Happy Endings

Peaches and Panda

Aug 2015 - Received an update re Peaches and Panda today. They were 2 of the over thirty Marble kitties we rescued. Shown here doing amazingly well,in their new home after many months...


Ophelia was finally adopted after months of waiting. Ophelia was rescued from animal control with her siblings and mom. They have all been adopted and now she has gone on to her new home!

We were orphaned

At just days old our mother was hit and killed by a car. We came to Fixed Fur Life to be bottle fed. Shown her as wee babes and then just before we all went off to our new homes.

Brandy and Cinnamon

Brandy and Cinnamon are 2 girls from the Marble Point colony. A bonded pair. They were spayed and after many months of waiting they have finally found a home together.


Marley's owner could no longer care for. She has now been adopted!

Polly and Squeak

Both have been adopted!

Squeak and Polly were 2 of a group that we rescued from Picton. They have been Spayed and are now warm inside. You can meet these two lovely ladies atLittle Stinkers


Beau's owner could no longer care for. He was neutered through Fixed Fur Life and has been adopted!


Daisy's owner was no longer able to care for her. She has now found a wonderful new home!


Shewster was adopted! Shewster was taken in as a stray and the people who took him in could not keep. He was brought to Fixed Fur Life and neutered and has now been adopted!

Jasmine and Mouse

The girls were adopted together!

Jasmine and Mouse are mother and daughter. Both have now been Spayed and are presently at one of our afoption venyes Fur Balls choice.

We were Adopted!

Our mom was an un spayed female living with an un neutered male. They have been fixed and we have been adopted!


I was adopted!

Stripes is a young adult very affectionate boy who was living with a man who had numerous cats and was going to put him outside.. He has now been Neutered and is in a foster home and is ready for a permanent home.


I was part of a large household of cats and our parents were not fixed. They are now and my siblings and I have now all been adopted.


I was part of a large household of cats and our parents were not fixed. They are now and my siblings and I have now all been adopted.

Kitten Alumni

Our mother was a stray who had us outside. She was rescued along with all of us. Momma was Spayed and adopted and now we have all been adopted!


Esse was the product of an un spayed female living with an un fixed male. She was spayed and is shown here in her new home.

Montgomery and Bigera

Montgomery and Bigera are 2 kitties that were strays taken in as kittens. They were neutered and adopted and are now living together.


Autumn was one of many cats who were thrown outside into the cold winter after their owner passed away. They were rounded up by Fixed Fur Life, Spayed and Neutered and have all now been adopted! Autumn has now been adopted!


Nosey was surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. She was often over looked because of the deformity to the bridge of her nose. (I personally thought it made her look adorable!) She has been Spayed and now adopted!

Puff and Silver Fox

Puff and Silver Fox were 2 stray cats that found their way to FFL. They were Spayed and Neutered and as they were a bonded pair they were adopted together. Shown here in their new home!