Mr Gray

Mr Gray

Hello, my name is Mr Gray.  I am a good boy (according to my foster mom).  Once I am comfortable, I like a cuddle, love to play (anything on a string!), and even gently wrestle. I also get the zoomies and love to be chased (once I trust you).  My foster mom thinks I am hilarious and sweet – a gentle boy (don’t let the “death stare” fool you, I am a bit of a teddy bear).  I have a big heart and am very loving and have the potential to become deeply attached.  I trill and purr and like to communicate with my humans.


 I am between two and three years old and very healthy – and smart!  I am a former street kitty transformed into a household kitty.  I like calm and will probably want to be where you are and curl up near you on the floor or a chair.  I am also a big fan of window sills – I love looking outside and curling up there if it is deep (you will need to move your plants ;-).  My foster mom thinks I might like to have a buddy (cat not dog) too if they are laid back and accepting – someone I could play with and keep company with.  I did have a buddy kitty out on the street but they disappeared in October.


I am looking for a household that is calm and patient – I am going to need some time to adjust to being around you (new people are a little scary and I may need to hide for a few days – just coming out at night – until I know it is safe).  Please let me have some time and space and I will come to you when I am ready.  It took a couple of weeks for me to come to my foster mom, she just let me be until I was ready.   I have also been able to adjust to my foster mom going to work each day but I do like company and would love a home with a couple and even better, a couple where someone works from home.  Then I feel safe and will probably just spend my afternoons snoozing near you.  I’d love some outdoor time as well but it would need to be in a caged area otherwise you would lose me.


I have been an indoor kitty for about three months.  I like my routines.  I figured out the litter box on day 2 and the cardboard scratching post which I like to use, shortly after.  I am not big on cat beds, don’t see the point – I prefer armchairs and your bed 😉


I would not do well in a household with young children handling me or making a lot of noise.   If there are children in the home, they would need to be older and calm, kind, and patient.  They would need to be able to give me the space I need.  My temperament is probably better suited to a couple or small family with adult children at home.