Happy Endings

Linda and Nancy

We rescued Linda and Nancy from a barn population as wee kittens. Look at them now safe and content in their new home!


Gabriella was an outdoor pregnant stray that we rescued. Her babies have now all been adopted. Gabby was Spayed and adopted as well!

Boscoe, Billie,Blossom Sammy and Buffy

Boscoe, Billie,Blossom Sammy and Buffy  were rescued from the outside. They were fighting an upper respiratory infection and an infestation of worms. All resolved we were then able to find them all homes!

Dee Dee

Dee Dee and Ripley were surrendered to Fixed Fur Life as their owner could no longer care for. They were Spayed by Fixed Fur Life and were adopted together!


Mia is a 5 yr old female chihuahua. She was used for breeding and was having a hard time adjusting to life outside of a kennel. She was Spayed and we found a wonderful home for her!


Peanut is a wee little girl whose owner could no longer care for. She was  Spayed, vaccinated, groomed and treated for fleas. She was then adopted by a retiree who could devote her days to caring for her!

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie are two teenage brothers brought in as strays. Both were neutered and have now been adopted together!

Clancy, Mr Meowgi, Mr Meowzer, Bonnie, Buttercup, Peanut, Gideon, MiMi and Daisy

Ecstatic to report that Clancy, Mr Meowgi, Mr Meowzer, Bonnie, Buttercup, Peanut, Gideon, MiMi and Daisy have all been adopted!!

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde came to us with their siblings. All had been born outside and were rescued from a barn. They were socialized and have now been adopted!

Marley and Marmalade

Marley was an outdoor pregnant stray and Marmalade one of her daughters. Both spayed and both now adopted!

Trinity and Jack

Trinity ( One of the puppies we rescued at the Strut this year) and her surrogate brother would like to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas"! Thanks for the update Lexi! Thank you Photography by Brad Denoon for the beautiful photography and donation of your time for this fundraiser and to Kevin and Stacey Pet Valu Trenton for hosting!!!

Finally all adopted!

Our mom was a pregnant stray living outdoors. We went into foster care until we were old enough to be adopted. Finally we all have homes!

Uh Oh!

Uh Oh looks like one of our Alumni is on the Naughty list for un decorating the tree Lol!

Zilla’s Babies

Zilla's babies were surrendered to Fxed Fur Life as owner could not care for. Zilla was Spayed and babies were all adopted!

Marbles and Mia

Marbles and Mia's mom was an outdoor pregnant stray. They were spayed and adopted together. Shown here in their new home! Mom was also spayed and adopted!

Freddie, Wendall, Leo, Tootsie and Teddy

Our mother was a pregnant stray. She was Spayed and adopted once we weaned. We have all now been adopted as well!

Larry and Jerry

Larry and Jerry came to Fixed Fur ;Life as two un neutered male strays. Both have been neutered and both have been adopted.


Darby came to Fixed Fur Life as an abandoned kitten. He stayed with us for many, many months. He was neutered and adopted!


This beautiful affectionate boy was rescued from the outdoors. Neutered and now happily living an indoor life in his new home.

Frankie, Billie and Barney

Frankie, Billie and Barney were wee babies living outside. They have now been adopted. New owners pre Paid Neuters.