Happy Endings


Buddy has had a tough time this past year as two different owners unable to care for anymore. He has waited patiently for many months to find someone to love her. Shown here doing well in his new home!

Annabelle, Angel and Minnie

Great News! Annabelle, Angel and Minnie are the last of the group of 12 that were living outside to be Adopted. All have been spayed and as you can see from this picture they are inseparable. The bonded trio have now been adopted together!

Update on Chester

Lovely update on Chester. He came to us as a stray. Once neutered we were able to find him a home this past December. Shown here very content in his new home!

Update on Nemo now Gru

Nemo now Gru was found as a stray kitten in an area where coyotes were prevalent. Shown here in his new home with his new little sister who was also a stray.

Update on Marlo

What? It’s my birthday?! Happy 1 year birthday to Marlo aka TP Spinner. Many thanks to Fixed Fur Life and Pet Valu Belleville

Millie,Jinger and Josee

Millie,Jinger and Josee were living outdoors. They were rescued and brought to Fixed Fur Life. They are now  Spayed and Neutered and have been adopted!

Update on Moe

Moe originally came to Fixed Fur Life with his mom and siblings. He was adopted out but his new owner passed away. He was adopted into a new home and he is shown here bonding with his new girlfriend Tulip.


Angel and her siblings were part of a group of 12 living outdoors. She was  Spayed on Admission and has now been adopted!


Honey came to us as a stray. Shown here doing well in her new home. She is now living a safe and secure life !

Willow Rose

Willow Rose is a 6 month old Female Chihuahua. Owner was no longer able to care for. A sweet, energetic little girl who has now been adopted to an amazing family. She LOVES her new canine sibling already!


Carly came to Fixed Fur Life as an un spayed stray. Super sweet when she gets to know you. Responds well to soft kind words. She lights up a room when you tell her how pretty she is. She has been adopted!

Update on Mac and Chili

Update on Mac and Chili Mom was a pregnant stray who was spayed and adopted post weaning of her kittens. Mac and Chili shown here growing like weeds and napping with their big sister Shiloh!


Rhubarb was rescued from the cold. Thank you to the Abel’s for fostering him for us. He has now gone onto his new home!

Update on Kate & Randall

Update on Kate & Randall now Felix and Lilly. Rescued as wee babies from the outside. Adopted together and shown here growing like weeds in their new home!

Update on Willow

An update on Willow the little Chihuahua puppy whose owner could no longer care for is doing well in her new home. She is fitting in well and loving her new canine siblings!

Miss Pugs

Another Happy Update! Miss Pugs has Found her perfect new home. New owners passed the home visit with flying colours! Miss Pugs was a bit of a challenge as she had many issues related to past life style. She was over weight, had joint and Dental issue’s. Her new owners will have the time and commitment to exercise her regularly, provide the correct diet, keep on top of her oral hygiene and give her all the love and attention she needs.

Update on Dot

Here is a photo of Dot.   She is still little but so mighty and very loving.  She has formed a strong bond with Jojo our other tuxedo cat. They are holding hands in this photo 😍😍 Take care.

Aubrey and Maggie

Aubrey and Maggie came to Fixed Fur a Life with their mother and siblings. Mom was an outdoor stray. Mom, Aubrey and Maggie were Spayed. Aubrey and Maggie have been adopted together.


Princess is a senior Persian whose owner could no longer care for. She is looking much better now that her eyes have been cleansed and she is receiving the proper meds for. She has also found a home and will be cohabiting with her new feline brother “Sir Walnut”.


Scamp‘s Mother came to Fixed a Fur Life as a pregnant stray. His mom has now been spayed and Scamp neutered. Now adopted!