Happy Endings

Baby, Charlie, Collar and Felix

Baby, Charlie and Collar were surrendered by owner as she was no longer able to are for. They spent weeks being treated for infestations of fleas and a parasite. They eventually evolved into beautiful felines. They have all now been adopted! Felix came to us a  stray. He was also neutered and adopted!  


Abby was a pregnant stray. She came to Fixed Fur Life with 2 kittens. She is was Spayed and adopted. Her 2 babies were also adopted with new owners pre paying Spay Neuter.

Luke, Leonard, Lenny, Tallulah and Tuncie

Luke, Leonard, Lenny, Tallulah and Tuncie's Mom's  owner moved away and left her behind when she was pregnant. She came into our foster care program and had these 5 beautiful babies. They were all Spayed and Neutered and were adopted!


Love these updates! Angel shown here months post adoption! Beautiful girl. FYI all siblings were adopted as well. Momma Gizmo was Spayed and adopted shortly after kittens

Barley and Hops

Barley and Hops mother had them outside. They were living under a dumpster in Trenton. Both were neutered and adopted together. Mom Princess was Spayed as well and is awaiting her new home.

Jo Jo, Mo Mo and George

Jo Jo was a senior stray we took in. Mo Mo 's owner passed away and Georges owner moved away and left him behind. All have been adopted!

Purrcy, Ollie and Lorenzo

Purrcy, Ollie and Lorenzo were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life as owner could not care for. They were all neutered and adopted!

Callie, Collar, Smudge and Carlie

Momma a pregnant stray who has since been Spayed.  Callie, Collar, Smudge and Carlie were all adopted!


Twinkles was taken in as an un spayed stray. She was Spayed and adopted!  

TJ and Noire

We were adopted! TJ and Noire's owner left in the middle of the night and left these 2 boys behind. They have now been adopted!

The girls

Mary, Mia, Marcy and Midnight were kittens surrendered to Fixed Fur Life. All were adopted!


Catalina was a pregnant stray we took in. Babies were all been adopted. New owners pre paid Spay neuters. Catalina was then Spayed and adopted!


River came to Fixed Fur Life after being found in a ditch. Cold, emaciated, very pregnant and most astounding of all blind. She came to us and shortly after as a result of her condition delivered stillborn babies. After many months of intensive care she developed into a beautiful well adjusted girl. She was Spayed and Adopted!


Monty was taken in as a un neutered stray. He was neutered and shortly after adopted!


Lucy was Spayed and adopted! Lucy came to Fixed Fur Life as a stray who had had her kittens outdoors. She will be Spayed prior to adoption.

Scout and Boots

We were adopted together! Boots and Scout came to Fixed Fur Life as wee babies after their mom was hit and killed by a car. They lived for several weeks outdoors taking care of each other. It took a bit of socializing when they came to us but they eventually blossomed into friendly well adjusted young men!

Caramel and Toffee

Caramel and Toffee were surrendered with 7 other siblings as owner could not care for. Infested with fleas and worms and extremely shy. After weeks of socializing and treatment of infestations they morphed into sweet little beings. It was clear they were a bonded pair so they were adopted out together!

Gizmo and her Babies

Gizmo and her babies were an owner surrender. Treated for a severe infestation of fleas, worms. They were all vaccinated and adopted. Gizmo the mother was spayed prior to adoption and  all homes for the kittens pre paid Spay Neuters!

Gabriella and babies

This beautiful girl was a pregnant stray. Into foster care she went. Kittens weaned and have been adopted. Spay/neuters pre paid with adoption. Mom has been spayed and adopted as well.

Maisie and Babies

Maisey wandered as a stray for quite some time at CFB Trenton. Days after arriving she delivered these beautiful  babies. All were adopted. Maise was also spayed and adopted.