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Update on Teddy

After just 2 days our Little Teddy is looking so much better. He had his vet visit this am and the source of the smell is a full mouth of rotten abcessed teeth. He is going to require a full mouth extraction of teeth. Bloodwork is pending.Treated for Fleas, mites and worms. 2 days of a full belly, a warm bed and TLC.He had a lovely warm bath and groom this am at the vet and is feeling so much better!


This poor little soul was trapped tonight in Belleville and is now in our care. He is Skinny, matted, flea infested and has something going on in his mouth. He was hanging out in a colony. How he was surviving I don’t know because he looks and smells terrible. He is now warm inside and will receive the treatments he needs.. We have named him Teddy.

Update on Rudy

December 15th

Update on Rudy. He is out of surgery and doing well.. Now that his eye removal and neutering have been addressed he will be on the road to recovery. No more suffering outdoors for him…






December 2021 – Carmela (a name we have given her) is another our latest rescues. Very thin, very dehydrated, severe dental infection and severely matted. Needs antibiotics, s/c fluids, pain meds, a kidney diet and most likely down the road multiple tooth extractions and ALOT of TLC. She is now out of the cold and is receiving the care she needs..


December 2021-  Rudy is our newest stray needing medical intervention. He is now safe and warm indoors in a foster home and will now require the removal of his left eye. Surgery is booked for December 15th.

Update on Abby

Update on Little Abby. She was the Little One begging for attention at a Convenience store in Tweed. She was emaciated, dehydrated, full of fleas, worms, very dirty, abcessed tail, ear mites and had an upper Respiratory infection. Many ignored her and some tried to kick her away. The first pic is the night she came to us. The second is showing how wonderful she is starting to look. She is gaining weight and her upper Resp has resolved. She is Approx 6-8 years old and will need some dental work but all in all she is loving the breakfast in bed and the snuggly digs she now gets to sleep in…

Update on Dallie

Little Dallie had her leg amputation done yesterday and is doing amazingly well. She will remain on antibiotics for awhile. She is not aware that anything is wrong with her as she is up playing and running. Such a little sweetie pie.