Happy Endings

Update on Dot

Update on Dot recently adopted. She has settled in nicely and her new sibling Jo Jo is absolutely in love with her! Dot is Jo Jo’ s little mini me.

Mac, Chili and Dot

Mac, Chili and Dots mom came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. She ( mom) will be Spayed prior to adoption. Mac, Chili and Dot have all been adopted!

Nugget and Magoo

Update on Nugget and Magoo! "Thank you! They are doing so well 😊 we love them so much! They are just the craziest, sweetest things and we’re so happy to have them in our lives!


Benny came to Fixed Fur Life with his siblings. Owner could no longer care for. He was Neutered by Fixed Fur Life and has now gone onto his new home. Shown here just prior to adoption lounging in his Christmas onesie at the Belleville Pet Valu watching his Backstreet boy videos!

Arlow,Mouse and Spike

Arlow, Mouse and Spikes Mom was a pregnant Stray. She came to Fixed Fur Life and safely had her seven babies in foster care. She will be Spayed prior to adoption. Arlow, Mouse and Spike have been adopted!


Chestnut came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. Now Spayed and Adopted.


Caramels mom was a pregnant Stray. Mom Now Spayed and Adopted. Caramel herself has also been adopted.


Shelby came to Fixed Fur Life at the wee age of 6 weeks. He had been found in a wheel well of a car. Alone and so scared. He flourished and grew into a beautiful boy. Lol we initially thought he was a she hence the name.  He has been neutered and has gone to his new home.  Always skittish he needed a special home. The wonderful people who adopted him are dedicating their time to let him know how loved he is.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill were rescued from a young age from a barn environment where they had just suddenly shown up. They would not have survived if left. They were scared and cold.  They found refuge with us and have now gone off to their new indoor only home together.

Winnie and Tigger

Winnie and Tigers mom Dora came to Fixed Fur Life as a pregnant stray. They weaned from mom and have now been adopted together!

Bojangles and Watson

Bojangles and Watson came to us as owner could no longer care for them. Her  cats were unfixed Which resulted in numerous cats. Fixed Fur Life Spayed and Neutered the adults and took these guys. These guys have also now been neutered and have been adopted together!  


Sawyer is another of our stray kitten Alumni shown here doing so well in his forever home. What a handsome man you have become! Thank You Nancy for giving him such an amazing home and life!


Goldie- This gorgeous, handsome boy had been looking since January for a home. Why hasn’t he been adopted you ask. Most likely because he initially presented as shy and people looked past him. In actuality he had/ has a sweet,gentle soul. He greets each and every new kitty in a positive way and it’s not long before they are calling him “ Uncle Goldie” . The kittens and cats came and went  and he remained sad and alone. So Happy to report HE HAS BEEN ADOPTED!

Daisy and Pepper

Daisy and Pepper came to us as owner could no longer care for as she had numerous un fixed cats. We stepped in to fix everyone and took these  little ones as they could not care for. They have been Spayed and adopted together.


We were asked to help find a home for Macy. She is a 9 year old Spayed Pomeranian Poodle. Her owner has had to go into a long term care facility. She has now gone on to her new home.

Charlie now Louie

Charlie now Louie shown here doing Amazing in his new home.  Another one of our babies whose life will be enriched and changed forever.

Louie is doing fantastic! We love him so much!
Thank you,
Julie Alexander


Gretel was found crying out in the rain as a wee one. She turned out to be a sweet little cuddler and we are so Happy to report she has now been adopted.

Update on Finnegan

Little Finnigan is fitting in pretty good now... Nemo is an awesome cat-dad! Thank you Brad and Kim for giving hi. Such a wonderful home!


Barnaby was rescued from a barn environment. He was suffering from a horrendous upper respiratory infection. After many weeks of treatment he overcame his illness. He has been neutered and now adopted!


Spikes mom was a pregnant Stray. She will be spayed prior to adoption. Spike has weaned and has now been adopted!