neutered and eventually adopted by Fixed Fur Life.


Pete was taken in as a stray. He had zero identification and zero microchips. He was Neutered by Fixed Fur Life and adopted.


Lucky was taken in as a stray. She had zero identification and zero microchips. She was Spayed by FFL. And Adopted

Augustus and Azreal

Augustus and Azreal were adopted. They were their mother’s third litter. Their mother has now been Spayed through FFL and adopted.


Mittens came to FFL at 6 week old. Mother remained with owners and was fixed with the help of FFL. Mittens was adopted this past week. Thanks Colin for giving him a wonderful home!


Lucy - Stray mom to 6 kittens taken in to foster care. All kittens were adopted and Lucy was Spayed and adopted!

Mr Magoo

Mr Magoo was born in foster care to a female stray we took in(Russell). Has now gone on to his new home. Has been Neutered.


Dexter whose mom came to FFL as a pregnant stray was finally adopted!

Sergeant and Pepper

Sergeant and Pepper 2 abandoned kittens adopted together shown here in their new home cuddling. Both have been fixed.


Thumbellina shown her in her new home.


Smudge - This pretty girl was blatantly dumped. EXTREMELY friendly. She was Spayed and vaccinated by vaccinated. Has now been adopted.


Benny came to FFL as a stray. Neutered and vaccinated and adopted.


Boots owner could no longer care for him. He was Neutered and vaccinated by Fixed Fur Life and was adopted into a new home.

Chloe and Callie

Chloe and Callie came to FFL as wee babies from an extremely neglectful home. Severely emaciated and infested with fleas worms etc. Shown here in their new home. Thanks Lynn for making the decision to adopt them together and giving them a great home!


Max was 1 of 6 abandoned kittens. All were adopted and all have been Spayed/Neutered!


Thumbellina another kitten Alumni was adopted and has since been spayed.

Seargent and Pepper

Seargent and Pepper, 2 kitten Alumni adopted together! Both have been Spayed.


Annie. An update from her new home. Shown here snoozing. Has been Spayed and ahs fit in nicely.


Teddy's owner went into nursing home. With no one to care for him he went into foster care with Fixed Fur Life. He has now been adopted.


Maisie one of the 14 cats stuffed into carriers and left by the side of the road has been adopted