I will start by apologizing for the graphic photo but felt it needed to be shared. This is what can happen when you do not spay your cat. Sprinkles came to us with a severe Mastitis and pregnant. By the time we received her it had developed to the severity you see here.  As the severity increased  the only option was to remove her entire mammary chain.  Shown above is the contrast to pre and post healing 2 weeks later.  Last night  ( May 2) she underwent an emergency C Section to deliver her babies. Her babies are doing well and will have to be  bottle fed. She has also been spayed. We see so many animals who require extensive medical care and as you can imagine it is quite costly.

The Pandemic situation has resulted in many of our fundraisers being cancelled which will be a huge blow to us financially.

I know these are trying times for everyone. There are options below if you are able to help us financially in any way.

1. On line https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/7032

2. There is a Pay Pal option on the main page of our website www.fixedfurlife.com

3. E transfer to fixedfurlife@gmail.com

4. Mail to P.O. Box 20091 Belleville K8N 5V1