Happy Endings

Update on Jorja

“This is Jorja Rain. We adopted her from FFL in May of this year when she was 8 weeks old. She’s our Covid cat and has brightened our home and has given us so many laughs. Her name was Raindrop when we adopted her, her mom was Rain so we decided to keep her second name in honour of those who took such good care of her, her siblings and mamma. Thank you for everything you do. ”

Domino and Checkers

Domino and Checkers came to Fixed Fur Life with their sisters Olive and Noir. Their mom had been a pregnant stray. All four were spayed and neutered by FFL. Olive and Noir were adopted together. Domino and Checkers have also been adopted together.

Update on Queenie

“Queenie is 6 years old. We adopted her when she was around a year old from FFL. Her previous owners had moved out of their apartment and left her behind. She is a complete Diva and runs the house. 😹”

Update on Bailee

Bailee came to us 13 years ago from Fixed Fur Life through Little Stinkers. She has been the most entertaining cat we've ever had. ❤️

Update on Bowie formerly Gabriel

“This is Bowie (formerly Gabriel) we adopted him in July 2019. He is our sweet boy. “ Gabriel was taken in as a stray and Neutered prior to adoption.


Miss Stella who was taken in as a stray now spayed and shown here in her new home safe and warm indoors.

Olive and Noir

Olive and Noir recently adopted together have settled nicely into their new home.

Jack,Lexie and Maverick

Jack, Lexie and Maverick were taken in as wee kittens living outdoors with an upper respiratory infection. After many weeks their infection cleared. They were spayed and neutered and are now adopted. Maverick and Lexie were adopted together.

Mia and Marlee

This spunky duo came to us as stray kittens living outdoors. They have been adopted together!


Romeo came to Fixed Fur Life quite shy.  As a result of his unique colouring we all thought he was female and dubbed him Juliet. Calico or cats with these markings are generally all female. Needless to say Juliet turned out to be a Romeo.  He was neutered and has been adopted.

Duke and Opal

Duke and Opal came to Fixed Fur Life with two other siblings found living outdoors. They were all suffering from a severe Upper Respiratory infection. After many weeks of antibiotics their st ymptoms resolved. However Opal remained blind in one eye.Both have been adopted together.


Little Joey recently adopted says “ I’ve been a good boy” and is very excited for Christmas. This little guy along with his 12 siblings would have been out in the cold hunkering down in the snow this am. So heartwarming to see all of them in their new homes in time for Christmas!

Cricket now Ari

Cricket now Ari recently adopted has settled nicely into her new home! Crickets mom Meisha came to us as a pregnant stray. She delivered 4 girls. Cricket one of them. Recently adopted. Shown here in her new home.

An update on Honey

An update on Honey whose mom and her sister we rescued from outside. They had had 14 kittens between them. All have been adopted and moms spayed. Honey shown here in her new home living the dream. If left she would have been on her kitten producing days in a 2 months..

Katara now Sparrow

Katara came to Fixed Fur Life with her newborn siblings. They had been orphaned and had to be bottle fed.  She transformed into a beautiful young lady. Adopted and very  content in her new home..

Nemo now Aggie

Nemo now Auggie shown here in his new home is doing amazingly well. Another kitty that will be safe and warm for the holidays!

Joe and Stella

Joe and Stella came to Fixed Fur Life s VERY shy kittens. After months of socialization they were fixed and have now been adopted together.


Britches (Gray White)  came to Fixed Fur Life pregnant. She delivered 2 kittens who have weaned and been adopted. Britches is now Spayed and shown here in her new home with her new brother Lenny.


        Pepper (Black) is one of Smokey's 4 kittens shown here bonding with his new step sibling in his new home. Mom Smokey has been Spayed and is going to her new home today!


Panther (Black) is one of Smokey's 4 kittens shown here bonding with his new step sibling in his new home. Mom Smokey has been Spayed and is going to her new home today!