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Gilbert did well with his dental today. All but two canines had to be extracted.

He is one of 16 we have rescued from the South Front st location. We are Hoping to raise funds toward this cost. ( The cost of the surgery was two thousand one hundred dollars). Here are some options if you are able to help:”

1. On the main page of our website there are donation links to Pay Pal and Canada Helps

2. E Transfer to ( Please include your address for a tax receipt

3. Mail to P.O. Box 20091 Belleville, Ontario K8N 5V1


Update on Barney. Barney is the little one we took in who was covered from head to toe in motor oil. Very underweight and dehydrated. He is doing amazingly well! We can’t seem to get enough food into him. He was initially quite shy but has certainly come out of his shell. We call him our little purrminator. He says he loves the breakfast in bed and the maid service. Onward and upwards for this little guy.

Gilbert and Violet


                                                  Click above link for video
Gilbert and Violet – These two love birds are from the South Front st colony that we rescued. Bonded and each sick on admission now finally reunited and loving each other up.. This is why we do what we do.. Please hear our plea ….

I always hesitate to ask for help simply because we have so many dedicated supporters who give over and over. Recently we began trapping and assisting a group of cats that have lived at a property at a South front st location that no one was stepping forward to help. To date we have taken in 14 of those cats and are working on the rest. I post this looking for a bit of help. While many people think we have an endless stream of funds we have struggled through the last two years of a Pandemic.

From this group alone the needs have been endless. Putting aside the spays and neuters, vaccinations and the usual costs of the basics they have all had issues. Teddys dental alone cost us $2500.00. Gilbert shown in this video will be the same. All have had upper Respiratory issues and the list goes on and on and on….

Anyway we have so many supporters here just thought if everyone gave just a little we could do this!

There are several ways you can participate:

1) You can donate  using the above secure links via Canada Helps or Pay Pal at the top of this page.

2) You can do E transfers to Please note if you send an e transfer include your mailing address so we can send a tax receipt.

3) If you are uncomfortable with the on line route you can mail to P.O. Box 20091 Belleville K8N 5V1

Update on Teddy

12 Feb 2022

Update on Teddy. Now that he has had a few weeks with us, 15 abcessed rotten teeth removed and treatment of all of his infestations he is looking and feeling so much better.. He refuses to leave his comfy bed…


Update on Teddy

After just 2 days our Little Teddy is looking so much better. He had his vet visit this am and the source of the smell is a full mouth of rotten abcessed teeth. He is going to require a full mouth extraction of teeth. Bloodwork is pending.Treated for Fleas, mites and worms. 2 days of a full belly, a warm bed and TLC.He had a lovely warm bath and groom this am at the vet and is feeling so much better!


This poor little soul was trapped tonight in Belleville and is now in our care. He is Skinny, matted, flea infested and has something going on in his mouth. He was hanging out in a colony. How he was surviving I don’t know because he looks and smells terrible. He is now warm inside and will receive the treatments he needs.. We have named him Teddy.