Meet Gracie, a seven-year-old sweetheart who has been with us for 1200 days patiently waiting for a loving family to call her own. Her story is one of unwavering affection and boundless charm.

Gracie’s most endearing quality is her love for being close to her human friends. She’s the epitome of a lap cat, readily sitting on anyone’s lap, bringing comfort and joy wherever she goes. With a gentle purr and a warm heart, Gracie has the remarkable ability to brighten even the darkest days.

She doesn’t make strange; she warmly welcomes everyone she meets. Whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or new to feline companionship, Gracie’s sweet nature will melt your heart.

This delightful cat responds to her name, will come running when called, eager to be by your side. While Gracie does have a minor skin condition that requires a simple daily pill, her love knows no bounds, making her more than worth the effort.

Gracies true beauty shines from within. Her soulful eyes and warm personality are captured in every photograph she takes.

At seven years old, Gracie is the perfect age to be your lifelong companion. Past the kitten antics but still playful, she promises to bring you a lifetime of love and happiness, asking only for a lap to call her own.

Gracie reminds us that sometimes, the most precious treasures come in simple packages. She’s not just a cat; she’s a loyal friend waiting for a forever home. If you’re seeking a loving companion who will cherish every moment with you, meet Gracie today and give her the love and lap she’s been patiently waiting for.

Some people are asking why she has been with us for so long:

When Gracie first came to us she had many obstacles to overcome. She was a stray and very pregnant. She had a huge open wound on her side and abcessed teeth. She had a severe Pyometra which resulted in her babies being stillborn. She was very depressed for awhile. It took us many months to heal her wounds etc. She also required extensive dental work. After all that even though she has been promoted and listed on our website no one has expressed any interest.